Rave Master (TV)

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Alternative title:
Groove Adventure Rave
レイヴ (Japanese)
聖石小子 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Haru Glory is a boy who lives with his sister, Cattleya, in Garage Island. After fishing out a.... thing called Plue, he meets Shiba who entrusted him with Rave Stone or more known as Holy Bring. From there on, he embarks on a quest leaving his sister at Garage Island like his father who went to find Rave 15 years ago. He meets Elie, a girl who loves to gamble but has lost her memory. They met up with Musica at Punk Street. They have to eliminate Demon Card using Rave and is helped by Elie's uncontrollable Ethelion and Musica's ability of controlling silver as a Silver-Claimer. Unfortunately, they had to collect 4 more Raves in order to eliminate the mother of all dark brings, Sinclair. Together, they find out their past including Haru and Musica who both do not know their parents very well. They also find out the connection between Ethelion and Rave.
User Ratings: 874 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 36 votes (sub:26, dub:7, raw:2, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Excellent: 92 votes (sub:64, dub:21, edit.dub:3, ?:1, raw:1, others:2
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Very good: 160 votes (sub:95, dub:53, edit.dub:3, ?:1, others:8
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Tagalog subtitled
1 Chinese mandarin subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Good: 218 votes (sub:113, dub:79, edit.dub:11, raw:3, others:12
5 Spanish dubbed
2 Tagalog dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 143 votes (sub:68, dub:63, edit.dub:6, raw:2, others:4
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 85 votes (sub:41, dub:37, edit.dub:6, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Not really good: 48 votes (dub:24, sub:17, edit.dub:5, others:2
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 44 votes (dub:26, sub:10, edit.dub:5, raw:2, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 27 votes (sub:13, dub:8, edit.dub:4, others:2
2 Spanish dubbed
 Awful: 14 votes (dub:6, sub:4, edit.dub:3, raw:1)
 Worst ever: 7 votes (dub:5, sub:1, others:1
1 Tagalog dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 2790 users, rank: #386 (of 8217)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.486 (Decent+), std. dev.: 2.0748, rank: #4844 (of 8303)
Weighted mean: 6.358 (Decent+), rank: #5135 (of 8303) (seen all: 7.01 / seen some: 5.88 / won't finish: 4.60)
Bayesian estimate: 6.374 (Decent+), rank: #4704 (of 6251)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 51
Episode titles: We have 51
2001-10-13 to 2002-09-28
2003-08-18 (Philippines - ABS-CBN)
2004-06-05 (USA- Cartoon Network)
2006-01-07 (Latin America)
2007-04-26 (Cartoon Network Latin America 2nd Time)
2007-09-03 to 2007-11-12 (France)
2009-03-16 (Sci-Fi Channel)
Release dates: We have 2
Opening Theme:
"Rave-olution" by Reel Big Fish
#1: "Butterfly Kiss" by Chihiro Yonekura (eps 1-25)
#2: "Higher and Higher" by Kumoko
#3: "Higher and Higher (Elie Version)" by Ayako Kawasumi (ep 51)
Ending Theme:
"The Power Of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige
#1: "Kokaku no Yurikago" by Chihiro Yonekura
#2: "Hikousen" by Kumoko
#3: "Hikousen (Elie Version)" by Ayako Kawasumi (ep 51)
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Rave Master DVD 2 (Mar 17, 2005)
Rave Master DVD 1 (Nov 8, 2004)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Rave Master - Quest Begins (DVD 1) 2004-10-12
    Rave Master - The Sound of Thunder (DVD 3) 2005-01-11
    Rave Master - Release the Beasts (Dub.DVD 2) 2004-11-09
    Rave Master - Bundle (Dub.DVD 1-3) 2005-07-12
    Rave Master Mountain & Madmen (Dub.DVD 4) 2005-05-10
Graphic novel
    Rave Master - Cinemanga - The Quest Begins (GN 1) 2004-10-12
    Rave Master - Cinemanga - The Sound of Thunder (GN 3) 2005-06-07
    Rave Master - Music Side (OST) 2004-12-07

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Takashi Watanabe
Hisashi Tokimura (12 episodes
eps 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 29, 32, 36, 38, 42, 47

Katsuyuki Sumisawa (12 episodes
eps 3, 6-7, 11, 15, 19, 24, 27, 35, 40, 45, 48

Masashi Sogo (ep 2)
Nobuaki Kishima (15 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 9, 14, 18, 22-23, 28, 31, 34, 41, 44, 50-51

Takao Yoshioka (12 episodes
eps 10, 13, 17, 21, 26, 30, 33, 37, 39, 43, 46, 49

Music: Kenji Kawai
Original Manga: Hiro Mashima
Character Design: Akira Matsushima
Art Director: Kyouko Nakayama
Animation Director:
Akira Matsushima (eps 10, 15, 21)
Shinichi Takahashi (ep 6)
Director of Photography: Masayuki Kawaguchi
Producer: Kazunori Noguchi

Art Plan: Nobuto Sakamoto
Assistant producer:
Masaki Kondo
Takayuki Nagatani
Assistant recording Engineer: Takayasu Akashi
Audio Production:
Satoki Iida (Dax International)
Tetsu Hirata (Dax International)
Color Planning: Takeshi Mochida
Editing: Masaki Sakamoto
Effects: Mitsuru Kageyama
In-Between Animation: Hiroaki Tomita (Studio DEEN; 15 episodes
eps 1, 3-9, 11, 13-14, 16, 18-19, 22

Key Animation:
Akemi Morita (ep 25)
Akihiro Kurosaki (ep 5)
Akira Kasahara (4 episodes
eps 1, 12, 18, 23

Asako Inayoshi (Nakamura Production; eps 3, 6)
Atsushi Nishigori (ep 8)
Atsushi Yamagata (ep 1)
Hajime Yoshida (eps 4, 25)
Hideki Kumazawa (eps 7, 12, 18)
Hidenori Miyahara (Nakamura Production; 10 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 22, 30, 34, 39, 46, 50

Hidetoshi Sano (eps 2, 7, 17)
Hideyuki Sasaki (eps 10, 15, 21)
Hiroaki Abe (eps 7, 13, 19)
Hirofumi Morimoto (6 episodes
eps 2, 7-8, 14, 19, 24

Hirokazu Hisayuki (eps 30, 38)
Hiroki Mutaguchi (eps 2, 5)
Hiromitsu Hagiwara (ep 13)
Hironori Yamamoto (ep 7)
Hiroshi Yamamoto (ep 8)
Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Nakamura Production; eps 11, 16)
Hiroyuki Kamura (eps 7, 13, 24)
Hitoshi Yoshida (eps 13, 23)
Junichi Hashimoto (ep 20)
Junko Komatsuzaki (Nakamura Production; 6 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 22, 34

Junko Watanabe (eps 10, 15, 21)
Kazuhiko Abe (ep 20)
Kazuhiko Wanibuchi (5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 12, 19, 24

Kazuhiro Itakura (Nakamura Production; eps 6, 11, 16)
Kazumi Sato (ep 12)
Ken Ootsuka (ep 1)
Kenji Yokoyama (eps 14, 19)
Koji Miura (5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 9, 17, 24

Kumi Hirai (Nakamura Production; 9 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 22, 27, 30, 39, 46

Kumiko Horikoshi (eps 2, 17, 25)
Kumiko Kasuga (eps 9, 17, 25)
Kyoko Sugiyama (eps 8. 14, 25)
Mamoru Abiko (eps 7, 11, 18)
Manabu Imura (Nakamura Production; 4 episodes
eps 3, 11, 16, 38

Masaaki Kitahara (Nakamura Production; eps 3, 16, 22)
Masafumi Nakagawa (eps 8, 14)
Masafumi Tamura (ep 24)
Masahiro Furihata (4 episodes
eps 7, 12, 17, 23

Masatsugu Takeda (eps 10, 15, 21)
Misako Nomura (ep 25)
Mitsuo Kimura (ep 1)
Mitsuo Tano (4 episodes
eps 7, 13, 19, 24

Miyako Tsuji (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 8, 13, 23

Natsuki Egami (eps 1, 4)
Osamu Yamamoto (ep 9)
Rie Kawai (ep 25)
Ryouichi Kaida (10 episodes
eps 10, 15, 21, 26, 29, 32, 36, 40, 45, 49

Satoshi Inoue (6 episodes
eps 2, 5, 12, 19-20, 24

Satoshi Sakai (ep 1)
Sawako Yamamoto (ep 4)
Shigemi Aoyagi (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 9, 17, 25

Shingo Kobayashi (ep 20)
Shinichi Takahashi (Nakamura Production; 5 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 38

Shinsuke Yasuda (eps 10, 15, 21)
Tadashi Fukuda (ep 25)
Taiichiro Kohara (ep 21)
Takaaki Sekizaki (ep 8)
Tetsuya Satō (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 8, 14, 23

Tomokazu Shimabukuro (Nakamura Production; 8 episodes
eps 3, 16, 22, 27, 30, 34, 42, 46

Tomomi Ishikawa (ep 21)
Tomoshige Inayoshi (Nakamura Production; eps 3, 6)
Tomoyuki Shitaya (5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 9, 14, 25

Toshiaki Kanbara (ep 7)
Toshiyuki Yoshioka (5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 13, 19, 24

Yoshiaki Minami (ep 1)
Yoshitaka Goto (ep 17)
Yoshitaka Sato (eps 7, 12, 23)
Youichi Ishikawa (ep 1)
Yuichi Endo (ep 14)
Yukio Okano (ep 20)
Yumie Wada (Nakamura Production; 8 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 22, 34, 42, 48

Yuu Ikeda (Nakamura Production; 4 episodes
eps 3, 11, 16, 38

Yūya Furuta (Nakamura Production; 7 episodes
eps 3, 22, 30, 34, 39, 46, 50

Planning Cooperation:
Masakazu Yoshimoto (Shonen Magazine)
Noriaki Matsuki (Shonen Magazine)
Takeyasu Yoshida (Shonen Magazine)
Production Coordination: Kentaro Tooyama
Production manager: Koji Iijima
Public Relations: Mizuho Tanaka
Publicity Producer: Seiji Suzuki
Recording engineer: Yasuo Tachibana
Series Supervision: Nobuaki Kishima
Special Effects: Takeshi Saito
Theme Song Performance:
Chihiro Yonekura
Kumoko (eps 26-51)
Video Editing:
Mitsue Sugihara (Tokyo Laboratory)
Youhei Yamamoto (Tokyo Laboratory)
Ayako Kawasumi as Elie
Tomokazu Seki as Haru

Showtaro Morikubo as Musica

Akira Sasanuma as Yulius
Ayako Kawasumi as Haru (Young)
Chiharu Tezuka as
Hole (ep 2)
Lasagne (Chino's mother)
Dai Matsumoto as Gou
Erika Amano as Musica (young)
Hidenari Ugaki as Glen
Hideo Ishikawa as Schneider
Hiro Mashima as himself (ep 51)
Hiroaki Ishikawa as Puusha
Hiroomi Sugino as
Lugas 70
Hiroshi Naka as Kam (ep 51)
Hiroshi Yanaka as Alpine Spaniel
Hisao Egawa as Giant Lizard (ep 9)
Hitoshi Bifu as
Jin Yamanoi as Rize
Kanako Tateno as
Lillith Nina
Katsuaki Arima as L'Tiangle
Katsuya Shiga as
Griffon Kato
Kazuo Oka as Village Elder (eps 10-12)
Kazuya Ichijou as
Wonderful Gotchi (Getsupuri Leader)
Kenji Nojima as Solacido
Kouichi Toochika as
Shiba (young)
Kouji Haramaki as Assistant Director
Kousuke Okano as
Mami Nakajima as Clea Maltese
Masahito Yabe as Kalen Bog (Getsupuri A)
Masami Kikuchi as Sieg Hart
Masaya Takatsuka as Franken Billy
Masuo Amada as Fua
Miki Nagasawa as Rosa
Moyu Arishima as Remi
Naoki Makishima as Gunetto
Nobutoshi Canna as Jegan
Satsuki Yukino as Cattleya Glory
Shoko Kikuchi as Sakura Glory
Showtaro Morikubo as Soldier
Sōichiro Hoshi as
Blond demon
Lucia Leagrove
Souichirou Tanaka as
La Grace
Takehiro Murozono as
Tesshō Genda as King
Tetsu Inada as
Marcu Belunju (Getsupuri B)
Tomohisa Asou as Georco
Tomomichi Nishimura as
Shiba (old)
Toshihiko Nakajima as
Toshihiko Seki as Shuda
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Gale Glory
Yūichi Nagashima as Musica the Blacksmith
Yukana Nogami as Reina
Yukiji as
Yusei Oda as
Deep Snow

Japanese companies
Animation Production: Studio DEEN
Animation Tools: Animo
Audio Production: Dax International
Backgrounds: BIC Studio
Key Animation: Nakamura Production (5 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 16, 44

Photography: Megumi
Planning Cooperation: Weekly Shonen Magazine (Editorial Dept.)
Production Assistance: JEC-E (4 episodes
eps 10, 15, 21, 36

Recording Studio: Toei Audio Visual Art Center
Video Editing: Tokyo Laboratory
English staff
English cast
Script: Bob Buchholz
Producer: Rita Majkut

ADR Recording Engineer: Andy Reeder
Audio Mixing: Dustin Harrison
Editing: Tony Carenzo
Music Supervision: Benjamin Chan
Production manager:
Jennifer Wagner
Mutsumi Miyazaki
Roto/Paint Artist: Mychael Lederer-Morihisa
Special Thanks To: Vince Pileggi (Milano Entertainment Group)
Supervising Producer:
Maury A. McIntyre 
Stuart Levy
Theme Song Composition:
b nCHANt d
D. J. Milky
Theme Song Lyrics:
b nCHANt d
D. J. Milky
Theme Song Performance:
Jennifer Paige (End)
Theme Song Producer:
b nCHANt d
D. J. Milky
Voice Direction:
Marc Handler
Olivia Venegas
Michelle Ruff as Elie
Yuri Lowenthal as Haru Glory

Crispin Freeman as Sieg Hart
Doug Erholtz as Hedara Musica
Doug Stone as Let
Mona Marshall as Plue
Peter Lurie as King
Tom Kenny as Griff

Alan Shearman as
Barbara Goodson as
Fortune Teller
Bob Glouberman as
Bob Papenbrook as Bis Ras
Cindy Robinson as Katelya
Crispin Freeman as Shuda
Dave Wittenberg as
Mr. Sun
Rugar 70
David Lodge as
Big Guard
Rear Admiral
Diz White as Computer
Dorothy Melendrez as
Claire Maltese
Ezra Weisz as Schneider
Jeff Nimoy as
Julius Rhozen
Jessica Straus as Lilith
Joe Ochman as La Grace
Kari Wahlgren as
Kirk Thornton as Berial
Mari Devon as Lasagna
Michael Sorich as Cheeks
Michelle Ruff as Resha Valentine
Nicholas Guest as
Patricia Lentz as Rionette
Paul St. Peter as Fura
Peter Spellos as Billy
Ping Wu as Solasido
R. Martin Klein as Gunnert
Ralph Joseph as Blacksmith Musica
Randall Montgomery as
Captain Pudding
Richard Epcar as Haja
Sandy Fox as Reina (young)
Stephanie Sheh as
Steve Bulen as Gale Glory
Steve Cassling as Blacksmith Musica (Young)
Steven Jay Blum as
Mr. Moon
Reina's Father
Shiba (Young)
Tara Platt as Reina
English companies
AXN Asia (Asia)
Cartoon Network (Toonami, Miguzi, & regular)
Sci-Fi Channel (Ani-Monday)
Syfy (Ani-Monday)
Toonami (UK)
Licensed by: Tokyopop
Theme Song Recording Facility: Milano Music Studio
Translation: Visual Data Inc.
Video Post-Production Services: GrapeVine Productions
Korean staff
Korean cast
Jang Kim as Haru Glory
Yong-Sin Lee as Elie

Ja-Hyeong Gu as Musica
Jeong Hyeok as Plue

Beom-Gi Hong as Tsuyoshi
Bong-Jun Lee as Haja
Chae-Eon Han as Rosa
Choi Junyeong as Bis
Gi-Hyeon Kim as
Shiba (old)
Gi-Hyeung Kim as
Shiba (young)
Gwan-Jin Kim as Franken Billy
Gyeong-Su Hyeon as
Reina's Father
Hyeon-Jin Lee as Claire Maltese
Hyo-Seon Kim as Lillith
Ja-Hyeong Gu as Soleil
Jae-Ho Choi as Yulius
Jae-Yong Lee as Slade
Jeong Hyeok as
Elie's mother
Jeong-Eun Kim as Jade
Jeong-Ho Kim as Musica the Blacksmith
Jeong-Hwa Yang as Reina
Ji-Yeong Lee as Remi
Jong-Hwan Son as
Ju Jayeong as
Emilia Raregroove
Lasagne (Chino's mother)
Ju-Chang Lee as Rize
Jun Kim as Gale Glory
Lee Jamyeong as Chino
Man-Yeong Park as
Rugas 70
Mun Gwanil as Belial
Myeong-Jun Jeong as Solacido
Seon-Hye Kim as Ruby
Seong-Heon Hong as Sieg Hart
Seong-Ho Sin as King
Seung-Uk Jeong as Lance
Sin Dongsik as Deep Snow
Sin-Jeong Han as Cattleya Glory
So-Hyeong Kim as Racas
Son Wonil as Alpine Spaniel
Wan-Gyeong Seong as Shuda
Yeong-Jae Pyo as Let
Yeong-Jun Si as Gou
Yeong-Seon Kim as Lucia Raregroove
Yong-Sin Lee as Resha Valentine
Yong-Wu Sin as
Yu-Mi Jeong as
Hole (ep 2)
Musica (young)
Sakura Glory
Yun-Seon Seo as Jegan

Korean companies
French staff
French cast
Fanny Roy as Elie
Sébastien Hebrant as Haru Glory

Christophe Hespel as Hamelio Musica
Didier Colfs as Retto
Julie Basecqz as
Mathieu Moreau as Sieg Heart
Tony Beck as King

Bruno Bulte as
Bruno Georis as Rionette
Bruno Mullenaerts as Rusanguru
Cathy Boquet as
David Manet as Shuda
Délphine Chauvier as
Delphine Moriau as
Jean-Marc Delhausse as

Mr Soleil
Jean-Paul Clerbois as
Jean-Pierre Denuit as
Jennifer Barré as Sakura Glory
Julie Basecqz as
Hamelio enfant
Martin Spinhayer as
Ron Glace
Mathieu Moreau as
Gale Glory
Patrick Brüll as
Peppino Capotondi as Racasu
Philippe Allard as
Raphael Anciaux as Yuriusu
Robert Dubois as
Capitaine Pudding
Robert Guilmard as Lance
Romain Barbieux as
Thierry Janssen as
Galein Musica
Tony Beck as
French companies
Mangas (from 20 February 2008)
NT1 (from 3 September 2007)
Distributor: KAZÉ
Dubbing: Mirroring
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Fabián Mejía
Translation: Carlos Galindo
ADR Script: Carlos Galindo
Ana Lucia Ramos as Ellie
Victor Ugarte as Haru

Fabián Mejía as Plue
Liliana Barba as Reina
Mariana Ortiz as Hao
Ricardo Bautista as Let Dahaka
Roberto Carrillo as Música
Salvador Delgado as Griffon Katou

Aurora Mijangos as Remi Maltese
Carlos Galindo as Shadow Master
Daniel Lacy as Hebi
Georgina Sanchez as Hao, reina del escape
Luis Alfonso Padilla as Alpine Spaniel
Mariana Ortiz as
Resha Valentine
Salvador Najar as Sieg Hart
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Optimedia Productions
Broadcaster: Cartoon Network L.A.
Distributor: Cloverway (Latin America)
Dubbing: Artsound Mexico
Dubbing Studio: WG
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Raymond Dean Romano as Haru Glory

Alexx Agcaoili as
Arnold Abad as King
Hazel Hernan as Elie
JR Flores as Blacksmith Musica
Tagalog companies
Studio 23
Dubbing: ABS-CBN
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Daniella Piquet
Fábio Lucindo as Haru Glory
Samira Fernandes as Ellie

Celso Alves as Let
César Marchetti as Sieg Hart
Marcelo Campos as Música
Mauro Castro as King (4 episodes
eps 18, 21-22, 24
Sílvio Giraldi as Gale Glory (young)
Tatá Guarnieri as Shuda
Yuri Chesman as Griff

Affonso Amajones as Franken Billy
Alessandra Araújo as Lasagna
Alexandre Marconato as
Go Rockwell
Shiba (young)
Alfredo Rollo as Jegan (eps 46-51)
Carlos Campanile as Galein Musica
Carlos Silveira as Blanc
César Marchetti as Yulius (eps 45-48)
Dado Monteiro as Hiro Mashima (ep 51)
Denise Reis as Clea Maltese
Elcio Sodré as King (young)
Emerson Caperbat as Gale Glory
Eudes Carvalho as Ltiangle
Fábio Moura as Lance
Fadu Costha as Belial
Figueira Júnior as Lucia Raregrove
Flora Paulita as Katelya (young; ep 28)
Fritz Gianvito as Wonderful Gocche (Ketsupuri Leader)
Gilberto Baroli as Raja
Guiga Lopes as
Guilherme Lopes as

Rugar 70
Isabel Cristina de Sá as
Lua (ep 1)
Sakura Glory
Ivo Roberto as Poosya
Júlia Castro as Chino
Jussara Marques as Haul
Letícia Quinto as Resha
Lúcia Helena as Reina
Luciana Baroli as
Luiz Laffey as
Alpine Spaniel
Luiz Antônio Lobue as
Marcelo Pissardini as
Jade (ep 7)
Sieghart (eps 10, 12)
Márcio Araújo as Slade
Mauro Castro as
Deerhound (2nd voice)
Mauro Eduardo as
Deep Snow
Yulius (eps 49-51)
Nestor Chiesse as Wada
Patrícia Scalvi as Sakura Glory (ep 16)
Paulo Celestino as Nakajima
Pedro Alcântara as Haru (child)
Raquel Marinho as Rosa
Renato Soares as Gale Glory (ep 16)
Ricardo Sawaya as
Jegan (ep 24)
Marco Belunjay (Ketsupuri B)
Roseli Gonçalves as Sakura Glory (ep 23)
Sérgio Corsetti as
Kalen Berg (Ketsupuri A)
Sérgio Rufino as
Soleil (ep 1)
Sidney Lilla as
Jade (ep 44)
Sílvio Giraldi as Gale Pai Jovem
Suzy Pereira as Katelya
Vagner Fagundes as SoLaSiDó
Wellington Lima as Ruby

Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Álamo
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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