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BELLE (movie)

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Alternative title:
Belle: Smok i piegowata księżniczka (Polish) 
Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime (Japanese)
竜とそばかすの姫 (Japanese)
용과 주근깨 공주 (Korean)
Plot Summary: Suzu Naito is a shy, socially awkward 17 year old high school student traumatized by her mother’s death in her youth. Despite her anxieties she has maintained several childhood friendships including her mischievous best friend and computer wiz Hiroka Betsuyaku, who decides to challenge the existing social hierarchy by reinventing Suzu via the singing social media persona Belle, on the U site. This leads to conflict in Suzu’s real and virtual lives.
User Ratings: 140 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 13 votes (sub:11, dub:1, raw:1)
 Excellent: 39 votes (sub:24, dub:9, edit.dub:1, others:5
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Very good: 33 votes (sub:17, dub:10, ?:1, others:5
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Good: 29 votes (sub:18, dub:9, others:2
1 Polish subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 12 votes (sub:12)
 So-so: 6 votes (sub:3, dub:2, raw:1)
 Not really good: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Weak: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Bad: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Awful: 1 vote (dub:1)
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 179 users, rank: #3992 (of 9409)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.671 (Very good−), std. dev.: 1.7215, rank: #1280 (of 9517)
Weighted mean: 7.616 (Very good−), rank: #1288 (of 9517) (seen all: 7.62)
Bayesian estimate: 7.604 (Very good−), rank: #1059 (of 7150)
Running time: 122 minutes
Vintage: 2021-07-15
Premiere date:
2021-07-15 (France, Cannes Film Festival)
2021-07-16 (Japan)
2021-09-25 (Poland, Kids Kino International Film Festival)
2021-09-29 (South Korea)
2021-10-08 (Taiwan)
2021-10-28 (Hong Kong)
2021-11-04 (Macau)
2021-12-29 (France, Cinemas)
2021-12-30 (Portugal)
2022-01-12 (Indonesia)
2022-01-14 (Turkey)
2022-01-20 (Italy)
2022-01-20 (Mexico)
2022-01-29 (Romania, pre-screening)
2022-02-04 (Romania)
2022-02-17 (Hungary)
2022-02-18 (Finland)
2022-02-20 (Colombia)
2022-03-17 (Italy)
2022-03-25 (Spain)
2022-04-01 (Poland)
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
"U" by Belle & millennium parade
Ending Theme:
"A Million Miles Away" by Kaho Nakamura
Insert song:
"Alle psallite cum luya" by Ryoko Moriyama, Sachio Nakao, Fuyumi Sakamoto, Yoshimi Iwasaki and Michiko Shimizu
"Blunt Worlds" by ermhoi
"Lend Me Your Voice" by Kaho Nakamura
"Song" by Kaho Nakamura
Links: We have 1
Belle (Jul 27, 2021)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    BELLE - [4K] [Collector's Edition] (Blu-ray) 2022-08-30 (from $32.99)
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    BELLE (BD+DVD) 2022-05-17 (from $14.99)
    BELLE - [Target Exclusive SteelBook] (BD+DVD) 2022-05-17
    BELLE - [SteelBook] (BD+DVD) 2022-11-01 (from $19.96)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Screenplay: Mamoru Hosoda
Original creator: Mamoru Hosoda
Character Design: Hiroyuki Aoyama
Art Director: Nobutaka Ike
Animation Director: Hiroyuki Aoyama
Director of Photography:
Jumi Lee
Kei Machida
Manabu Kamitōno
2D Effects Animator: Tatsuya Asakura (Astro Bros.)
Acquisition Manager: Lucie Desquiens (CHARADES)
Advertising: Ai Shigematsu
Animation Manager:
Yosuke Takayama
Yōta Shirasu
Animation Reference Actor:
Hanaka Terada
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Archive Affairs: Leticia Gōkura
Art Manager: Mizuki Suda
Assistant Art Director: Kinichi Okubo (Deho Gallery)
Assistant Director: Taisuke Mori
Assistant Unit Director: Ryo Nakano
Background Art:
Akira Hirosawa (Comix Wave Films)
Ayahi Shimomura (Deho Gallery)
Ayumi Kojima (Deho Gallery)
Eriko Nakamura (Deho Gallery)
Hiroshi Nitta (Telecom Animation Film Art Dept.)
Hitomi Haga (Deho Gallery)
Junko Ina (Deho Gallery)
Kaoru Takino (Deho Gallery)
Katsushi Aoki (Deho Gallery)
Kikuyo Yano (Deho Gallery)
Kotomi Kuwabara (Comix Wave Films)
Kunihiko Inaba (Deho Gallery)
Mao Izawa (Comix Wave Films)
Osamu Nakajima (Deho Gallery)
Ryoko Ina (Deho Gallery)
Shunsuke Negishi (Comix Wave Films)
Tamiko Kanamori (Telecom Animation Film Art Dept.)
Tasuku Watanabe (Comix Wave Films)
Toshie Honda (Deho Gallery)
Yasuhiro Yamako (Telecom Animation Film Art Dept.)
Yuki Nomura (Deho Gallery)
Yuna Murooka (Comix Wave Films)
Casting Director:
Hoshiko Ōguchi (Unique Brains)
Satoshi Mashida (Unique Brains)
Masashi Takayashiki (Chiptune)
Shigeki Nemoto (Chiptune)
Tsukasa Saitō (Chiptune)
CG Animation:
Airi Kobayashi (GEMBA)
Hiroki Motooka (Astro Bros.)
Josee Hange (TYFFON)
Masataka Nonaka (Astro Bros.)
Ryūsuke Ishida (Astro Bros.)
Takayuki Minato (Astro Bros.)
Wakako Aizawa (Astro Bros.)
Yuji Ootake (Astro Bros.)
Yukiho Nishimoto (GEMBA)
CG Animation Artist:
Akira Yamamoto (Image Logic)
Akizumi Kagawa (Digital Frontier)
Anna Ōta (Digital Frontier)
Anri Fukada (LAPIZ)
Bin Ruan (Beetle Studio)
Chao An (Beetle Studio)
Eisuke Motoike (Digital Frontier)
Guan Long Wang (Beetle Studio)
Han Li (Beetle Studio)
Haruka Matsumoto (Digital Frontier)
Hiroaki Wada (Image Logic)
Hiroshi Sakamoto (Digital Frontier)
Hiroyuki Katada (Canna Japan)
Jin Ling Xue (Beetle Studio)
Junpei Suzuki (Digital Frontier)
Kazuki Matoba (MORIE)
Keiji Yamaguchi (Digital Frontier)
Kenta Satō (Digital Frontier)
Kiyoshi Ishimaru (Digital Frontier)
Kōetsu Ogawa (MORIE)
Kōhei Yamaguchi (Digital Frontier)
Kōta Karuo (Digital Frontier)
Kōtarō Azuma (MORIE)
Kunji Ishida (Image Logic)
Midori Hasegawa (Type Zero)
Nanako Kumagai (Graphinica)
Naomi Shirai (RIZ)
Naoto Tokumaru (Digital Frontier)
Rami Ōhashi (Digital Frontier)
Ren Jufuku (Image Logic)
Ryō Ichikawa (Type Zero)
Ryō Watabe (Digital Frontier)
Ryōichi Nakama (Studio KHARA)
Sayoko Haba (Digital Frontier)
Shinichirou Hata (Digital Frontier)
Shūgo Harada (Canna Japan)
Shuhei Kumamoto (BIGFOOT)
Shuichi Osawa (Digital Frontier)
Shūji Matsukawa (Digital Frontier)
Shūya Sugawara (MORIE)
Sōichirō Kuroki (Digital Frontier)
Takamasa Fukuda (RIZ)
Takamasa Kanai (Digital Frontier)
Taketo Shimada (LAPIZ)
Takuro Togo (Digital Frontier)
Teppei Katsuta (Digital Frontier)
Tomomi Iwabuchi (Digital Frontier)
Tomonori Miyawaki (Digital Frontier)
Tsutomu Yokoyama (Image Logic)
Wataru Kamoda (Image Logic)
Wilfried Bigot (Digital Frontier)
Xi Yang Liu (Beetle Studio)
Xiao Wei Liu (Beetle Studio)
Yasutaka Akama (Digital Frontier)
Yoko Miyauchi (Digital Frontier)
Yoshiyuki Emura (Digital Frontier)
Yūichirō Sado (Digital Frontier)
Yuki Haratake (Digital Frontier)
Yuu Tanaka (Digital Frontier)
CG Animation Director: Takaaki Yamashita
CG Animation Lead:
Kenji Okamoto (RIZ)
Kōsei Fushimi (Image Logic)
Ryo Tanbara (MORIE)
Seiya Hayashi (Image Logic)
Tsuyoshi Uno (Graphinica)
Yasuhiro Hattori (GEMBA)
Yosuke Yamada (Digital Frontier)
CG Animation Manager: Masataka Aoji (RIZ)
CG Animation Supervisor:
Takahiro Takahashi (TYFFON)
Takeshi Kamekawa (Digital Frontier)
Yukinobu Fujimatsu (Digital Frontier)
CG Background Artist:
Guillaume Riondel (Digital Frontier)
Kazuki Kuno (Digital Frontier)
Ken Tsuchiya (Digital Frontier)
Liang Peng Song (Digital Frontier)
Sadeeva Chintana (Digital Frontier)
Sakura Kuroiwa (Digital Frontier)
Satoshi Kawaguchi (Digital Frontier)
Shamina Ulyana (Digital Frontier)
Taiki Kamiya (Digital Frontier)
Tsutomu Nakazawa (Digital Frontier)
Yūki Fukuchi (Digital Frontier)
Yūki Masui (Digital Frontier)
CG Background Lead:
Chen Chen Wei (Digital Frontier)
Eun Suk Choi (Digital Frontier)
Ryota Minamoto (Digital Frontier)
Tsubasa Harigae (Digital Frontier)
CG Character Artist:
Chie Watanabe (Digital Frontier)
Dae Hyun Eom (Digital Frontier)
Hiroki Itokazu (Digital Frontier)
Hyeok Jin Kim (Digital Frontier)
Kōhei Ran (Digital Frontier Taiwan)
Koji Uchino (Digital Frontier)
Kōtarō Fukuda (Digital Frontier)
Michiru Fukuhara (Digital Frontier)
Naoto Ikeda (Digital Frontier)
Sachiko Okada (Digital Frontier)
Shin Nakata (Digital Frontier)
Shō Tsuboya (Digital Frontier)
Tomoyo Ikegami (Digital Frontier)
Wei Liang Leow (Digital Frontier)
Yosuke Toyoyama (Digital Frontier)
Zhen Ting Jiang (Digital Frontier)
CG Character Lead: Suguru Satō (Digital Frontier)
CG Lead Animator: Yasuhiko Takahashi (Astro Bros.)
CG Manager: Riku Shikata
CG Modeler:
Kotarō Arai (GEMBA)
Yūsuke Fukuda (GEMBA)
CG Pre-Production Coordinator:
Hiroyuki Endō (Digital Frontier)
Seren Kohiyama (Digital Frontier)
CG Producer:
Hidetake Uchida (Canna Japan)
Hiroshi Moriguchi (Graphinica)
Jun'ya Kimura (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Keita Shutō (Type Zero)
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Masayoshi Watanabe (Canna Japan)
Naoto Kimura (Anima)
Nobuhiro Suzuki (Digital Frontier)
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Takuji Yasuda (Image Logic)
Toru Hirata (LAPIZ)
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CG Production Coordinator:
Chika Kurihara (Digital Frontier)
Kayo Ichimura (Megalis)
Miho Matos (Digital Frontier)
Minami Sano (Digital Frontier)
Tetsuaki Fujii (Digital Frontier)
Zhen Ru Ji (Digital Frontier)
CG Production Desk:
Kaori Nagahama (Digital Frontier)
Yōsuke Tatsuta (Digital Frontier)
CG Production Manager:
Aiko Yoneyama (Digital Frontier)
Chang Ming Sun (Beetle Studio)
Jie Mu (Beetle Studio)
Jin Jia Liu (Digital Frontier Taiwan)
Kōji Takase (Graphinica)
Ming Lou Que (Digital Frontier Taiwan)
Nanako Egami (Wafu Animation)
Nao Tsuchiya (Digital Frontier)
Peng Wang (Digital Frontier)
Rinka Wada (Beetle Studio)
Sakie Takaba (Digital Frontier)
Shūta Kosugi (Digital Frontier)
Takatoshi Yoshikane (Digital Frontier)
Tatsuya Nishiyama (Astro Bros.)
Yōsuke Ōno (MORIE)
Yuna Ōtsuka (GEMBA)
Choir Director: Ben Parry (London Voices)
Choreography: Masako Yasumoto
Co-Assistant Unit Director: Aya Okada
Co-production Manager: Jonas Benhaiem (CHARADES)
Color: Mitsuhiro Shoji (Q-Tec)
Color design: Osamu Mikasa
Color Design Assistant: Noriko Komada
Color setting:
Ami Kutsuna
Emiko Okada
Color Setting Chief: Noriko Komada
Composite Artist:
Frank Medgyesy (Anima)
Fumika Saitō (Digital Frontier)
Haruki Murao (Digital Frontier)
Hikaru Yoshijima (Digital Frontier)
Hiroshi Yamada (Digital Frontier)
Hitoshi Miyake (Digital Frontier)
Kazuo Mitsuyama (Anima)
Kazuya Akiyama (Image Logic)
Kenta Kawashima (Digital Frontier)
Kōta Hibino (Image Logic)
Manami Tamaki (Digital Frontier)
Marine Boudry (Anima)
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Ryūsei Akemoto (Digital Frontier)
Saya Nomura (Digital Frontier)
Shōgo Kanemoto (Image Logic)
Takahito Nakayama (Digital Frontier)
Yasuhiro Ohtsuka (Digital Frontier)
Yukie Nakajima (Anima)
Yusuke Tani (Digital Frontier)
Composite Lead:
Akira Onodera (Digital Frontier)
Ryō Tomomura (Digital Frontier)
Takamasa Hatakeyama (GEMBA)
Tatsuya Tsukamoto (Image Logic)
Bui Minh Nguyen (GEMBA)
Hayato Takanashi (GEMBA)
Takeyuki Katō (Megalis)
Tomoya Nakamura (GEMBA)
Concept Art:
Alice Dieudonné (Cartoon Saloon)
Almu Redondo (Cartoon Saloon)
Isamu Kamikokuryō
Maria Pareja (Cartoon Saloon)
Ross Stewart (Cartoon Saloon)
Tomm Moore (Cartoon Saloon)
Costume Design:
Daisuke Iga
Kunihiko Morinaga (ANREALAGE)
Megumi Shinozaki (edenworks)
Crowd Artist:
Kōta Asano (Digital Frontier)
Tomochika Ijū (Digital Frontier)
Crowd Lead: Takuya Iida (Digital Frontier)
Dialogue Editing:
Hiroaki Satō (molmol)
Hisafumi Tsuzuki
Digital Art:
Erina Nishikawa (Type Zero)
Harue Miyamoto (Type Zero)
Miyu Konishi (Type Zero)
Nodoka Kiro (Type Zero)
Yoshimasa Tomohara (Type Zero)
Domestic Legal Affairs:
Hikaru Akiyama
Takashi Shinomiya
Editing Assistant: Maki Sendo
Effects Artist:
Haruki Yoshioka (Digital Frontier)
Hayato Kita (Digital Frontier)
Hiroshi Takabayashi (Digital Frontier)
Jun Ogishima (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Kōki Mine (Digital Frontier)
Nanako Uragami (Megalis)
Naohiro Sakami (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Peng Koon Lee (Digital Frontier)
Reiya Hashimoto (Digital Frontier)
Ryōta Hamaguchi (Megalis)
Sao Yoshimoto (Digital Frontier)
Seiya Tokuda (Digital Frontier)
Takuya Kuribayashi (Digital Frontier)
Tomoya Fukuda (Digital Frontier)
Xiao Jun Lao (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Yūya Emi (Digital Frontier)
Yūya Kitamura (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Effects Lead:
Akira Karakida (Digital Frontier)
Gen Ito (Digital Frontier)
Kan Matsumoto (Digital Frontier)
Kazuhiro Imamiya (Griot Groove LiNDA Team)
Kensuke Kusamoto (Digital Frontier)
Ryō Tsunoda (Digital Frontier)
Takahiro Matsui (Digital Frontier)
Effects Supervisor: Junpei Yamashita (Megalis)
Facial Animation Artist:
Kensaku Ishiyama (Digital Frontier)
Masahiro Mushigami (Digital Frontier)
Michika Hatakeyama (Digital Frontier)
Misa Kumai (Digital Frontier)
Shōichi Ichimura (Digital Frontier)
Facial Animation Lead: Shōei Takao (Digital Frontier)
Facial Rigging Artist:
Kensaku Ishiyama (Digital Frontier)
Masahiro Mushigami (Digital Frontier)
Michika Hatakeyama (Digital Frontier)
Misa Kumai (Digital Frontier)
Shōichi Ichimura (Digital Frontier)
Facial Rigging Lead: Shōei Takao (Digital Frontier)
Festival Sales: Nicolas Rebeschini (CHARADES)
Festivals Coordinator: Margaux Namura (CHARADES)
Festivals Manager: Nicolas Rebeschini (CHARADES)
Foley Editor: Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
Head Of Business Affairs: Pauline Boucheny (CHARADES)
In-Between Animation:
Aika Goto (MADHOUSE)
Akiko Teshima (Comix Wave Films)
Anzu Yamaguchi
Asami Ishiura
Ayano Yagi
Bu Kyung Kim (DR Movie)
Chae Won Cho (DR Movie)
Chie Nishihara (Studio Colorido)
Chul-Ho Jang (DR Movie)
Da Hye Jeong (MARU Animation)
Erika Saori Takeshita (Comix Wave Films)
Eun Ju Choi (DR Movie)
Eun Seo Do (MARU Animation)
Hae Jin Jeon (DR Movie)
Hee Deok Jang (DR Movie)
Hee Jung Kim (MARU Animation)
Hibiki Koike (Studio Colorido)
Hikaru Hayashi (Tatsunoko Production)
Hiromi Matsuda (Comix Wave Films)
Hisana Kobayashi (MADHOUSE)
Hyun Ju Park (DR Movie)
Ji-Hyun Kim (MARU Animation)
Jin Gong (DR Movie)
Jin Ju Go (DR Movie)
Jin Ju Jeong (MARU Animation)
Ju Ri Jeong (DR Movie)
Kanae Utsumi (Comix Wave Films)
Kanako Tanabe (Comix Wave Films)
Kazuha Tanaka (Studio Colorido)
Keiko Tomizawa
Keiko Watanabe
Keitarō Tokutome (Studio Colorido)
Kyōsuke Katō (Tatsunoko Production)
Maiko Matsumura (Studio Colorido)
Manami Noguchi (Studio Colorido)
Maya Fujimori
Mayu Fujii (MADHOUSE)
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Mi Na Choi (DR Movie)
Mi Ok Lee (DR Movie)
Min Kyoung Lee (DR Movie)
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Minami Nakamura
Misuzu Ichinose
Moe Maruta (Contrail)
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Natsuki Hara (Tatsunoko Production)
Natsumi Hara
Natsumi Takahashi (Studio Colorido)
Reiko Mano (Comix Wave Films)
Rie Nakagome
Riko Fujita (Studio Colorido)
Rumi Sato
Saya Chiba (Tatsunoko Production)
Se Won Kim (MARU Animation)
Seon Hye Jang (DR Movie)
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So-Young Lee (DR Movie)
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Toshinori Unetani
Yōko Tanaka
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Yu Jin Lee (DR Movie)
Yuka Abe (Tatsunoko Production)
Yukiko Muroga
Yumeka Takahashi
Yun Hee Cho (MARU Animation)
In-between Animation Manager: Yūma Takai
Insert Song Arrangement:
Junko Yokoyama ("Kokoro no Hitomi")
Ludvig Forssell ("Uta yo;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4;" "Blunt Words;")
Taisei Iwasaki ("Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4"; "Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Yuta Bando ("Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4;""Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Insert Song Composition:
Ludvig Forssell ("Uta yo;" "Blunt Words;")
Taisei Iwasaki ("Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4"; "Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Takashi Miki ("Kokoro no Hitomi")
Insert Song Lyrics:
Kaho Nakamura ("Uta yo;" "Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4"; "Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Ludvig Forssell ("Blunt Words")
Mamoru Hosoda ("Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4"; "Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Taisei Iwasaki ("Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1;""Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Toyohisa Araki ("Kokoro no Hitomi")
Insert Song Performance:
ermhoi ("Blunt Words")
Fuyumi Sakamoto ("Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan")
Kaho Nakamura ("Uta yo;" "Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan;" "Kokoro no Soba ni;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 1"; "Hanarebanare no Kimi e Part 4;" "Hanarebanare no Kimi e [reprise]")
Michiko Shimizu ("Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan")
Ryoko Moriyama ("Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan")
Sachiyo Nakao ("Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan")
Suginami Junior Chorus ("Kokoro no Hitomi")
Yoshimi Iwasaki ("Iza, Lila o Kanadete Utawan")
Lead Foley Artist: Akihiko Okase
Line Test:
Hyun-Jung Lee (Dangun Pictures)
Iori Yokoi (Dangun Pictures)
Rui Zhe Qiu (Dangun Pictures)
Xiang Guang Chen (Dangun Pictures)
Live2D Development Leader: Ken'ichi Satou
Live2D Development Technical Artist:
Masaya Sasahara
Shūichi Inada
Live2D Manager Assistant: Yūdai Ogata
Live2D Producer: Genjirō Ishikawa
Live2D Production Manager:
Risako Takahashi
Sumire Yagi
Live2D Technical Director: Takuya Miyashita
Live2D Unit Director: Seiji Kumoi
Main Theme Composition: Daiki Tsuneta
Main Theme Lyrics: Daiki Tsuneta
Main Theme Mixing: Yū Sasaki
Main Theme Performance:
Kaho Nakamura
Millennium Parade
Main Theme Recording: Yū Sasaki
Marketing Coordinator: Margaux Namura (CHARADES)
Marketing Manager: Mathilde Martin (CHARADES)
Materials Assistant:
Emi Tamaki (H2L)
Satoshi Nagata
Matte Paint Artist: Minako Shimada (Digital Frontier)
Matte Painter: Shin'ichirō Haketa (GEMBA)
Merchandising Affairs: Emi Miyazawa
Motion Actor: Masako Yasumoto
Motion Capture Unit:
Ami Kurita (Digital Frontier)
Hiroki Koshida (Digital Frontier)
Kenta Katsuma (Digital Frontier)
Tatsuya Saitō (Digital Frontier)
Yūsuke Saeki (Digital Frontier)
Music Affairs: Satoshi Hirakawa
Music Director: Taisei Iwasaki
Music Editing: Akiyoshi Tanaka
Music Mixing: Hiroaki Satō (molmol)
Music Performance:
Ayatake Ezaki (piano/synthesizer)
Daiki Tsuneta (beat programming & all other instruments)
Kaname Hamaji (horn)
Masahito Kawahara (trombone)
MELRAW (horn arrangement/trumpet/alto sax/flute)
Shun Ishiwaka (timpani/drum line snares/marimba/gran cassa/cymbals)
Music Recording Mixer: Chuji Sato (C.A.S.)
Music Supervision: Takayuki Sen'yō
Musician: Miho Sakai (cello)
Online Editor:
Ayaka Minami (Q-Tec)
Rie Sakurai (Q-Tec)
Opening Titles: Yuiko Sumida
Orchestra Coordinator: Ryō Maekubo
Orchestra Music Performance:
Keita Ogawa (Ensemble FOVE)
Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band
Manabu Sakata (Ensemble FOVE)
Masato Suzuki (Ensemble FOVE)
Nami Kanō
Nobuhide Handa
Pierre Nakano
Ryōji Ihara Brass
Shunsuke Watanabe (Ensemble FOVE)
Tom Tamada
Tomas Hörnberg (Ensemble FOVE)
Yukinori Kobatake (Ensemble FOVE)
Overseas Events Affairs:
Akihiro Sotokawa
Juhyue Yi
Overseas Legal Affairs:
Atsushi Naito
Ayako Murakami
Overseas Translation Publishing Affairs:
Hikari Ishikawa
Maki Momono
Miyuki Kōno
Tomoko Amano
Aki Morimitsu (SUNRISE BEYOND Fukuoka Studio)
Atsuko Ito (Wish)
Aya Ōtaki (Wish)
Ayu Wakai (Comix Wave Films)
Chisato Shioda (asread)
Emiko Okui (Wish)
Eri Kitahara (SUNRISE BEYOND Fukuoka Studio)
Eri Mitsuda (asread)
Erika Tanaka (Wish)
Eun Jin Cha (MARU Animation)
Eun Jung Lee (DR Movie)
Han Zheng Zhang (Wish)
Haruka Igarashi (Studio Road)
Hee Sook Wang (MARU Animation)
Hisako Furukawa (Wish)
Jin-Hee Lee (DR Movie)
Jung Ah Lim (DR Movie)
Junko Akihara (Comix Wave Films)
Kazu Sumiyoshi (Studio Road)
Kazunari Miyasako (Wish)
Kosuke Mizusawa (Wish)
Kōta Sudō (Wish)
Kouki Imamoto (Wish)
Kumiko Sone (Studio Road)
Kumiko Yamazaki (Wish)
Mai Nagai (Studio Road)
Makiko Yamanaka (Studio Road)
Mi Jin Mo (MARU Animation)
Miku Nishinosono (Wish)
Min Ju Kim (DR Movie)
Min Kyoung Kwon (DR Movie)
Miyuki Takagi (Studio Road)
Mizuki Sakashita (Studio Road)
Nao Kinoue (Wish)
Naoki Fukutani (asread)
Naoki Ishikawa (Wish)
Ok Hee Kim (DR Movie)
Reo Harada (Studio Road)
Rie Kitazawa (Wish)
Rieko Umemura (Wish)
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Sayuri Yoshida
Se Na Park (DR Movie)
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Shinya Terashima (Wish)
So Ri Choi (DR Movie)
Sook Ja Jeon (MARU Animation)
Su Hyun Jung (DR Movie)
Su Young Jung (DR Movie)
Sung Suk Choi (MARU Animation)
Taeko Mizuno (Studio Road)
Takaaki Izumi (Wish)
Teruka Tanaka (Wish)
Thi Kim Phuong Nguyen (Wish)
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Asami Miura as Announcer (U)
ermhoi as Peggy Sue
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Clément Hautavoine (HV bonuses)
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Florent Dorin as Kei / le dragon
Louane Emera as Suzu Naito / Belle

Antonin Icovic as Shinobu Hisatake
Félicien Juttner as Justin
Julien Frison as Kamishin
Juliette Allain as Hiroka Betsuyaku / Eroh
Sarah Brannens as Luka Watanabe

Alessandro Lanciano as Tomo / Angel
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Eilias Changuel as le père de Tomo et Kei
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El Drac / Kei (Catalan dub)
The Dragon/Kei (Spain dub)

Ainhoa Maiquez as Angel/Tomo (Spain dub)
Antonella Moreno as Ruka "Ruka-chan" Watanabe (Chilean dub)
Daniel Streeter as Shinobu "Shinobu-kun" Hisatake (Chilean dub)
Elena Barra as Àngel / Tomo (Catalan dub)
Felipe Waldhorn as Shinjiro "Kamishin" Chikami (Chilean dub)
Iván Priego Posada as Shinobu Hisatake (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
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Lilian Rodas as Hiroka "Hiro" Betsuyaku (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Mario Vargas as Suzu's Father (Chilean dub)
Marta Rodríguez as Ruka Watanabe (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Masumi Mutsuda as Justin (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Olivia Vives as Suzu's Mother (Spain dub)
Pau López as
Pare de la Suzu (Catalan dub)
Suzu's Father (Spain dub)
Raúl Pérez as Shinjiro "Kamishin" Chikami (Spain dub)
Sixnalie Villalba as Hiroka "Hiro-chan" Betsuyaku (Chilean dub)

Ana Aznárez as Hatanaka (Spain dub)
Ana María Camps as Mare de la Suzu (Catalan dub)
Anna Niebla as Peggie Sue (Spain dub)
David García Llop as Shinjiro Chikami (Catalan dub)
Diana De Guzmán as Kita (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as Nakai (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Eva Lluch as
Announcer (Spain dub)
Presentadora (Catalan dub)
Gloria Gonzalez as Swan (Catalan dub)
Héctor García as Egg (Spain dub)
Irene Miras as Peggie Sue (Catalan dub)
Jordi Pineda as Gos (Catalan dub)
Lara Ullod as Okumoto (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Marta Dualde as Yoshitani (Spain dub)
Meritxell Sota as Hatanaka (Catalan dub)
Pablo Gomez as Fox (Spain dub)
Pep Ribas as Pare d'en Kei (Catalan dub)
Rafael Parra as Kei and Tomo's Father (Spain dub)
Roser Aldabó as Yoshitani (Catalan dub)
Vicent Ortega as Dog (Spain dub)

Ainhoa Maiquez (Spain dub)
Alicia Alarcon (Chilean dub)
Belen Marin (Chilean dub)
Betsabé Gutiérrez (Chilean dub)
Camila Montecinos (Chilean dub)
Camila Rojas (Chilean dub)
Carolina Araya (Chilean dub)
Carolina Highet (Chilean dub)
Cecilia Valenzuela (Chilean dub)
Cristian Lizama (Chilean dub)
Cristóbal Areite (Chilean dub)
David Aguilera (Chilean dub)
Duna Esteve (Spain dub)
Enzo Miranda (Chilean dub)
Felipe Vidal (Chilean dub)
Ferran Rull (Catalan dub)
Gigliola Mariangel (Chilean dub)
Héctor Moncada (Chilean dub)
Jaume Guivernau (Catalan dub)
Javier del Pino (Chilean dub)
Javiera Torres (Chilean dub)
Jessica Toledo (Chilean dub)
Jordi Nogales (Spain dub)
Jorge Contreras (Chilean dub)
Josefina Becerra (Chilean dub)
Juan Claudio Contreras (Chilean dub)
Juan Pablo Muñoz (Chilean dub)
Karla Carrizo (Chilean dub)
Laura Jara (Spain dub)
Loreto Vial (Chilean dub)
Luis Navarro Francés (Spain dub)
Luis Torrelles (Spain dub)
Marcela Solervincens (Chilean dub)
María Manovel (Spain dub)
María Teresa Pinochet (Chilean dub)
Mario Olguín (Chilean dub)
Marlene Pérez (Chilean dub)
Matías Fajardo (Chilean dub)
Maureen Herman (Chilean dub)
Maximilian Schübel (Spain dub)
Miriam Aguilar (Chilean dub)
Monica Ortiz (Spain dub)
Nicolás Carmona (Chilean dub)
Nicolas Jofre (Chilean dub)
Nicole Guerrero (Chilean dub)
Orlando Alfaro (Chilean dub)
Oscar Flores Garcia (Chilean dub)
Pabla Hermann (Chilean dub)
Ramón Hernández (Catalan dub)
Ricardo Maturana (Chilean dub)
Rodrigo Saavedra (Chilean dub)
Rodrigo Valenzuela (Chilean dub)
Roser Vilches (Catalan dub)
Rubén Perera (Spain dub)
Sandro Larenas (Chilean dub)
Sebastian Plaza (Chilean dub)
Sergio Aliaga (Chilean dub)
Toni Astigarraga (Catalan dub)
Valentina Olivares (Chilean dub)
Víctor Gómez (Spain dub)
Victor Schwencke (Chilean dub)
Yarbet Venegas (Chilean dub)
Spanish companies
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Distributor: Cineplex Colombia (Colombia)
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Film Dub Factory (Chilean dub)
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Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video (Spain)
Filmin (Spain)
HBO Max (Latin America)
Netflix (Latin America)
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A Contracorriente Films (Spain)
BF Distribution (Latin America)
Theatrical Distribution: Cineplex Colombia (Colombia)
Theatrical Releaser: Cineplex Colombia (Colombia)
Translation: Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Cristina Boraschi
Translation: Riccardo Bambini

Dialogues: Riccardo Bambini
Dubbing Assistant: Aaron Prando
Dubbing Engineer: Stefano Nissolino
Mixing: Claudio Toselli
Synchronization: Paolo Brunori
Lucrezia Marricchi as Suzu/Belle
Manuel Meli as Drago

Andrea Lavagnino as Papà di Suzu
Andrea Oldani as Shinjiro Chikami
Cristina Boraschi as Mamma di Suzu
Gabriele Vender as Shinobu Hisatake
Lavinia Paladino as Ruka Watanabe
Margherita De Risi as Hiroka Betsuyaku

Cristina Piras as Sig.ra Kita
Daniele Valenti as Muitaro Hitokawa
Dimitri Winter as Jellinek
Elena Liberati as Sig.ra Nakai
Gianluca Solombrino as
Graziella Polesinanti as Sig.ra Yoshitani
Guido Sagliocca as Commentatore di baseball
Mirta Pepe as Sig.ra Okumoto
Monica Migliori as Sig.ra Hatanaka
Valentina De Marchi as Peggie Sue
Veronica Cuscusa as Angelo

Italian companies
Dubbing: CDR
German staff
German cast
ADR Director: Madeleine Stolze
Song Adaptation: Achim Götz
German companies
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Cineart (Benelux)
Dutch cast
Polish cast
Polish staff
Dubbing Director: Sebastian Drożak

Dialogues: Jakub Kisiel
Insert Song Performance: Daria Zawiałow
Montage: Jacek Kacperek
Song Adaptation: Daria Zawiałow
Song Mastering: Arkadiusz Kopera
Song Mixing: Arkadiusz Kopera
Song Recording: Arkadiusz Kopera
Subtitle Translation: Janusz Winiarski
Theme Song Performance: Daria Zawiałow
Daria Zawiałow as Suzu Naitō / Belle
Kamil Bijoś as The Dragon / Kei

Bruno Tomczyk as Tomo
Ewa Kania as Ms. Yoshitani
Jan Wieteska as Shinobu Hisatake
Kaja Kozłowska as Hiroka Betsuyaku
Kamil Pruban as Justin
Klementyna Umer as Ms. Hatanaka
Lidia Sadowa as Ms. Okumoto
Mateusz Weber as Shinjiro "Kamishin" Chikami
Monika Pikuła as Ms. Nakai

Antoni Kwiecień as
User #22
User #62
User #73
Bartosz Martyna as Suzu's Dad
Bruno Tomczyk as Child Shinobu Hisatake
Daniel Skrzypczak as
Beast's Enemy #1
Student #1
User #10
User #16
User #23
User #29
User #33
User #40
User #44
User #49
User #55
User #59
User #66
User #72
Daria Głowacka as
Mermaid #2
Student #1
Student #10
Student #12
User #11
User #18
User #26
User #34
User #4
User #40
Young Woman #2
Ewa Kania as Ms. Tsutsui
Jacek Król as
Justful Person #4
User #74
User #9
Video Game
Young Man #3
Jakub Kisiel as
Beast's Enemy #2
Guard #2
Mn #6
User #14
User #53
User #57
User #67
Young Man #1
Katarzyna Mazur as Peggie Sue
Klementyna Umer as
Woman #2
Krzysztof Szczepaniak as
Beast's Enemy #3
Justful Man #3
Man #7
Muitarō Hitokawa
User #1
User #13
User #18
User #2
User #21
User #25
User #28
User #34
User #38
User #42
User #50
User #52
User #6
User #60
User #64
Young Man #2
Young Man #5
Lidia Sadowa as
Hiro's Mom
Woman #1
Young Woman #4
Magdalena Herman-Urbańska as
Little Girl
Mermaid #1
Phone Voices
Student #11
Student #18
Student #2
User #15
User #27
User #35
User #44
User #9
Mateusz Narloch as
Man #1
User #17
User #24
User #27
User #32
User #36
User #69
User #8
Monika Markowska as
Justful Person #1
Mermaid #5
Student #16
Student #4
Student #9
User #20
User #23
User #29
User #3
User #33
User #38
User #42
User #6
Young Woman #3
Monika Pikuła as
Suzu's Mom
Paulina Kulas as
Beast's Enemy #1
Mermaid #3
Student #5
Student #7
User #1
User #10
User #17
User #22
User #30
User #37
User #43
User #8
Paweł Gasztold-Wierzbicki as
Beast's Enemy #4
Guard #1
Guard #4
Justful Person #3
User #12
User #30
User #39
User #4
User #45
User #54
User #65
User #68
Young Man #4
Paweł Rutkowski as
Man #3
Student #2
User #11
User #20
User #26
User #3
User #31
User #37
User #48
User #51
User #56
User #61
User #70
Sebastian Drożak as
Guard #3
Justful Person #1
Man #4
Student #3
User #15
User #41
User #47
User #5
User #58
User #7
Young Man #6
Teresa Zdanowska as
Child Suzu Naitō
Mermaid #6
User #28
Wojciech Chorąży as
Hiro's Father
Kei's Father
Man #2
Man #5
User #19
User #35
User #46
Polish companies
Dubbing Studio: Studio Publishing
Subtitles: Studio Publishing
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
ADR Director: Gisele Magri

Subtitling: Daiana Kirschner
Cinemundo (Portugal)
Paris Filmes (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Estudio Mandinga
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil)
Licensed by: BF Distribution (Brazil)
Portuguese cast
Emanuela Alves as Suzu Naito/Belle

Gabriela Lois as Luka Watanabe

Aline Neves as Nakai

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