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Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy (special)

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Alternative title:
DBGT TV Special
Dragon Ball GT - Cent ans après (French)
Dragon Ball GT Special 3: Goku Gaiden (Italian)
Dragon Ball GT: 100 Años Después (Spanish)
Dragon Ball GT: 100 Years After - TV Special
Dragon Ball GT: Biografia Goku Jr (Polish)
Dragon Ball GT: Goku Gaiden! Yûki no Akashi wa Sûshinchû (Japanese)
Dragon Ball GT: Goku’s Sidestory! The Proof of His Courage is the Four-Star Ball
Dragon Ball GT: L'ultima battaglia (Italian)
Dragon Ball GT: La Legendaria esfera de cuatro estrellas (Spanish)
ドラゴンボールGT 悟空外伝!勇気の証は四星球 (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: 100 years after the end of DBGT, all the heroes of Earth have died...except for Pan, the granddaughter of Son Goku. Pan has a grandchild named Goku Jr. However, he does not have the bravery of his great-great-grandfather. Pan suffurs a heart attack, and Goku Jr. believes that he might be able to save her with the power of the 4 star Dragon Ball. Along with the school bully, he tries to find the ball...and unleashes his hidden bravery and power.
User Ratings: 620 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 21 votes (dub:11, sub:7, raw:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Polish edited dub
 Excellent: 47 votes (sub:26, dub:16, edit.dub:1, others:4
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
 Very good: 74 votes (dub:38, sub:33, raw:1, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Good: 106 votes (dub:47, sub:46, ?:3, others:10
3 Spanish dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 172 votes (sub:94, dub:68, ?:3, others:7
4 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Catalan dubbed
 So-so: 73 votes (sub:39, dub:32, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Not really good: 50 votes (dub:21, sub:21, edit.dub:1, raw:1, others:6
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
 Weak: 41 votes (dub:21, sub:15, ?:1, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese edited dub
1 Italian dubbed
 Bad: 17 votes (dub:10, sub:6, others:1
1 German dubbed
 Awful: 13 votes (sub:7, dub:5, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Worst ever: 6 votes (dub:2, sub:2, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 2084 users, rank: #563 (of 9518)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 6.023 (Decent), std. dev.: 2.054, rank: #7069 (of 9638)
Weighted mean: 5.904 (Decent), rank: #7488 (of 9638) (seen all: 5.94 / seen some: 4.45 / won't finish: 4.00)
Bayesian estimate: 5.939 (Decent), rank: #6487 (of 7236)
Running time: 45 minutes
2002-11-06 (Spain)
Release dates: We have 8
Opening Theme:
"Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku" (DAN DAN 心魅かれてく) by Field of View
"Hand in Hand" (German dub) by Tommy Morgenstern
Ending Theme:
"Don't You See" by ZARD
"Gib nicht auf" (German dub) by ???
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DVD (Region 1)
    Dragon Ball GT - A Hero's Legacy: The Movie [Edited] (DVD) delayed/cancelled
    Dragon Ball GT - A Hero's Legacy: The Movie (DVD) 2004-11-16 (from $39.99)
    Dragon Ball GT - Season 2 (DVD) 2009-02-10 (from $22.99)
    Dragon Ball GT - The Complete Series + Movie (DVD) 2023-02-14 (from $15.00)
    Dragon Ball GT - The Complete Series (DVD 1-10) 2010-09-21 (from $52.47)
    Dragon Ball GT - The Complete Series (DVD 1-10) 2011-11-03 (from $38.49)
    Dragon Ball GT Movie - A Hero's Legacy (Dub.VHS) 2004-11-16 (from $25.00)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Osamu Kasai
Original author: Akira Toriyama
Original creator: Akira Toriyama
Animation Director: Akira Inagami

Theme Song Arrangement: Takeshi Hayama
Theme Song Composition:
Seiichiroh Kuribayashi (ED)
Tetsuro Oda (OP)
Theme Song Lyrics: Izumi Sakai
Theme Song Performance:
Field of View (OP)
Zard (ED)
Masako Nozawa as
Son Goku
Son Goku Jr
Tōru Furuya as Pack
Yūko Minaguchi as Son Pan (old)

Jouji Yanami as Narrator
Kazuyuki Sogabe as Rakkaru
Miki Itō as Mamba
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as The Monster King (Yômaô)
Shin Aomori as Gettô

Makiko Ōmoto as Female Nurse
Ryō Horikawa as Vegeta Jr 
Shūichirō Yoshimoto as Henchman B
Yasuhiko Kawazu as Driver
Yoshiyuki Kouno as Henchman A
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Christopher Bevins
Music: Mark Menza
Translation: Steven J. Simmons
Additional Video Editing:
Joe Harris (Remastered)
Richie DeMeglio
Robert Bell (Remastered)
Shane Ray (Original release & Remastered)
ADR Engineer: Adrian Cook
Assistant ADR Director: Christopher R. Sabat
Assistant Talent Coordinator: Scott Garner
Audio Mixing Engineer:
Andrew Tipps (Remastered)
Evan Jones
Nathanael Harrison
Neal Malley (Original release)
DVD Authoring:
Matthew O'Hara (Remastered)
Russ Coffman (Remastered)
Trace Furniss (Remastered)
DVD Compression:
Duncan Yan (Remastered)
Jacob Martin (Remastered)
DVD Editing: Jeremy Jimenez
DVD Menu Audio:
Christopher R. Sabat
Duane Deering (Remastered)
DVD Menu Design:
Antimere Robinson
Young Wang (Remastered)
DVD Producer:
Carly Hunter
Clarine Harp (Remastered)
DVD Production Assistant:
Alese Watson
Duane Deering
Stacie Jolley
Susie Nixon (Remastered)
DVD Quality Control:
Caesar Lopez (Remastered)
Christine Bertolino (Remastered)
DJ Fonner (Remastered)
Jason Gee (Remastered)
Kris Bryan (Remastered)
Line Producer: Christopher Bevins
Production Coordination: Neil Weathersbee
Josh Tyler (Remastered)
Niki Cooper (Remastered)
Script Supervision: Jeremy Carlile
Alese Watson
Ben Phillips (Remastered)
Brandy Richmond (Remastered)
Brian Thomas (Remastered)
Chiye Green (Remastered)
Duane Deering
Jayme Westman
Scott Porter
Shojin Bateman (Remastered)
Talent Coordination: Tara A. Williams
Telecine Colorist: Steve Franko (Video Post & Transfer)
Theme Song Composition: Mark Menza
Theme Song Instruments: Mark Menza
Theme Song Lyrics:
Shorty the Man (FUNimation; ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Shorty the Man (FUNimation; ED)
Vic Mignogna (OP; FUNimation; 2009 Season Two DVD release)
Video Post-Production Coordinator:
Margaret Yabs (Remastered)
Neil Weathersbee (Remastered)
Video Post-Production Director: Brandon Tyler (Remastered)
Adrian Cook as Puck
David Gasman as Goku (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Jodi Forrest as Goku Jr (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Mirabelle Kirkland as Pan (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Sean Schemmel as Son Goku
Stephanie Nadolny as Son Goku Jr.

Amber Cotton as Mamba
Andrew Chandler as Narrator
Brice Armstrong as Lord Yao (Demon King)
Christopher R. Sabat as Torga (Rakkaru)
Peter Mayhew as Susha (Gettō)

Alison Retzloff as Bucky
Brad Jackson as
Brice Armstrong as Doctor
Chris Cason as
Christopher Bevins as Baby Bear
David Gasman as Oolong (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Doug Rand as Trunks (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Eddie Hord as Wolf
Edward Marcus as Genius Turtle (Master Roshi; AB Group dub / UK dub)
Eric Vale as Trunks
Iman Nazemzadeh as Bully
Jamie Marchi as
Girl in Pink
Jeremy Inman as
Kyle Hebert as
Lane Pianta as Guard
Michael Terry as Guard
Mike McFarland as
Master Roshi
Monika Antonelli as
Sean Schemmel as SSJ4 Goku
Sean Teague as Boy in Yellow
Shane Ray as
Heaven Thank Store Owner (uncredited)
Sharon Mann as Krillin (AB Group dub / UK dub)
Sonny Strait as
English companies
Broadcaster: Nicktoons Network
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (Australia)
DVD Authoring: Vision Wise, Inc.
Post Production: FUNimation Entertainment
Recording Studio: FUNimation Studios
French cast
French staff
Brigitte Lecordier as Son Gokû Jr.
Julie Turin as Pan
Thierry Mercier as Son goku
Yann Le Madic as Pack

Adrien Antoine as Megane
Bernard Lanneau as Getto
Donald Reignoux as Waesel
Michèle Lituac as Mamba
Serge Bourrier as Narrateur
Thierry Mercier as Youmaoh

French companies
ADR Production: SOFI
Broadcaster: Mangas
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Mario Castañeda
Translation: Ivars Barzdevics (Spain dub)
Executive producer:
Carolina Marina Costanzi (Entertainment Supplies)
Hilel Chelminsky (Zima Entertainment)
Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)
Luis de Val (Manga Films)
Marcelo Testa (Plus Video)
Sergio Torres (Towers Entertainment)
Ana Cremades as Son Goku Jr. (Spain dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as Son Goku Jr. (Catalan dub)
Inmaculada Font as Pack (Spain dub)
Mari Carmen De Las Casas as Pan (Spain dub)
Meritxell Ané as Pan (Catalan dub)
Xavier Fernández as Son Goku (Catalan dub)

Albert Trifol Segarra as Pack (Catalan dub)
Alejandro Albaiceta as Son Goku (Spain dub; adult)
Ana Cremades as Son Goku (Spain dub; child)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as Narrador (Catalan dub)
Maria Lluïsa Magaña as Manba (Catalan dub)

Alejandro Albaiceta as Rakkal (Spain dub)
Antonia Martínez as
Mamba (Spain dub)
Pack's Friend (Spain dub)
Enric Arquimbau as Youmaoh (Catalan dub)
Enric Cusí as Megane (Catalan dub)
Ferran Llavina as Camioner (Catalan dub)
Hernán Fernández as Weasel (Catalan dub)
Inmaculada Font as Nurse (Spain dub)
Isabel Martiñon as Goku Jr.
Jesús Prieto as
Truck Driver (Spain dub)
Youmaoh (Spain dub)
Joaquim Sota as Rakki (Catalan dub)
Joaquin Martal as Narrator
Jordi Vila as Gelto (Catalan dub)
Jorge Tomé as
Doctor (Spain dub)
Gelto (Spain dub)
Narrator (Spain dub)
Magda Giner as Pan (old)
Mari Carmen De Las Casas as Pack's Friend (Spain dub)
Oscar Flores as Puck
Spanish companies
Cartoon Network L.A. (Latin America)
K3 (Televisió de Catalunya)
Televisa Canal 5 (Mexico)
Unicable (Mexico)
Editorial Salvat (Spain; DVD)
Paramount Home Entertainment (Spain; DVD)
Dubbing Studio: Alta Frecuencia (Spain dub)
DVD Distribution:
Manga Films (Spain)
Towers Entertainment (Mexico)
Licensed by:
Entertainment Supplies (Argentina; 2014)
Manga Films (Spain)
Plus Video (Argentina; expired)
Selecta Visión (Spain; 2009)
Towers Entertainment (Mexico; expired)
Zima Entertainment (Mexico; 2017)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Paolo Torrisi

Synchronization: Giancarlo Martino
Transcription: Stefano Di Modugno
Video Post-Production: Marco Sestan
Paolo Torrisi as Goku
Patrizia Scianca as Son Goku Jr.

Anna Maria Tulli as Baby Bear
Claudio Ridolfo as Torga
Diego Sabre as Susha
Luca Bottale as Pack
Marina Thovez as Mamba
Mario Scarabelli as Narrator
Mario Zucca as Yao
Pietro Ubaldi as Bear
Italian companies
Broadcaster: Italia 1
DeAgostini (DVD)
Yamato Video (DVD)
Dubbing: Merak Film
Translation: C.I.T.I.
German cast
German staff
Joseph Rebling as Son Goku Jr.
Marianne Lutz as Pan
Olaf Reichmann as Rakkal
Till Völger as Pack
Tilo Schmitz as Monster
Tom Deininger as Getto
Tommy Morgenstern as Son Goku
German companies
Polish staff
Polish companies
Broadcaster: AXN Spin Poland
Polish cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
Paulo Espirito Santo as
Son Goku (Portugal)
Son Goku Jr (Portugal)

Cristina Cavalinhos as Pan (PT)

António Semedo (Portugal)
Dora Cruz (Portugal)
João Loy (Portugal)
Nuno Rosário (Portugal)
Portuguese companies

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