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Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku (special)

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Alternative title:
DBZ: A Final Solitary Battle! The Z Warrior Son Goku's Father Challenges Furiza
Dragon Ball Z Especial 1: La Batalla de Freezer contra el Padre de Gokú (Spanish)
Dragon Ball Z Special 1 : Le père de Sangoku (French)
Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of Goku
Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Le origini del mito (Italian)
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - El padre de Goku (Spanish)
Dragon Ball Z: El último combate (Spanish)
Dragon Ball Z: Gokus Far (Swedish)
Dragon Ball Z: La batalla de Freezer contra el padre de Goku (Spanish)
Dragon Ball Z: O Pai de Goku (Portuguese)
Dragon Ball Z: Son-Gokus far (Danish)
Dragon Ball Z:Son-Gokus Vater [Das Bardock Special] (German)
Tatta Hitori no Saishū Kessen - Freeza ni Idonda Z Senshi Kakarrot no Chichi (Japanese)
The Lonely Final Battle
ドラゴンボールZ たったひとりの最終決戦 フリーザに挑んだZ戦士孫悟空の父 (Japanese)
Themes: aliens, fighting
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Bardock, a low ranking Sayian warrior, is given the power to see into the future. Seeing both the fate of his race and that of his newborn son, Goku, Bardock attempts to lead a rebellion against the space tyrant Frieza in order to prevent the impending massacre of the Sayians.
User Ratings: 1188 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 59 votes (dub:27, sub:21, ?:2, raw:1, edit.dub:1, others:7
3 Spanish dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese dubbed
 Excellent: 126 votes (dub:61, sub:47, edit.dub:3, ?:1, others:14
5 Spanish dubbed
4 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
 Very good: 288 votes (dub:172, sub:89, ?:5, edit.dub:4, raw:2, others:16
5 Spanish subtitled
5 Spanish dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Good: 365 votes (dub:218, sub:111, edit.dub:11, ?:8, others:17
7 Spanish dubbed
4 Portuguese dubbed
3 Spanish subtitled
2 French dubbed
1 German dubbed
 Decent: 209 votes (dub:120, sub:73, edit.dub:9, ?:3, others:4
2 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 So-so: 77 votes (dub:45, sub:26, edit.dub:2, ?:1, others:3
1 German dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Not really good: 34 votes (dub:24, sub:7, edit.dub:2, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Weak: 16 votes (dub:9, sub:6, edit.dub:1)
 Bad: 11 votes (dub:8, sub:3)
 Awful: 2 votes (dub:2)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 3416 users, rank: #298 (of 9024)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.096 (Good), std. dev.: 1.5317, rank: #3048 (of 9130)
Weighted mean: 7.029 (Good), rank: #3145 (of 9130) (seen all: 7.05 / seen some: 4.64 / won't finish: 6.00)
Bayesian estimate: 7.034 (Good), rank: #2955 (of 6871)
Running time: 47 minutes
2003-09-05 (USA, Toonami)
2018-11-03 (United States and Canada, Theatrical premiere)
Opening Theme:
"Cha-La Head-Cha-La" by Hironobu Kageyama
"Dragon Ball Z Theme" by Andy Baylor [US Version]
Ending Theme:
"Hikari no Tabi" (光の旅) by Hironobu Kageyama and Kuko
"Trunks Story" by Bruce Faulconer [US Version - broadcast edit]
#1: "Makes No Difference" by Sum 41 [US Version]
#2: "A Bigger Mood" by American Hi-Fi [US Version]
Insert song:
"Solid State Scouter" by Yasunori Iwasaki
"Superstar" by Saliva [US Version]
"The Good Times Are Over" by Caviar [US Version]
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Dragon Ball Z - Bardock / Trunks Double Feature (Blu-ray) 2008-07-15 (from $27.98)
DVD (Region 1)
    Dragon Ball Z - Bardock / Trunks Double Feature [SteelBook] (DVD) 2008-02-19 (from $82.49)
    Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku (DVD) 2001-01-30 (from $69.98)
    Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku (DVD) 2009-09-15 (from $61.25)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Director: Daisuke Nishio
Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Original author: Akira Toriyama
Original Manga: Akira Toriyama
Art Director: Tomoko Yoshida
Animation Director: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
Sound Director: Nobuhiro Komatsu

Advertising: Yumiko Shigeoka (Fuji TV)
Art Advancement: Minoru Nakamura
Assistant Animation Director: Masaki Satō
Assistant Director: Tatsuya Orime
Insert Song Composition: Yasunori Iwasaki
Music Selection: Shigeru Miyashita
Paint Advancement: Tomoko Ueki
Paint Check: Toyoji Sawada
Production Advancement: Yuichi Suenaga
Production manager: Takeshi Torimoto
Record Keeping: Yūko Higuchi
Recording: Kenji Ninomiya
Sound Effects: Hidenori Arai
Special Effects: Chiaki Hirao
Theme Song Performance:
Hironobu Kageyama (OP & ED)
Masako Nozawa as Bardock
Ryusei Nakao as Freeza

Banjou Ginga as Tooro
Jouji Yanami as Narrator
Kazuyuki Sogabe as Toma
Kōzō Shioya as TotaPo
Masako Nozawa as Son Goku
Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta
Sho Hayami as Zarbon
Shōzō Iizuka as Nappa
Takeshi Watabe as Pumbukin
Yukitoshi Hori as Dodoria
Yūko Mita as SelyPa

Chie Satou as Saiya-jin C
Hirohiko Kakegawa as Saiya-jin A
Jouji Yanami as Doctor
Kinpei Azusa as Son Gohan
Michio Nakao as Saiya-jin E
Shinobu Satouchi as Saiya-jin D
Yuji Machi as Saiya-jin B
Japanese companies
English cast
English staff
Translation: Steven J. Simmons
Additional Paint Editing:
Byron Watson
Carly Hunter
Assistant Voice Director: John Burgmeier
Blu-Ray Authoring: Matthew O'Hara
Blu-Ray Editor: Jeremy Jimenez
Blu-Ray Menu Audio: Duane Deering
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Kris Pierce
Blu-Ray Producer: Clarine Harp
Blu-Ray Quality Control:
Anthony Benavides
Caesar Lopez
DJ Fonner
Closed Captioning Engineer: Jordan Allen
Cover Design: Rick Lebo
Editing Assistant: Jeremy Jimenez
Mix Engineer: Evan O'Connor Jones
Music Performance: Scot Risch ("Last Deja")
Music Performed And Written By:
American Hi-Fi ("A Bigger Mood"; BMG Music)
Andy Baylor
Caviar ("The Good Times Are Over"; Devil in My Gig Bag Music/EMI April Music[ASCAP]/Ridgeway Music Co.[BMI])
Dale D. Kelly
Mark Akin
Saliva ("Superstar"; Five Star Publishing)
Sum41 ("Makes No Difference"; EMI April Music Canada/Rectum Renovator Music [SOCAN])
Soundtrack Producer: Dale D. Kelly
Theme Song Composition: Andy Baylor (OP)
Version Editor: Daniel Mancilla
Video Editing:
Daniel Mancilla (Remastered)
Jeremy Jimenez (Remastered)
Jessie Mancilla (Remastered)
Voice Direction: Christopher R. Sabat
Voice Recording Engineer: Moises Vega
Linda Young as Frieza
Sonny Strait as Bardock

Chris Forbis as Dodoria
Chris Rager as Shugesh
Christopher R. Sabat as
Dameon Clarke as Borgos
Kent Williams as Toolo
Kyle Hebert as Narrator (Revised Dub)
Linda Young as Fasha
Mike McFarland as Tora
Phil Parsons as Nappa (Revised Dub)
Sean Schemmel as Goku (future mind)
Stephanie Nadolny as Goku (baby)

Bart Myer as
Appule's Race Elite
Cowering Frieza Soldier
Lizard Guard
Low-Class Saiyan C
Ceyli Delgadillo as Saiyan Lady
Chris Cason as Doctor (Revised Dub)
Chris Rager as
Clamouring Frieza Soldier A
Saiyan Jock
Christopher R. Sabat as
Clamourng Frieza Soldier B
Grandpa Gohan
Chuck Huber as
Begging Frieza Soldier
Frieza Force Deployer B
Humanoid Guard
Dale D. Kelly as Narrator
Dameon Clarke as
Frieza Force Controller
Frieza Force Messenger
David Gasman as
Bardock (AB Group dub)
Goku (AB Group dub)
Doug Rand as
Toma (AB Group dub)
Zarbon (AB Group dub)
Edward Marcus as
Freezer (Frieza - AB Group dub)
Grandpa Gohan (AB Group dub)
Narrator (AB Group dub)
Jodi Forrest as
Fasha (AB Group dub)
Goku (baby - AB Group dub)
John Burgmeier as
Demetrious (Kanassan soldier)
Fishesque Elite
Low-Class Saiyan A
Teal Frieza Soldier
Justin Cook as
Bardock (great ape)
Borgos (great ape)
Fasha (great ape)
Low-Class Saiyan B
Shugesh (great ape)
Tora (great ape)
Vegeta's Messenger
Kent Williams as
Carass Commander
Low-Class Saiyan D
Kyle Hebert as
Cranbo (Horned Gang Leader)
Frieza Force Deployer A
Horned Gang Leader
Mark Britten as
Malaka (originally)
Mike McFarland as
Frieza Force Monitor B
Stunned Frieza Soldier
Paul Bandey as
Dodoria (AB Group dub)
Nappa (AB Group dub)
Sean Schemmel as
Brown Frieza Soldier
Frieza Force Monitor A
Sharon Mann as Vegeta (adult - AB Group dub; child - AB Group dub)
Sonny Strait as Slug Race Elite

English companies
Audio Mastering: Bang Zoom! Entertainment (2018 Theatrical Premiere)
Captions: FUNimation Entertainment (broadcast version)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (Australia)
DVD Authoring: Vision Wise, Inc.
Internet Streaming: Nicktoons Network
Post Production: FUNimation Entertainment
Recording Studio: FUNimation Studios
Animated Music
Butchie Boy Studios
Island Records (Saliva, Caviar, American Hi-Fi, Sum 41)
Theatrical Distribution: Fathom Events (via Toei Animation; United States and Canada)
French staff
French cast
Voice Direction: Pierre Trabaud
Patrick Borg as
Son Gokû
Philippe Ariotti as Freezer

Brigitte Lecordier as
Son Gokû (baby)
Végéta (child)
Celine Monsarrat as Celipa
Eric Legrand as
Georges Lykan as Totepos
Mark Lesser as Zarbon
Philippe Ariotti as
Pierre Trabaud as
Sangohan (old)
French companies
ADR Production: SOFI
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Mario Castañeda (Latin America Dub)
Translation: Ivars Barzdevics (Spain dub)
Executive producer:
Carolina Marina Costanzi (Entertainment Supplies)
Hilel Chelminsky (Zima Entertainment)
Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)
Luis de Val (Manga Films)

Theme Song Performance: Manel Català (Catalan dub)
Angel Corpa as Freezer (Spain dub)
Antonio Villar as Bardock (Spain dub)
Enrique Cervantes as Freezer
Jordi Vilaseca as Freezer (Catalan dub)
Josep Maria Mas as Bardock (Catalan dub)
Mario Castañeda as Bardock

Alberto Hidalgo as Vegeta (Spain dub)
Aleix Estadella as Zarbon (Catalan dub)
Alejandro Albaiceta as Toma (Spain dub)
Amadeu Aguado as Nappa (Catalan dub)
Ana Cremades as Goku (Spain dub)
Enric Serra Frediani as Tooro (Catalan dub)
Idilio Cardoso as Tooro (Spain dub)
Joan Sanz as Vegeta (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vila as Dodoria (Catalan dub)
José Manuel Seda as Zabon (Spain dub)
Marc Zanni as Son Goku (Catalan dub)
Rafael Cuevas as Nappa (Spain dub)
Ricardo Brust as Toma

Alberto Hidalgo as
Saiyajin #2 (Spain dub)
Toteppo (Spain dub)
Alejo De La Fuente as
Dodoria (Spain dub)
Saiyajin #1 (Spain dub)
Antoni Forteza as Toma (Catalan dub)
Arturo Mercado as Zabon
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as Narrador
Francisco Alborch as Doctor #2 (Catalan dub)
Idilio Cardoso as Soldier (Spain dub)
Jaume Costa as Soldat d'en Dodoria (Catalan dub)
Jorge Tomé as Narrator (Spain dub)
José Lavat as Narrator
Luis Daniel Ramirez as Vegeta (child)
Manuel Duarte as Pambukin (Spain dub)
María Dolores Seco as
Selypa (Spain dub)
Vegeta (Young) (Spain dub)
Pep Ribas as Panpukin (Catalan dub)
Pepe Galván as Saiyajin sala recuperación (Spain dub)
Pilar Morales as Selypar (Catalan dub)
Ramon Puig as Doctor #1 (Catalan dub)
Rene Garcia as Vegeta (old)
Ricardo Hill as Dodoria

Raúl Llorens (Catalan dub)
Spanish companies
America TV (Perú)
Canal Caracol (Colombia)
Cartoon Network L.A.
Citytv (Colombia)
K3 (Televisió de Catalunya)
Televisa Canal 5 (Mexico)
Warner Channel (Latin America)
Cloverway (Latin America)
Paramount Home Entertainment (Spain; DVD)
Dubbing Studio:
Alta Frecuencia (Sevilla, Spain)
Intertrack S.A. de C.V. Mexico (Latin America Dub)
DVD Distribution: Manga Films (Spain)
Licensed by:
Entertainment Supplies (Argentina)
Selecta Visión (Spain; 2009)
Zima Entertainment (Mexico)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Fabrizio Mazzotta (1st edition)
Paolo Torrisi (2nd edition)
Translation: Irene Cantoni
Executive producer: Francesco Di Sanzo

Luciano Setti
Manuela Scaglione (2nd edition)
Tullia Piredda (2nd edition)
Mixing: Moreno Grossi Pometti (2nd edition)
Synchronization: Giancarlo Martino (2nd edition)
Transcription: Stefano Di Modugno (2nd edition)
Video Post-Production: Marco Sestan (2nd edition)
Gerolamo Alchieri as Freezer (1st edition)
Gianfranco Gamba as Freezer (2nd edition)
Luca Biagini as Bardak (1st edition)
Marco Balzarotti as Bardak (2nd edition)

Claudio Moneta as Zarbon (2nd edition)
Corrado Conforti as Vegeta (kid, 1st edition)
Davide Marzi as Narrator (1st edition)
Diego Sabre as Panbukin (2nd edition)
Francesco Bulckaen as Zarbon (1st edition)
Franco Chillemi as Toteppo (1st edition)
Lorenzo Scattorin as Toma (2nd edition)
Luca Bottale as Dodoria (2nd edition)
Mario Scarabelli as Narrator (2nd edition)
Massimo Rinaldi as Toma (1st edition)
Pietro Ubaldi as Toteppo (2nd edition)
Renata Bertolas as Seripa (2nd edition)
Riccardo Lombardo as Nappa (2nd edition)
Roberta Greganti as Seripa (1st edition)
Roberto Stocchi as Dodoria (1st edition)
Sergio Matteucci as Nappa (1st edition)
Vittorio Guerrieri as Panbukin (1st edition)

Ambrogio Colombo as Son Gohan (1st edition)
Andrea Ward as Son Goku (1st edition)
Cinzia De Carolis as Saiyan C (1st edition)
Diego Sabre as Saiyan E (2nd edition)
Federica Valenti as Goku (kid; 2nd edition)
Gianluca Iacono as Vegeta (2nd edition)
Giorgio Bonino as Saiyan B (2nd edition)
Lorenzo De Angelis as Son Goku (kid, 1st edition)
Lorenzo Scattorin as Saiyan D (2nd edition)
Luca Sandri as Saiyan A (2nd edition)
Marcella Silvestri as Saiyan C (2nd edition)
Massimo De Ambrosis as Vegeta (1st edition)
Maurizio Reti as Saiyan A (1st edition)
Maurizio Romano as Saiyan D (1st edition)
Orlando Mezzabotta as Nonno Gohan (2nd edition)
Paolo Torrisi as Goku (2nd edition)
Pasquale Anselmo as Toolo (1st edition)
Patrizio Prata as Toolo (2nd edition)
Roberto Draghetti as Saiyan E (1st edition)
Sergio Matteucci as Saiyan B (1st edition)
Italian companies
Boing (2nd edition)
Hiro (2nd edition)
Italia 1 (2nd edition)
Italia 2 (2nd edition)
Rai 2 (1st edition)
DeAgostini (VHS, 1st edition, DVD, 2nd edition)
Dynamic Italia (VHS, 1st edition)
Coop. Eddy Cortese (1st edition)
Merak Film (2nd edition)
Translation: C.I.T.I. (2nd edition)
German staff
German cast
Thomas Nero Wolff as Freezer

Andreas Müller as Mitarbeiter
Ann Vielhaben as Seripa
Björn Schalla as Bardock
Gerald Paradies as Nappa
Gerd Holtenau as Arzt 1
Helmut Gauß as Dodoria
Jörg Döring as Arzt 2
Klaus Lochthove as Soldat
Oliver Feld as Zarbon
Oliver Siebeck as Vegeta
Rainer Doering as Pambukin
Tommy Morgenstern as Son Goku
Uli Krohm as Tooro
Wolfgang Thal as Grandpa Gohan
German companies
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Director: António Semedo (Portugal)
Dubbing Director:
José Parisi Jr (Brazil)
Wendel Bezerra (Brazil; Alamo)

Theme Song Performance: Rodrigo Firmo (OP - Alamo)
Carlos Campanile as Freeza (Alamo and Parisi dubs)
Wellington Lima as Bardock (Alamo and Parisi dubs)

Affonso Amajones as Zarbon (Alamo and Parisi dubs)
Alexandre Marconato as Toma (Alamo)
Alfredo Rollo as
Nappa (Parisi Video)
Vegeta (Alamo)
Gilberto Baroli as Dodoria (Alamo)
Guilherme Lopes as Nappa (Alamo)
Jonas Mello as Dodoria (Parisi Video)
José Parisi Jr. as Toma (Parisi Video)
Rodrigo Andreatto as Vegeta (Young) (Parisi Video)
Wendel Bezerra as Goku (Alamo)
Yuri Chesman as Vegeta (child; Alamo)

Aldo César as Doctor (Parisi dub)
António Semedo as
Dodoria (PT)
Narrator (PT)
Carlos Campanile as Tooro (Parisi Vídeo)
Cristina Cavalinhos as Celypa (PT)
Daoiz Cabezudo as Narrator (Alamo and Parisi dubs)
Henrique Feist as
Bardock (PT)
Son Goku (PT)
Ivo Roberto as Pambukin
João Loy as Vegeta (PT)
Paulo Espirito Santo as Tooro (PT)
Renato Márcio as Son Gohan
Ricardo Sawaya as Tooro (Álamo)
Ricardo Spínola as
Freezer (PT)
Grandpa Gohan (PT)
Nappa (PT)
Zarbon (PT)
Rita Almeida as Goku (Young)
Tatiane Keplmair as Seripa

Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: Cartoon Network Brasil
Dubbing Studio:
Álamo (TV Broadcasting)
Parisi Vídeo (Brazil)

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