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Hellsing Ultimate (OAV)

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Alternative title:
Хеллсинг (Russian)
헬싱 얼티메이트 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Intense
Copyright notice: © Kouta Hirano •Shonen Gahosha Co, Ltd. / Wild Geese
Plot Summary: Vampires exist. It is the duty of Hellsing, a secret organization sponsored by the British government, to hide that frightening fact and protect the blissfully unaware populace. Along with its own personal army, Hellsing has secret weapons. Alucard, an incredibly powerful vampire, has been controlled by Hellsing for years. It is unclear how he feels about being a servant to the Hellsing family, but he certainly enjoys his job as a vampire exterminator. Seras is a fledgling vampire and former police woman. Although reluctant to embrace her new self, she is a valued member of the organization. Integra Hellsing, the current leader, is usually fully capable of fulfilling her duty, but lately, vampire activity has been on the rise. Unfortunately, the cause is more alarming than anything she could have imagined. A group long thought dead has been plotting in secret since their apparent destruction over 50 years ago. Plotting to plunge England, and perhaps the entire world, into war.
User Ratings: 2740 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 698 votes (sub:470, dub:194, raw:5, edit.dub:2, ?:2, others:25
14 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 czech subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Turkish subtitled
 Excellent: 910 votes (sub:633, dub:241, raw:4, edit.dub:1, others:31
11 Spanish subtitled
8 Portuguese subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
2 Korean subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 German dubbed
 Very good: 588 votes (sub:391, dub:163, raw:6, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:26
11 Spanish subtitled
5 Portuguese subtitled
3 French subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Hungarian subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Good: 276 votes (sub:194, dub:70, raw:2, ?:1, others:9
4 Spanish subtitled
3 German dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Decent: 110 votes (sub:72, dub:30, others:8
5 Spanish subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 70 votes (sub:40, dub:23, ?:1, others:6
3 Russian subtitled
2 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Not really good: 27 votes (sub:19, dub:5, ?:1, raw:1, others:1
1 Russian dubbed
 Weak: 26 votes (sub:16, dub:5, ?:2, raw:1, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 20 votes (sub:10, dub:6, raw:1, others:3
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Awful: 8 votes (sub:8)
 Worst ever: 7 votes (sub:6, dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 5959 users, rank: #117 (of 9604)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.412 (Very good+), std. dev.: 1.6237, rank: #228 (of 9731)
Weighted mean: 8.345 (Very good+), rank: #239 (of 9731) (seen all: 8.39 / seen some: 8.48 / won't finish: 5.40)
Bayesian estimate: 8.341 (Very good+), rank: #133 (of 7376)
Running time: 50 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 10
Episode titles: We have 10
2008-02-12 (USA - Starz Edge)
Release dates: We have 28
Ending Theme:
#1: "Gradus Vita" by Hayato Matsuo, performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (ep 1)
#2: "Merche Funebre" by by Hayato Matsuo, performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (ep 2)
#3: "Letze Bataillon" by Hayato Matsuo (ep 3)
#4: "Das Engellandlied" by Hermann Lons.
#5: "A Patriot with No Name" by ???
#6: "Magnolia" by Suilen
#7: "Shintou Shite" by Suilen (ep 7)
#8: "P.S. Lord Amitabha Have Mercy on Me/When You Start the War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords!" (「P.S.南無阿弥陀仏 」, 「戦争するなら弓、槍、剣で戦え!」) by Yasushi Ishii
#9: "SCARS" by Maon Kurosaki
#10: "Gradus vita" by Hayato Matsuo
Insert song:
"Akuma Stocking" (悪魔巣取金愚) by Tokusatsu (ep 5)
"Broken English" by Schaft (ep 5)
"Das Engellandlied" (イングランドの歌) by Maaya Sakamoto (ep 4)
"Der Freischütz" (魔弾の射手) by Maaya Sakamoto (ep 4)
"Horst-Wessel-Lied" (旗を高く掲げよ) by Nobuo Tobita (ep 9)
"Tough Boy" (タフ・ボーイ) by Nobuo Tobita (ep 3)
"Zakuro" (柘榴) by Suilen (ep 7)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Hellsing Ultimate - The Complete Collection (Blu-ray 1-10) 2019-06-04 (from $53.76)
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    Hellsing Ultimate - Set 1 (BD+DVD 1-4) 2012-10-16 (from $36.30)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Set 2 [Limited Edition] (BD+DVD 5-8) 2012-11-13 (from $79.95)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Set 2 (BD+DVD 5-8) 2013-03-12 (from $95.30)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Set 3 (BD+DVD 9-10) 2014-10-28 (from $30.24)
DVD (Region 1)
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 1) 2006-12-05 (from $3.00)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Figure] (DVD 1) 2006-12-05 (from $38.15)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] [Best Buy Exclusive] (DVD 1) 2006-12-05
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 1) 2008-09-23 (from $29.01)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Figure] (DVD 1) 2008-09-23 (from $69.99)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 1) 2008-09-23 (from $19.54)
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 2) 2007-06-12 (from $3.49)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Artbook] (DVD 2) 2007-06-12 (from $104.56)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 2) 2007-06-12
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 2) 2008-09-23 (from $30.41)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Artbook] (DVD 2) 2008-09-23 (from $10.80)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 2) 2008-09-23 (from $59.95)
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 3) 2007-10-16 (from $3.39)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Figure] (DVD 3) 2007-10-16 (from $44.99)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 3) 2007-10-16
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 3) 2008-09-23 (from $6.41)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Figure] (DVD 3) 2008-09-23
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 3) 2008-09-23 (from $53.94)
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 4) 2008-09-23 (from $3.39)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook + Artbook] (DVD 4) 2008-09-23 (from $118.53)
    Hellsing Ultimate - Limited Edition [SteelBook] (DVD 4) 2008-09-23
DVD (Region 4)
    Hellsing Ultimate (DVD 2) 2007-10-10

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Hiroyuki Tanaka (eps 5-7)
Kenichi Suzuki (eps 9-10)
Tomokazu Tokoro (eps 1-4)
Yasuhiro Matsumura (eps 8, 10)
Series Composition: Yōsuke Kuroda
Hideyuki Kurata (6 episodes
eps 2, 4-5, 8-10

Yōsuke Kuroda (eps 1, 3, 6-7)
Hideki Tonokatsu (eps 1-2)
Hiroyuki Tanaka (ED6)
Hisashi Abe (eps 5-7, 10)
Kōji Yoshikawa (ep 9)
Masaya Sasaki (ep 10)
Michiya Katō (CYCLONE GRAPHICS Inc.; ep 8)
Romanov Higa (ep 2)
Susumu Nishizawa (ep 9)
Tomokazu Tokoro (eps 1, 4)
Yasuhiro Matsumura (eps 4, 8, 10)
Yoriyasu Kogawa (ep 3)
Unit Director:
Hiroyuki Tanaka (ED6; eps 5-6)
Katsuma Kanazawa (ep 4)
Kazunobu Shimizu (ep 4)
Masaya Sasaki (ep 8)
Naoki Kusumoto (ep 4)
Naoyuki Itō (ep 7)
Norio Kashima (ep 3)
Tadao Ōkubo (ep 6)
Takashi Kobayashi (ep 3)
Takayuki Fukuda (ep 4)
Toshiaki Kanbara (ep 4)
Tsutomu Yabuki (ep 8)
Yasuhiro Matsumura (chief unit director; eps 4, 8)
Yoshihiro Hamasaki (ep 4)
Yoshitaka Fujimoto (eps 4, 8)
Yukio Okazaki (ep 4)
Yūzō Satō (ep 7)
Music: Hayato Matsuo
Original Manga: Kouta Hirano
Character Design: Ryoji Nakamori
Art Director:
Hideto Nakahara (ep 3)
Hiroshi Yoshikawa (eps 8-10)
Manabu Otsuzuki (KUSANAGI; eps 1-2, 5-7)
Stanislas Brunet (ep 4)
Takafumi Nishima (eps 5-7)
Chief Animation Director:
Mitsuru Sōma (ep 3)
Ryoji Nakamori
Animation Director:
Bo Kyoung Kim (ep 7)
Byung-Kil Yang (eps 6-8, 10)
Chae Deok Lim (eps 9-10)
Dae Hoon Kim (ep 5)
Dong Sik Kim (eps 6-7)
Dong-Jun Kim (eps 3, 5-6)
Hee Kyu Jang (eps 5-7)
Hirotaka Marufuji (eps 3-4)
Hiroyuki Oshima (eps 8-9)
Hisashi Abe (ED7; eps 6-7)
Hyun-Jung Lee (eps 5-6)
Il Bae Kim (ep 8)
Jin Woo Woo (ep 7)
Jong Hyun Lee (ep 3)
Katsuyuki Tamura (effects; ep 8)
Kil Yong Jang (eps 5-7)
Kouhei Hashimoto (ep 9)
Kyung Rock Seo (ep 10)
Kyung Seok Choi (eps 9-10)
Lee Jong Hyun (ep 3)
Manabu Kurihara (ep 8)
Masafumi Yamamoto (ep 9)
Masahiko Komino (eps 2, 4)
Masahiro Sekiguchi (eps 2-3)
Mitsuru Sōma (eps 1, 4)
Noriyasu Yamauchi (ep 4)
Pil Kang Kim (ep 9)
Ryoji Nakamori (ED7; eps 8-10)
Sang Mi Lee (ep 9)
Taiki Imamura (ep 7)
Takaaki Sekizaki (eps 8-9)
Takahiro Umehara (eps 6-7)
Tomokatsu Nagasaku (ep 9)
Tomonori Kogawa (ep 3)
Toshihide Masudate (eps 8, 10)
Toshiya Washida (eps 2-4)
Yae Ōtsuka (eps 1-4)
Yoshiaki Tsubata (ep 4)
Yoshiko Okuda (ep 1)
Yusuke Kamata (ep 8)
Dan Kanemitsu (ep 6)
Renard Aoyagi (ep 9)
Se Hee Jeong (eps 5-7)
Seong Cheon Min (NEO Pictures; eps 8-9)
Seong Ho Moon (eps 5-7)
3D Director: Hiroshi Shiroi (ep 8)
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Cgi Director:
Atsushi Taketatsu (Wao World; ep 7)
Hiroki Ueno (Q-Tec; ep 6)
Hiroshi Shiroi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-9)
Hiroshi Souma (MADBOX; ep 5)
Hiroshi Yagishita (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Hisayasu Kamiya (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Shuichi Fujinaka (Wao World; eps 5-6)
Co-Director: Hideki Tonokatsu
Director of Photography:
Hiroshi Maeda
Hisashi Goseki (eps 6-7)
Oh Seong Ha (TEAM WETE; eps 5-7)
Suk Bum Lee (ep 5)
Takeo Ogiwara (eps 8-10)
Toru Fukushi (T2 studio; eps 1-4)
Yoshihiro Sekiya (DECOROCO; eps 6-7)
Executive producer:
Akihiro Kawamura (Geneon Entertainment; eps 1-7)
Eiji Orii (Geneon Universal Entertainment; eps 8-10)
Hideki 'Henry' Goto (Geneon Entertainment USA; ep 1)
Katsuhiko Tsurumoto (Geneon Entertainment USA; eps 2-4)
Masao Maruyama (Madhouse; eps 5-7)
Michiaki Sato (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Nobuhiro Ito (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
Rikichiro Toda (Shonen Gahosha; eps 1-10)
Shinichirō Ishikawa (GDH; eps 1-4)
Hiroki Yoshioka (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 8)
Kentaro Hashimoto (Madhouse; eps 6-7)
Satoshi Yoshimoto (Madhouse; ep 5)
Yaoki Tokashiki (studio Kelmadick; ep 8)
Yasuyuki Ueda (Geneon Entertainment)
Yoshiyuki Fudetani (Shonen Gahosha)
Yukiko Ninokata (Madhouse; eps 5-7)

2D Monitor Design:
Kanako Yamada (ep 8)
Kazuma Shinzato (ep 10)
Kyung Hun Chae (eps 8-9)
Miyuki Kawakita (ep 9)
2nd Key Animation:
Ae Ri Park (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Ai Kuwabara (Delta Peak Production; ep 10)
Atsumi Sakai (ep 4)
Bae Hyun Han (eps 6-7)
Bo Kyoung Kim (ep 6)
Byung Hee Yun (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Byung-Kil Yang (ep 6)
Chae Deok Lim (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Chen Yuan Lu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Chuan Zhu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Dae Hoon Kim (ep 6)
Dae-Woon Jung (ep 6)
Do Yeon Lim (eps 6-7)
Do Young Choi (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Dong Ha Kang (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Dong Hoon Lee (eps 5-7)
Dong Hyun Seo (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Dong Sik Kim (ep 6)
Dong Wook Lee (eps 6-7)
Eun Hwan Seok (ep 6)
Eun Jung Yu (GK ENTERTAINMENT; eps 6, 10)
Hee Jae Kwon (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Hee Kyu Jang (ep 6)
Hye Jung Jo (eps 6-7)
Hye-Ran Park (GK ENTERTAINMENT; eps 6, 10)
Hyuk Jung Kwon (eps 6-7)
Hyun Kyung Park (ep 6)
Hyun-Jung Lee (ep 6)
Ill Ku Kang (eps 5-7)
In Young Kwak (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Ji Hyun Lim (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Ji Mi Park (ep 6)
Jin Bae (eps 6-7)
Jin Hee Song (eps 6-7)
Jin Kyung Park (eps 6-7)
Jin Woo Woo (eps 6-7)
Jung Hae Yoon (GK ENTERTAINMENT; eps 6, 10)
Jung Hwa Cho (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Jung Mi An (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Jung Woo Kim (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Kazuhiko Abe (ep 9)
Kengo Fukuda (ep 4)
Kil Yong Jang (ep 6)
Kim Jong Hern (ep 6)
Kōji Ōdate (ep 7)
Kyung Mi Kim (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Li Li Lin (HONGYING; ep 3)
Maki Nishi (Delta Peak Production; ep 10)
Masahiko Sasaki (ep 7)
Masami Yamashita (ep 10)
Megumi Tonegawa (ep 7)
Mi Kyung Lee (ep 6)
Mi Yeon Yun (ep 5)
Mi-Hee JUNG (ep 6)
Min Ju Song (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Min Sun Kim (eps 6-7)
Moon Soo Kim (eps 6-7)
Naoko Masui (ep 7)
Oh Sik Kwon (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Qing Yang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Sang Chul Yoo (eps 6-7)
Sayaka Kawai (ep 7)
Seung Chul Ryu (eps 6-7)
Seung Wook Woo (ep 6)
So Young Kim (eps 6-7)
Soon Young Seo (eps 6-7)
Su Bok Park (eps 6-7)
Su Jin Han (ep 6)
Sun Kyung Park (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Sung Woo Kim (eps 6-7)
Sunyong Yang (eps 6-7)
Tae-Jung Kim (eps 6-7)
Taiichiro Kohara (ep 9)
Takeshi Okada (ep 8)
Takuya Ueno (ep 5)
Tomoyuki Ogata (ep 4)
Won Hee Cho (ep 7)
Won Suk Choi (ep 7)
Xiao Hao Zhang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yasuhiro Ueno (ep 9)
Ye Ja Ko (ep 6)
Ye Jin Kim (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Yoo Il-Sun (eps 6-7)
Young Mi Lee (ep 7)
Young Sun Kim (ep 7)
Young-Rae Cho (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Yuki Tomoda (ep 10)
3D Line Director: Hiroshi Shiroi (ep 10)
3D Modeling Design:
Chihiro Gaman (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
Kazumasa Yokokawa (GRAPHINCA,INC.; ED9; eps 9-10)
Mikako Kajiyama (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
3DCG Advancement:
Hikaru Mogi (eps 2-3)
Hiroaki Hata (eps 2, 4)
Jae-Eun Oh (ep 5)
Yuuji Etsuda (ep 1)
3DCG Advancement Assistant: Hikaru Mogi (ep 1)
3DCG Animation:
Atsushi Taketatsu (Wao World; eps 5-7)
Chiori Takenaka (Wao World; eps 1-3, 5)
Daiki Shimizu (Wao World; ep 6)
Emi Sonobe (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Hideaki Hata (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Hiroki Ueno (Q-Tec; ep 6)
Hiroshi Souma (MADBOX; ep 5)
Hiroyuki Goto (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Hisashi Egawa (Wao World; ep 7)
Hisayasu Kamiya (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ED9; eps 8-9)
Hyun Geun Kim (GIMC; ep 2)
Kaori Atsumi (Wao World; ep 7)
Kazuya Yamagata (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 8)
Kunihiko Mita (Q-Tec; ep 6)
Makoto Takeuchi (Satelight; ep 4)
Masahiko Hirano (MADBOX; ep 5)
Naoya Fukushi (RADIX; ep 1)
Naoya Katsura (Wao World; eps 1-2, 5)
Nobuhiro Kunishima (S.R.I; ep 6)
Noriaki Okunishi (Wao World; eps 4-5)
Paaru Adachi (Satelight; ep 1)
raruhu (☆HG; RADIX; ep 1)
Rie Kitamura (Wao World; eps 5-6)
Romanov Higa (ep 5 cars)
Ryusei Hayasaki (Wao World; eps 1-4)
Sachio Nishiyama (Wao World; ep 7)
Sayaka Igarashi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ED9; eps 8-10)
Shinichi Izawa (Wao World; eps 5-6)
Shūhei Yabuta (MADBOX; ep 5)
Shuichi Fujinaka (Wao World; eps 5-7)
Takayuki Uchimi (Wao World; eps 3, 5-7)
Takeshi Satou (Atelier Bitol; ep 1)
Tatsurou Sasaki (Satelight; ep 4)
Tetsuya Agatsuma (GRAPHINCA,INC.; ep 10)
Tomoko Haruyama (Wao World; eps 5-7)
Tomoko Murata (Hammer Head; ep 1)
Yasutaka Tanaka (MADBOX; ep 5)
Yōko Uemura (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
Young Rae Song (GIMC; ep 2)
Yu Saiki (Wao World; eps 3-4)
Yūji Tsuyuki (Wao World; eps 5-7)
Yuka Igarashi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 8)
Yūki Satō (Atelier Bitol; ep 1)
3DCG Animation Chief:
Akira Shimazaki (Hammer Head; ep 1)
Inaho Komori (RADIX; ep 1)
Kazuhiro Ishikawa (Atelier Bitol; ep 1)
Masayoshi Obata (Atelier Bitol; ep 1)
Youhei Suzuki (Satelight; eps 1-4)
Yūzō Satō (Atelier Bitol; ep 1)
3DCG Model Supervisor: Hidetaka Tenjin (eps 3-6)
3DCG Modeling:
Hideaki Hata (Satelight; ep 1)
Hiroyuki Goto (Satelight; eps 1, 4)
Tatsurou Sasaki (Satelight; ep 4)
Youhei Suzuki (Satelight; ep 4)
3DCG Producer:
Atsuo Nozaki (eps 8, 10)
Kōji Taira (Hammer Head; ep 1)
3DCG Production Manager: Miyuki Kijima (Hammer Head; ep 1)
Accessory Design:
Hiroshi Ogawa (eps 2-3)
Matsuri Okuda (eps 2-3)
Action Director: Romanov Higa
Action Layout: Sadahiko Sakamaki (Delta Peak Production; ep 10)
Animation producer:
Hidemasa Arai (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Hiroki Yoshioka (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Katsuya Shirai (eps 2-3)
Keiichi Ando (Asahi Production; ep 9)
Masaaki Nanbe (MARVY JACK; eps 9-10)
Tsutomu Inamura (ep 1)
Yaoki Tokashiki (studio Kelmadick; eps 9-10)
Area Management:
Hiroshi Kumata (EU/Asia - GDH; eps 1-4)
Kanna Tamada (EU/Asia - GDH; ep 1)
Satoshi Fujii (US/Canada - GENEON ENTERTAINMENT USA; eps 1-4)
Tetsu Sakano (EU/Asia - GDH; eps 2-4)
Art Adviser: Mihoko Magoori (eps 2-3)
Art Setting:
Hideyasu Narita (KUSANAGI; eps 1-7)
Kazushige Kanehira (ep 2)
Koji Watanabe (ep 8)
Osamu Tayama (ep 10)
Seo Gu Lee (ep 4)
Assistant Action Director: Romanov Higa (ep 2)
Assistant Animation Director:
Kanji Nagasaka (ep 1)
Kenichi Ishimaru (ep 1)
Mamoru Abiko (ep 1)
Satoru Yamashita (ep 10)
Yoshitsugu Hatano (ep 1)
Assistant Art Director: Kiyoto Miyashita (ep 10)
Assistant Chief Animation Director: Byung-Kil Yang (eps 4-5, 9-10)
Assistant Episode Director:
Kenichi Kawamura (ep 5)
Mamoru Enomoto (ep 3)
Yasuhiro Matsumura (ep 9)
Assistant producer: Takasumi Miura (eps 8-10)
Assistant Sound Engineer: Soji Shiibara (Rakuonsha; ep 1)
Background Art:
Aki Shimada (Imagnet; ep 10)
Asuka Komiyama (Asahi Production/Imagnet; eps 8-10)
Ayumi Miyakoshi (Team Till Dawn; ep 5)
Ayumi Takasaki (Asahi Production; eps 8-9)
Bo Lu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Bo Ram Kim (DR MOVIE; eps 5-7)
Chang Liu Jiang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Dam Bi Jeong (DR MOVIE; ep 7)
Eiji Wakamatsu (KUSANAGI; ep 1)
Guk Hyen Lee (DR MOVIE; eps 5-7)
Guo Song Wang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Haruna Tsukakoshi (HAL-ART; ep 9)
Hiroko Tanabe (KUSANAGI; ep 5)
Hiroshi Itō (KUSANAGI; ep 6)
Hitoshi Tashiro (HAL-ART; ep 9)
Hong Yu You (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Hwon Yi Lee (DR MOVIE; ep 5)
Hye Min Park (DR MOVIE; ep 7)
Hyo Bin Kim (DR MOVIE; ep 7)
Hyun Jung Kim (DR MOVIE; eps 5-7)
Ji Woong Na (DR MOVIE; ep 6)
Jie Wang (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Jin Hai Yu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Ju Hyun Oh (DR MOVIE; eps 6-7)
Jun Pil Hwang (DR MOVIE; eps 5-6)
Katsufumi Hariu (Studio Fuga; ep 8)
Kazuhiro Inoue (KUSANAGI; eps 6-7)
Kazuyuki Hashimoto (KUSANAGI; ep 1)
Kei Nakamura (Mukuo Studio; ep 10)
Kenichi Tajiri (Mukuo Studio; ep 10)
Kenshin Kō (Asahi Production/Imagnet; eps 8-10)
Kim Moon Sub (DR MOVIE; eps 5-7)
Kiyoto Miyashita (Asahi Production; eps 8-9)
Kouji Okamoto (KUSANAGI; ep 2)
Kuniaki Nemoto (KUSANAGI; ep 1)
Kyo Inoue (KUSANAGI; eps 1, 5)
Le Ting Zhou (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Manabu Fukuda (HAL-ART; ep 9)
Manabu Otsuzuki (KUSANAGI; eps 2, 5-7)
Masahiko Suzuki (Asahi Production; ep 9)
Minoru Ōkouchi (Asahi Production; ep 8)
Moe Yoshida (Imagnet; ep 10)
Natsumi Ueno (Asahi Production/Imagnet; eps 8-10)
Osamu Tayama (Asahi Production; eps 8-9)
Sachiko Tamai (KUSANAGI; eps 6-7)
Sanae Fujioka (Asahi Production; ep 8)
Saneyoshi Makiya (Mukuo Studio; ep 10)
Shan Hong Yin (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Shōko Imaizumi (eps 9-10)
Sun Hwan Park (DR MOVIE; eps 5-7)
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Takahito Nakane (Mukuo Studio; ep 10)
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Toshiaki Mitsunaka (Asahi Production/Imagnet; eps 8-10)
Toshiki Nishi (KUSANAGI; eps 1, 5)
Tsutomu Uchida (KUSANAGI; eps 1-2)
Xiao Hong Qiu (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Xin Lu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Ye Li Wu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yeong Min Shin (DR MOVIE; ep 7)
Ying Yi Yun (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yōji Nakaza (KUSANAGI; ep 1)
Yuan Wu Li (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yuji Kihara (KUSANAGI; eps 1-2)
Yuka Kawamoto (Studio Loft; eps 8-9)
Yun Zhang (Xuyang Animation; eps 8-9)
Yuri Sanan (Team Till Dawn; ep 5)
Background Art Cooperation:
Ayumi Miyakoshi (Till Dawn Team; eps 1-2)
Masakazu Miyake (Till Dawn Team; eps 1-2)
Stanislas Brunet (satelight; ep 3)
Yasutaka Kondo (eps 1-2)
Background Scan: Hiroaki Hirata (KUSANAGI; eps 2, 5-7)
Casting Coordination: Wataru Matsuoka (Ozawa Office)
CG Producer: Tomisaburou Hashimoto (eps 1-4)
Color Check:
A Jin Kim (eps 5-7)
Chiharu Shirasaki (Artemis; ep 8)
Chiharu Tanaka (ep 9)
Da Um Jeong (ep 5)
Eriko Murata (ep 8)
Hitomi Okura (ep 1)
Hye Ra Jung (eps 5-7)
Kumi Kina (Artemis; ep 8)
Maki Tanaka (ep 10)
Masato Takagi (eps 4, 9-10)
Masayuki Kusaka (Artemis; ep 8)
Min Ah Yang (eps 5, 7)
Naoko Kodama (Hiwa; ep 7)
Naomi Kaneko (SOWARA; ep 4)
Satoshi Takezawa (Studio Lagoon; eps 2-3)
Yukie Nakajima (Artemis; ep 8)
Color Check Assistant: Shuji Kamimura (ep 10)
Color design:
Eriko Murata (eps 8-10)
Haruko Nobori (Rikuentai/Hiwa; eps 2-7)
Hitomi Sano (ep 1)
Color setting:
Chiharu Tanaka (ep 9)
Hitomi Okura (ep 1)
Maki Tanaka (ep 10)
Masato Takagi (eps 4, 8-10)
Min Ah Yang (eps 6-7)
Naoko Kodama (Hiwa; eps 5-7)
Naomi Kaneko (SOWARA; ep 4)
Satoshi Takezawa (Studio Lagoon; eps 2-3)
Norihiko Nezu (G-SQUARE; eps 1-10)
Kengo Shigemura (eps 1-4)
Kiyoshi Hirose (eps 8-10)
Satoshi Terauchi (eps 5-7)
Editing Assistant:
Akari Saitō (ep 8)
Ayako Nakagawa (Actas Editing Room; ep 4)
Mai Hasegawa (ep 10)
Naoki Kawanishi (eps 5-7)
Rinko Sato (ep 2)
Taishi Etou (eps 2-4)
Effects: Hiromune Kurahashi (ep 8)
Effects Animation Director:
Katsuyuki Tamura (ep 8)
Shūhei Arita (eps 5-7)
Tatsuya Shiraishi (eps 5-7)
Ending Animation: Hiroshi Saitō (Pinapics; eps 9-10)
Finish Animation:
Aki Morimitsu (Rikuentai; ep 1)
Ayako Aihara (ep 9)
Ayumi Andou (Hiwa; ep 7)
Boo Young Hwang (ep 6)
Chiharu Tanaka (ED8)
Duk Hee Her (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Eri Oga (ep 9)
Hyo Sun Park (eps 5-7)
Jian Wei Wang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Jing Wang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Joung Hyan Park (eps 6-7)
Jung Ah Park (eps 5-7)
Jung Eun Lee (eps 5-7)
Jung Ho So (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Kyoung Ran Ku (eps 5-7)
Kyung Ai Chung (eps 5-7)
Li Chen (HONGYING; ep 3)
Masayuki Doshita (iseriA; ep 1)
Mi Yeon Lee (ep 5)
Nam Hee Lee (eps 6-7)
Qing Guang Li (HONGYING; ep 3)
Shigeru Saisō (iseriA; ep 1)
Su Hyun Jung (eps 5-7)
Sun Li Wen (HONGYING; ep 3)
Xiao Min Qiang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Xiao Rong Liu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yan Xu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yeon Suk Lee (DaeJin animation; ep 10)
Yong Kyoung Park (ep 5)
Yukiko Nagahama (eps 2-3)
Zhen Fei Qiu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Zheng Yu Wang (HONGYING; ep 3)
Finish Check Cooperation:
Haruko Nobori (Rikuentai; eps 1-3)
Takao Kanakubo (ep 4)
Yukiko Nagahama (ep 3)
German Language Supervision: Takahiro Fujimoto (Q-Tec; ep 9)
In-Between Animation:
Ai Kuwabara (Delta Peak Production; ep 10)
Bo Ram Choi (ep 6)
Cheong A Kim (ep 7)
Chinatsu Kameyama (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Chizuru Kidachi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Eun Young Jung (ep 5)
Guo Ping Shen (HONGYING; ep 3)
Haruna Gōzu (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ED8; eps 9-10)
Hee Jin Kim (ep 7)
Hee Jung Kim (ep 7)
Hee Kyung Park (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Hiromi Sakai (Hiryu Doga; ep 1)
Hong Yi Min (ep 7)
Hye Sun Yoon (ep 5)
Hyun Su Jung (ep 5)
Hyun-Jung Lee (eps 6-7)
Jee Yon Kim (ep 5)
Jee Young Park (ep 6)
Jeong Jin Kim (ep 7)
Ji Hyun Hwang (eps 5-7)
Jin Ah Kang (ep 7)
Jun Hee Park (eps 5-6)
Jung Eun Lee (eps 5-7)
Jung Soon Lee (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Kanami Nakao (ep 4)
Kiyoshi Hara (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Kyeng Chan Hwang (eps 6-7)
Kyung Mi Ham (ep 5)
Maki Nishi (Delta Peak Production; ep 10)
Marina Maki (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Masaki Inada (ep 9)
Mi Sun Hwang (eps 5-7)
Mi Yun Kim (eps 5-7)
Min Kyung Kim (eps 5-7)
Miyuki Shimota (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Moon Suk Kim (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Naoki Hattori (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Natsumi Ishizaki (ep 2)
Pan Bing (Hiryu Doga; ep 1)
Peng Tian (HONGYING; ep 3)
Rebecca Yasukawa (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Shōma Ōno (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Tomomi Kawamura (ep 3)
Tsukasa Ishibai (eps 2-3)
Wang Yi Fan (Hiryu Doga; ep 1)
Wei Xiong Chen (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yoon-Joung Kim (ep 7)
Yoshiki Masui (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Yoshitomo Miura (Hiryu Doga; ep 1)
Young Ji Kim (ep 7)
Yu Xu (HONGYING; ep 3)
Yu Il Go (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Yu-Jung Kim (eps 5-6)
Yun Hee Cho (eps 5-7)
Yun Young Jang (ep 6)
Zhi Hai Zhao (HONGYING; ep 3)
In-Between Check:
Chiaki Fujioka (Satelight Sapporo; eps 2-3)
Cho En Kyung (ep 1)
Eun Sun Cho (ep 6)
Hee Kyung Park (DaeJin animation; eps 9-10)
Hye Jin Jeon (ep 7)
Jong Youl Lim (ep 7)
Jung Ah Kang (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Maki Yamada (ep 1)
Masaaki Susowake (ep 4)
Sakiko Watanabe (ep 5)
Shūichi Fukushige (ep 9)
Tsukasa Sakurai (eps 4, 9-10)
Young Hee Jung (eps 5-6)
Insert Song Composition: Tom (ep 3)
Insert Song Lyrics: Tom (ep 3)
Insert Song Performance:
Hisashi Imai (ep 5)
Kenji Ohtsuki (ep 5)
Maki Fujii (ep 5)
Schaft (ep 5)
Key Animation:
Ai Saito (ep 2)
Akihiro Yuki (ep 4)
Akira Takahashi (ep 1)
Asami Tanaka (NEOX; ep 3)
Bae Hyun Han (eps 5-7)
Bo Kyoung Kim (eps 5-7)
Byung-Kil Yang (eps 5-6)
Chae Deok Lim (DaeJin Animation; ep 10)
Chil Weon Kim (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Da Hee Lim (ep 5)
Dae Hoon Kim (DaeJin animation; eps 5-6, 9-10)
Dae-Woon Jung (ep 5)
Daiki Handa (ep 2)
Daisuke Niitsuma (ED6-7; eps 1-2)
Do Yeon Lim (ep 7)
Dong Hoon Lee (eps 6-7)
Dong Sik Kim (ep 6)
Dong Wook Lee (eps 5-7)
Dong-Jun Kim (ep 5)
Emi Nakano (ep 1)
Etsushi Mori (eps 8-10)
Fumiaki Sahara (ep 1)
Gi Cheol Jang (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Hae Won Park (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Haruka Suzuki (NEOX; ep 3)
Hee Eun Choi (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Hee Kyu Jang (eps 5-6)
Heo Gi Dong (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Heung Su Lee (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Hiroki Abe (ep 9)
Hiromi Masuda (ep 3)
Hiroshi Konno (ep 8)
Hiroshi Yamashita (ep 2)
Ho Suk Lee (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Hoon Jung (JM ANIMATION; ep 3)
Hye Jung Jo (eps 5-7)
Hye-Jung Heo (eps 5-6)
Hyo Kyung Im (ep 5)
Hyuk Jung Kwon (eps 5-7)
Hyun Hee Yoo (ep 2)
Hyun Kyung Oh (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Hyun Sung Choi (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Hyun-Jung Lee (eps 5-6)
Hyun-Ok Sim (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Hyung Sik Shin (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Ikuo Yamakado (ep 2)
Ill Ku Kang (eps 6-7)
Jang Bem Ho (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Jeon Gu Kim (DaeJin Animation; ep 10)
Jeon Jong Lee (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Jimmy Stone (eps 1-2)
Jin Hee Song (eps 5-7)
Jin Kyung Park (eps 6-7)
Jin Woo Woo (JM ANIMATION; eps 3, 5-7)
Jong Hyun Lee (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Jong Ki Choi (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Ju Hak Lee (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Ju-Hyeon Lee (ep 9)
Jung Ah Kang (eps 5-6)
Jung Ah Park (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Jung Hwa Cho (JM ANIMATION; ep 2)
Jung Woo Kim (DaeJin animation; ep 9)
Juuichi Senpaku (ep 2)
Kang Ei Shin (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Kanji Nagasaka (eps 1, 3)
Kaori Kasuga (NEOX; ep 3)
Katsumi Aoshima (ep 3)
Katsuyuki Tamura (ep 9)
Kei Sakai (eps 8-10)
Keigo Sasaki (ep 2)
Keishi Sakai (ep 4)
Keisuke Goto (ep 2)
Ken Mutou (ep 2)
Kenichi Haneda (ep 1)
Kenichi Ishimaru (eps 1-2)
Kenji Hattori (ep 8)
Kil Yong Jang (eps 5-6)
Kim De Hun (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Kim Jong Hern (eps 5-6)
Kim Jong Lyon (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Kim Young Zoo (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Kiyotoshi Aoi (ep 9)
Koichi Kikuta (ep 3)
Kōichi Shimoda (ep 1)
Kōji Kataoka (ep 8)
Koji Watanabe (ep 8)
Kōsuke Murayama (ep 8)
Kouhei Hashimoto (ep 9)
Kyung Rock Seo (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Lee Ju Hak (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Lee Kwang Duk (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Maki Murakami (ep 8)
Maki Sawai (ep 2)
Mamoru Abiko (eps 1-2)
Manabu Kurihara (ep 4)
Masaaki Susowake (ep 4)
Masahiko Komino (ep 2)
Masahiko Maruyama (eps 8-10)
Masahiro Sekiguchi (ep 2)
Masaki Hosoyama (ep 1)
Masami Suda (eps 1-2)
Masashi Nishikawa (ep 9)
Masaya Yasutome (ep 9)
Masayuki Yoshida (eps 1-2)
Mi Kyung Lee (eps 5-6)
Miami Ryu (ep 4)
Michinori Shirato (ep 4)
Min Chol Sung (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Min Soo Kim (GK ENTERTAINMENT; eps 7, 10)
Min Sun Jung (ep 6)
Min Sun Kim (eps 5-6)
Minako Sasaki (Satelight Sapporo; eps 2-3)
Mitsuru Sōma (eps 1, 3, 9)
Miyako Nishida (NEOX; ep 3)
Miyoko Shikibe (ep 1)
Miyuki Honda (Wanpack; ep 1)
Mizuho Masago (NEOX; ep 3)
Mizuka Takahashi (ep 2)
Moon Soo Kim (eps 5-7)
Nanayo Sato (NEOX; ep 3)
Natsuko Suzuki (ep 2)
Nobuhiro Masuda (ep 2)
Noriko Hatta (ep 9)
Osamu Komurai (ep 4)
Rie Saitou (eps 1-2)
Rumi Miyata (eps 8, 10)
Ryoji Nakamori (ED8; eps 1-3, 8-10)
Ryosuke Nakata (ep 1)
Sang Chul Yoo (eps 5-7)
Sang Mi Lee (DaeJin Animation; ep 10)
Sang Min Lee (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Sang-Jin Park (JM ANIMATION; eps 2-3)
Satoshi Oozawa (ep 1)
Sayaka Shimomaki (Satelight Sapporo; ep 2)
Se Jin Yoo (JM ANIMATION; ep 2)
Seiichi Nodate (ep 4)
Seung Chul Ryu (eps 5-7)
Seung Wook Woo (eps 5-7)
Shigemi Aoyagi (ep 9)
Shinji Okazaki (Wanpack; ep 1)
Shinkirō Hattori (ep 9)
Shinsuke Terasawa (ep 2)
Shinya Suzuki (ep 1)
So Yeon Park (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Soon Young Seo (ep 7)
Su Bok Park (eps 5, 7)
Su Jin Han (eps 5-6)
Sung Gyu Cho (JM ANIMATION; ep 3)
Sung Woo Kim (eps 5-7)
Sunyong Yang (eps 5-7)
Tae-Jung Kim (eps 5-7)
Takaaki Sekizaki (eps 8, 10)
Tamako Miyanishi (NEOX; ep 3)
Tatsuo Yanagino (ep 8)
Tomokazu Tokoro (ep 1)
Tomomi Kawamura (ep 2)
Tomotaka Shibayama (ep 2)
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Toshihide Masudate (eps 4, 10)
Toshiya Washida (eps 2-3)
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (ep 9)
Tsuyoshi Konakawa (Satelight Sapporo; ep 3)
Tsuyoshi Matsuura (Wanpack; eps 1-2)
Won Hee Cho (eps 5, 7)
Yae Ōtsuka (eps 1-3)
Yomogi Oogoshi (Satelight Sapporo; eps 2-3)
Yong Sik Kim (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Yoo Il-Sun (eps 5-7)
Yoo Yong-Jun (GK ENTERTAINMENT; ep 10)
Yoon Jin Sung (JM ANIMATION; ep 3)
Yoshiaki Katayama (Wanpack; ep 1)
Yoshifumi Ookawa (NEOX; ep 3)
Yoshihide Yuuzumi (ep 4)
Yoshiki Mizuno (eps 4, 8)
Yoshiko Okuda (ep 1)
Yoshinobu Ando (eps 4, 8-9)
Yoshio Chatani (eps 8-9)
Yoshito Narimatsu (ep 2)
Yoshitsugu Hatano (ep 1)
Young Chan Kim (JM ANIMATION; eps 1-2)
Young Il Kim (DaeJin animation; eps 9-10)
Young Ju Park (ep 5)
Young Sun Kim (PAKPRO; ep 1)
Yu Bang Song (ANI VILLAGE; ep 1)
Yu Jung Eun (Digital ENGINE; ep 1)
Yuji Mukoyama (eps 8-10)
Yuko Watanabe (ep 1)
Mechanical Design Assistant: Katsuyuki Tamura (ep 9)
Music producer: Toshiaki Ohta
Online Editor:
Hiroyuki Kasahara (Q-Tec; eps 1-10)
Katsuhiro Kimura (Q-Tec; eps 7-8)
Masaaki Okamoto (Q-Tec; eps 8-10)
Masaru Kitamoto (Q-Tec; eps 4-6, 8-9)
Masatoshi Yoshiizumi (Q-Tec; ep 1)
Mitsuna Fukazawa (Q-Tec; ep 10)
Shinji Iriyama (Q-Tec; ep 3)
Tomohiro Nemoto (Q-Tec; eps 1-3)
Yuki Honda (Q-Tec; ep 9)
Orchestra Conductor:
Koji Haishima (Japan Session)
Lukasz Borowicz
Michal Dworzynski
Akihito Odano (T2 studio; eps 3-4)
Akio Hayashi (PRA digital; ep 10)
Atsushi Iwasaki (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Ayumi Ushijima (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 9)
Bok Hyun Jung (Raon; ep 5)
Bu Chul Kim (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Byung Kwon Jung (Raon; ep 5)
Chie Katō (T2 Studio; eps 1, 3)
Choi Jae-Won (TEAM WETE; eps 5-7)
Choi Jung-Kyu (TEAM WETE; ep 6)
Eun Sil Lee (Raon; ep 5)
Gi Hyun Lee (TEAM WETE; ep 5)
Gyoung Soo Choi (Raon; ep 5)
Haruhide Ishiguro (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 8)
Haruka Gotō (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Hiromi Uchibayashi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8, 10)
Hironobu Horikoshi (T2 studio; ep 3)
Hiroo Yoshioka (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 9)
Hiroshi Ōizumi (T2 studio; ep 4)
Hisashi Goseki (T2 Studio; ED6; eps 1, 3, 9-10)
Hisayoshi Yamamoto (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 9)
Hitoshi Tamura (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 6-8)
Hyeon Dae Song (T2 studio; eps 3-4)
Hyo Gyu Park (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 5-10)
Isao Tōkairin (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 5, 8)
Ji Yeon Yang (TEAM WETE; ep 7)
Jin-Hee Kim (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Jiro Tazawa (T2 Studio; eps 1, 4)
Kang Heejin (Raon; ep 5)
Kazuaki Ota (Raretrick; eps 9-10)
Kazuhiro Yamada (Asahi Production; ED4)
Keita Noda (T2 Studio; eps 1-2)
Ken Ogiwara (CLIP+BISON,LLC; ep 9)
Kentaro Kashiwagi (Asura Film; ep 10)
Kiichi Numata (T2 studio; ep 4)
Kim Kwangmin (Raon; ep 5)
Kim Su-Yeun (TEAM WETE; ep 6)
Kiyota Minakami (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Kōji Hayashi (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 9)
Kun Su Shin (TEAM WETE; ep 7)
Lee Do-Hyun (TEAM WETE; eps 5-6)
Manabu Komatsu (CLIP+BISON,LLC; ep 10)
Masahiko Yagi (CLIP+BISON,LLC; eps 9-10)
Megumi Himeno (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Mikihiro Yoshikawa (Raretrick; ep 5)
Naho Kozuka (T2 Studio; eps 1, 3)
Nam Gi Cho (Raon; ep 5)
Naoki Kitamura (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
Natsumi Iriguchi (T2 studio; ep 3)
Nozomi Shitara (T2 Studio; eps 1-4)
Oh Seong Ha (TEAM WETE; eps 5, 7)
Osamu Motoyama (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-10)
Park Zhangho (Raon; ep 5)
Ryōta Fujii (DECOROCO; ep 5)
Sang Yun Kim (T2 Studio; eps 1, 3-4)
Saori Kibe (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Seon Ki Ham (Raon; ep 5)
Shigeki Asakawa (Raretrick; ep 5)
Shinobu Ohata (T2 studio; ep 4)
Shinya Katō (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Shunya Kimura (T2 studio; eps 1-2, 4)
Su Hyun Lee (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Suk Bum Lee (Raon; ep 5)
Sung Yu-Mi (TEAM WETE; eps 6-7)
Takao Saito (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Takashi Horiuchi (GRAPHINICA,INC; ep 8)
Takeo Goto (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Taketo Kimura (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Tatsuya Watanabe (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Teruhisa Mizuhara (T2 studio; eps 2-3)
Tetsuji Higuchi (Raretrick; ep 5)
Tetsuji Sakamaki (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 7, 9)
Tetsuya Kawada (GRAPHINICA,INC.; ep 10)
Tomo Namiki (T2 Studio; eps 1, 3-4)
Tomohiro Takahashi (T2 studio; eps 3-4)
Toru Fukushi (T2 Studio; eps 1-4)
Toshihiro Fujita (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 9-10)
Toshitaka Kanda (ep 10)
Tsubasa Yokoyama (T2 studio; ep 4)
Yasuhiko Abe (Raretrick; eps 9-10)
Yomogiko Murano (Raretrick; ep 5)
Yong Hyun Lee (TEAM WETE; eps 5-6)
Yoshihiro Sekiya (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 5, 7, 10)
Yoshiki Obata (GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 8-9)
Yōsuke Minezaki (DECOROCO; eps 5, 7)
Yū Wakabayashi (T2 Studio; ep 1)
Yuichiro Tozawa (DECOROCO/GRAPHINICA,INC.; eps 5-6, 8)
Yukiko Kaga (T2 studio; ep 4)
Photography Advancement:
Hisashi Akimoto (Satelight; ep 4)
Natsuko Morita (Satelight; ep 4)
Photography Chief: Megumi Saitō (Satelight; ep 4)
Photography Cooperation:
Chiaki Matsukura (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Hiroaki Harada (ep 9)
Hiroshi Maeda (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Hiroshi Satō (Satelight Sapporo; eps 1-2, 4)
Hirotsugu Ishikawa (Satelight Sapporo; eps 1-2, 4)
Hiroyuki Chiba (Rikuentai; eps 1-2)
Keisuke Nozawa (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Ken Takuma (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Kiichi Numata (ep 3)
Madoka Tada (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Maki Ueda (Satelight Sapporo; eps 1-2)
Masafumi Kubota (Rikuentai; eps 1-2)
Megumi Saitō (Satelight Sapporo; eps 1-2)
Naomi Takahashi (Satelight Sapporo; eps 1-2)
Satsuki Horiguchi (Satelight; ep 4)
Takashi Onodera (Satelight; ep 4)
Yūjirō Yamane (Studio BACU; ep 4)
Plug-In Cooperation: Kengo Watanabe (eps 6-7)
Production Advancement:
Aiko Sasa (ep 4)
Chie Ikeda (ep 8)
Dong-yun Han (ep 2)
Katsutoshi Yasuda (ep 1)
Kim Seong Woong (ep 5)
Kota Nakai (ep 1)
Na Yeon Lee (eps 9-10)
Seon Sang Gu (eps 6-7)
Seong Ho Park (eps 6-7)
Shohei Anzai (ep 10)
Takuya Itō (studio Kelmadick; ep 10)
Teppei Ishino (Asahi Production; ep 9)
Toshihito Ozawa (eps 2-3)
Yasuhiro Kuramoto (Studio Altair; ep 4)
Yoshinori Nagamine (ep 3)
Yuichi Shimamoto (studio Kelmadick; ep 4)
Yuki Kanazawa (studio Kelmadick; eps 8-9)
Yuuji Nakatsuka (MARVY JACK; ep 9)
Yuusuke Nagashima (ep 1)
Production Cooperation:
Kenji Nakamoto (ep 5)
Mamoru Yokota (Studio Line; ep 4)
Masaki Hayashi (ep 5)
Toshiaki Horie (Nest; ep 3)
Yasuhiro Mitsuda (ep 5)
Yuto Nakanishi (Nest; ep 3)
Production Design: Noriyuki Jinguji
Production Desk: Ryoga Mizoguchi (eps 5-7, 9-10)
Production manager:
Atsushi Matsuhashi (MARVY JACK; eps 9-10)
Emiko Uchimura (ep 7)
Kazuaki Shimamura (eps 2-3)
Makoto Haneyama (studio Kelmadick; eps 8-10)
Saburo Nakamura (ep 2)
Shingou Nishikawa (ep 9)
Tsutomu Inamura (ep 4)
Yaoki Tokashiki (studio Kelmadick; ep 4)
Yuuji Nakatsuka (MARVY JACK; ep 10)
Production Setting:
Fujiaki Asari (eps 2-4)
Mana Uchiyama (ep 1)
Shingou Nishikawa (eps 5-7, 10)
Production Setting Adviser: Kawai Ueno (ep 2)
Production Setting Assistant: Emi Sekiyama (ep 1)
Recording: Yasushi Nagura (ep 8)
Recording engineer: Yasushi Nagura (eps 2-10)
Russian Language Consultant: Jenya (ep 10)
Set Design: Hideyasu Narita
Sound Effects:
Hiromune Kurahashi (eps 2-5, 7-10)
Naoto Yamatani (eps 5-7)
Sound Production Manager: Yoshimi Sugiyama (Rakuonsha)
Special Effects:
Hidetaka Tenjin (eps 1-7, 10)
Miyako Hoshi (ED8; ep 9)
Toyohiko Sakakibara (eps 9-10)
Yōsuke Nanjō (ep 8)
Special Thanks To:
Gregory Koble (ep 6)
Hidemasa Arai (Q-Tec; ep 8)
Hideyuki Kurata (Studio Orphee; eps 1, 6-7)
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Toshihisa Yanagisawa (YAMATO)
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Shinsuke Terasawa (ep 2)
Toshiya Washida (ep 3)
Yae Ōtsuka (eps 1, 3-8)
Supervision: Kouta Hirano
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Theme Song Arrangement: Hayato Matsuo (ED1)
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Theme Song Performance:
Maki Fujii (eps 6-7)
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (ED1)
Title Design:
Norihiko Netsu (G-SQUARE)
Web Work: Tomohiro Yoshida (i-bank; eps 1-4)
Fumiko Orikasa as Seras Victoria
Jōji Nakata as Alucard
Nobuo Tobita as Major/SS-Sturmbannführer
Norio Wakamoto as Alexander Anderson
Romi Park as Walter C. Dollneaz (young; young; eps 9-10)
Yoshiko Sakakibara as Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Chikao Ohtsuka as Sir Arthur Hellsing
Daisuke Namikawa as Walter C. Dornez (Young adult; Young adult; ep 9)
Hiroaki Hirata as Pip Bernadotte
Hiroshi Naka as Doc
Hōchū Ohtsuka as Tubalcain Alhambra (ep 3)
Katsunosuke Hori as Sir Hugh Islands
Maaya Sakamoto as Rip van Winkle (ep 4)
Masashi Hirose as Sir Shelby M. Penwood
Mitsuki Saiga as Heinkel Wulf
Motomu Kiyokawa as Walter C. Dornez
Ryoko Shiraishi as Schrödinger
Shō Hayami as Enrico Maxwell
Takehito Koyasu as Luke Valentine (eps 2, 9)
Wataru Takagi as Jan Valentine (ep 2)
Yōko Soumi as Zorin Blitz
Yūko Kaida as Yumie Takagi

Atsushi Imaruoka as
Eagle First Officer (ep 4)
Policeman Simon (ep 1)
Wild Geese Deputy (ep 7)
Atsushi Ono as
Pope (ep 3)
Round Table Member 1 (eps 2-3)
Binbin Takaoka as Knight Captain of the Sagely Brethren (ep 6)
Chiaki Takahashi as Jessica (ep 1)
Daisuke Endō as Mercenary (ep 7)
Daisuke Kirii as Round Table Member 2 (eps 2-3)
Eriko Kigawa as Old tourist (ep 3)
Gō Shinomiya as Reinhold Fortner (ep 5)
Hajime Iijima as
Police Captain (ep 1)
Priest (ep 6)
Round Table Member 3 (eps 2-3)
Wild Geese Member (ep 3)
Hayato Nakata as Mercenary (ep 7)
Hidenori Takahashi as Priest (ep 8)
Hiroki Yasumoto as Ghoul (ep 1)
Hiromi Igarashi as Pip Bernadotte (young; ep 7)
Hiroo Sasaki as Ottoman Noble (ep 9)
Hiroshi Shirokuma as Round Table Member 4 (eps 2-3)
Hiroto Kazuki as SS Sergeant (ep 7)
Itaru Yamamoto as Engineer (ep 10)
Jun Konno as Hetare Mercenary (ep 7)
Kaori Mizuhashi as Integra (young; young; eps 1, 5)
Katsuhisa Hōki as
Narrator (ep 8)
Pip Bernadotte's Grandfather (ep 7)
Kazuhiro Nakata as Cheddar Priest (ep 1)
Kazuyoshi Hayashi as Knight Captain of Calatrava La Nueva (ep 6)
Kenji Kitamura as SS (ep 10)
Kenji Takahashi as Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
Kenji Yamauchi as Mercenary (ep 7)
Kimiyoshi Kibe as
Mercenary (ep 6)
Squad Leader (ep 7)
Kiyohito Yoshikai as Priest (ep 9)
Kōji Takeda as Captain (ep 9)
Kōta Nemoto as Follower (ep 1)
Kōtarō Nakamura as Wild Geese Adjutant (ep 3)
Makiko Nabei as Old tourist (ep 3)
Manabu Sakamaki as
Priest (ep 8)
Signaller (ep 9)
Masakazu Kohara as Policeman (ep 1)
Masaki Aizawa as Gregory Penwood (ep 10)
Masami Azuma as Mercenary (ep 7)
Minako Ichiki as Old tourist (ep 3)
Nobuaki Kanemitsu as
Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
Priest (ep 6)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as
Haggar (ep 1)
Osamu Saka as Father Rinaldo (ep 1)
Risa Hayamizu as Enrico Maxwell (young; eps 6, 8)
Ryou Sugisaki as Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
Ryūichi Kijima as SS (ep 8)
Ryūsaku Chijiwa as Old tourist (ep 3)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as Rob Walsh (eps 9-10)
Saori Kato as Seras Victoria's Mother (ep 7)
Seika Kumagai as Mark (ep 1)
Shouto Kashii as SS-Standartenführer (ep 4)
Takahiro Yoshino as Father Rinaldo (ep 3)
Takashi Saito as Old tourist (ep 3)
Takashi Taniguchi as Makube (ep 10)
Taketora as Commander (ep 1)
Tatsuya Kamijō as Traitor Commander (ep 5)
Tesshō Genda as Spirit of the Jackal (ep 5)
Tomohisa Asō as
Bishop (ep 4)
Islands' Great-Grandson (ep 10)
Tomomi Watanabe as Old tourist (ep 3)
Tomoya Tanaka as Mercenary (ep 7)
Tomoyuki Higuchi as Ensign (ep 9)
Toshiko Fujita as The Queen of England (ep 4)
Tsutomu Densaka as Knight Captain of Santo Stefano (ep 6)
Unshō Ishizuka as The Spirit of the Harkonnen (ep 3)
Yasuhiro Mamiya as
Eagle Captain (ep 4)
Wild Geese Member (ep 3)
Yasumichi Kushida as
Old tourist (ep 3)
Policeman Eddy (ep 1)
Yōji Ueda as Round Table Member 5 (ep 2)
Youhei Nishina as Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
Yousuke Akimoto as Richard Hellsing (ep 1)
Yūji Ueda as Round Table Member 5 (ep 3) 
Yūki Kaji as Child-Faced Priest (ep 6)
Yukihiro Misono as Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
Yūko Suzuki as Child of the Asylum (ep 1)
Yutaka Aoyama as Ministry of Defence Staff (ep 5)
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English staff
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Taliesin Jaffe
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Crispin Freeman (ep 9)
Jonathan Klein (ep 9)
Taliesin Jaffe (ep 9)
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Ashley Rosse (Funimation)
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Video Engineer:
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Video Post-Production Manager: Matthew O'Hara (Funimation)
Crispin Freeman as Alucard
Gildart Jackson as Major/SS-Sturmbannführer Montana Max
K.T. Gray as Seras Victoria
Steven Brand as Alexander Anderson
Victoria Harwood as Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Doug Stone as Sir Hugh Islands
Helena Taylor as Zorin Blitz (ep 4)
JB Blanc as Enrico Maxwell
Josh Phillips as Jan Valentine
Karen Strassman as Heinkel Wulf
Kari Wahlgren as Rip Van Winkle
Laura Bailey as Schrödinger
Patrick Seitz as
Captain (growling; ep 10)
Luke Valentine
Rachel Robinson as Zorin Blitz (eps 5-7)
Ralph Lister as Walter C. Dornez
Siobhan Flynn as Yumie Takagi
Stuart McLean as Sir Shelby M. Penwood
Yuri Lowenthal as Pip Bernadotte

Christopher Smith as
British Officer (ep 5)
Wild Geese Member (ep 6)
Curt Lowens as Van Hellsing (ep 2)
David Collier as Sir Hugh Islands IV (ep 10)
Dino Andrade as
British Officer (ep 5)
Helicopter Gunner (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (eps 3, 6-7)
Doug Erholtz as
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (ep 6)
Doug Stone as Grandfather Bernadotte (ep 7)
Emmett Humphries as Police Captain (as Emmett James)
Gildart Jackson as
British Officer (ep 5)
Edward Fox (ep 5)
First Officer (ep 4)
Policeman (ep 1)
Policeman Eddy (ep 1)
Round Table Member 3 (ep 2)
Greg Bryan as Sir Shelby M. Penwood III (ep 10)
J.D. Stone as Walter C. Dornez (Young; eps 9-10)
Jason C. Miller as
Ghoul (ep 1)
Policeman Simon (ep 1)
Round Table Member 4 (ep 2)
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (eps 3, 6)
JB Blanc as
British Officer (ep 5)
Priest (ep 1)
SS Leader (ep 7)
Jesse Merlin as Makube (ep 10)
Jessica D. Stone as Child of the Asylum (ep 1)
John E. Breen as
Follower (ep 1)
Sir Arthur Hellsing (ep 1)
Julian Stone as Round Table Member 2 (ep 2)
Karen Strassman as
Pip Bernadotte (Young; ep 7)
Seras Victora (Young; ep 7)
Kyle Hebert as
Christopher Walken (ep 5)
Wild Geese Member (eps 3, 6-7)
Liam O'Brien as
Bellhop (ep 3)
Spirit of the Jackal (ep 5)
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Walter C. Dornez (Dark; ep 9)
Wild Geese Member (ep 3)
Zeppelin Commander (eps 5-6)
Matthew Mercer as
Attacker 2 (ep 7)
British Officer (ep 5)
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (ep 6)
Michael McConnohie as
Captain (ep 4)
Priest (ep 4)
Wild Geese Member (eps 3, 6)
Michael Sorich as
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (ep 6)
Michael T. Coleman as Colonel (ep 4)
Orion Acaba as Rob Walsh (eps 9-10)
Ossie Mair as Round Table Member 1 (ep 2)
Pamela Salem as The Queen of England (ep 4)
Patrick Seitz as
Attacker 1 (ep 7)
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Peter Beckman as Spirit of the Harkkonnen (ep 3)
Ralph Lister as Commander (ep 1)
Roberto Bonanni as Pope (ep 3)
Roy Samuelson as Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Sam Regal as
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (ep 6)
Samantha Kerr Dickson as
Jessica (ep 1)
Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing (Young; ep 1)
Stephen Weese as Dai Garan Leader (ep 3)
Sterling Beaumon as Mark (ep 1)
Steve Wilcox as Tubalcain Alhambra (ep 3)
Steven Brand as Richard Hellsing
Stuart McLean as Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Taliesin Jaffe as
Leif (ep 1)
Round Table Member 5 (ep 2)
Wild Geese Member (eps 3, 6-7)
Todd Stone as
Tom Berenger (ep 5)
Vatican Officer (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (eps 6-7)
Travis Willingham as Wild Geese Deputy (eps 3, 6-7)
William Frederick Knight as Father Rinaldo (eps 1, 3)
Yuri Lowenthal as
British Officer (ep 5)
Enrico Maxwell (Young; ep 6)
Zach Hanks as
British Officer (ep 5)
SS (ep 8)
Wild Geese Member (eps 6-7)

English companies
ADR Production: New Generation Pictures
Audio Layback: Soundscape, Inc.
Audio Recording Facility: Central Command Studios
FUNimation Entertainment (2008)
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand)
Manga Entertainment (Great Britain & Ireland)
Internet Streaming:
Anime News Network
Crunchyroll (2017) 
FUNimation Entertainment (EVS Subscription)
Package Design: Jason71.com
Video Editing: Dubscape, Inc.
French cast
French staff
Dubbing Director: Jean-Yves Brignon
Antoine Tome as Alucard
Frédérique Marlot as Victoria
Julien Chatelet as Anderson
Suzanne Sindberg as Integra

Hervé Caradec as Walter
Jean-Marco Montalto as Jan Valentine

Gérard Rouzier as
Sir Shelby M. Penwood
Julien Chatelet as Sir Hugh Islands
Philippe Siboulet as Luke Valentine
French companies
Distributor: Dybex
Dubbing: Urban Video
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Adrià Saborido (Spain dub)
Marta E. Gallego (Spain dub)
Executive producer: Jorge Gabarró Frau
Angel del Río as Alucard (Spain dub)
Nuria Samsó as Ceres Victoria (Spain dub)
Rosa Moyano as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Spain dub)

Anna Romano as Zolene Blitz (Spain dub)
Artur Rius as Hugh Islands (Spain dub)
Carlos Sianes as Alexander Andersen (Spain dub)
Daniel Oliver as Walter C. Dornez (Spain dub; young)
Enrique Hernández as Major (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora as Shelby M. Penwood (Spain dub)
Hermógenes Alonso as Pip Bernadott (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta as Yumie Takagi (Spain dub)
Núria Cabiró as Schrödinger (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as Enrico Maxwell (Spain dub)
Sergio Mesa as Doc (Spain dub)
Tasio Alonso as Walter C. Dornez (Spain dub)
Xavier Castañer as Heinkel Wolfe (Spain dub)

Artur Rius as
Cheddar Priest (Spain dub)
Hugh Islands IV (Spain dub)
Richard Hellsing (Spain dub)
Tobalcain Alhambra (Spain dub)
Eva Ordeig as Rip Van Winkle (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora as
Arthur Hellsing (Spain dub; ep 9)
Gregory Penwood (Spain dub)
Joaquim Casado as
Abraham Van Helsing (Spain dub)
Father Rinaldo (Spain dub)
Pip's Grandfather (Spain dub)
Reinhold Fortner (Spain dub)
Spirit of Harkonnen (Spain dub)
Spirit of Jackal (Spain dub)
Jordi Pineda as Leif (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta as
Ceres' Mother (Spain dub)
Enrico Maxwell (Spain dub; child)
Queen of England (Spain dub)
Nacho de Porrata as
Luke Valentine (Spain dub)
Makube (Spain dub)
Núria Cabiró as
Jessica (Spain dub)
Pip Bernadott (Spain dub; child)
Ramón Rocabayera as Arthur Hellsing (Spain dub; ep 1)
Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu as
Jane Valentine (Spain dub)
Rob Walsh (Spain dub)

Artur Rius (Spain dub)
Daniel Oliver (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora (Spain dub)
Joaquim Casado (Spain dub)
Jordi Pineda (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta (Spain dub)
Nacho de Porrata (Spain dub)
Núria Cabiró (Spain dub)
Pedro López (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera (Spain dub)
Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu (Spain dub)
Xavier Castañer (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Dubbing Studio: Sik Estudio (Spain dub)
DVD Distribution: Selecta Visión 
Internet Streaming:
Anime Box (Spain)
Netflix (Spain)
Licensed by: Selecta Visión (Spain)
Translation: Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Claudio Beccari

Mixing: Paolo Tiboni
Cinzia Massironi as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Debora Magnaghi as Seras Victoria
Lorenzo Scattorin as Alucard

Mario Zucca as Alexander Anderson
Raffaele Fallica as Maggiore

Claudio Moneta as Enrico Maxwell
Davide Garbolino as Schrödinger
Jenny De Cesarei as Rip Van Winkle
Luca Bottale as Jan Valentine
Maurizio Merluzzo as Pip Bernadotte
Patrizio Prata as Luke Valentine
Raffaele Farina as Tubalcain Alhambra
Riccardo Rovatti as Walter C. Dornez
Italian companies
Distributor: Dynit
Dubbing: ADC group
Internet Streaming:
German staff
German cast
Translation: Diana Hesse (OVA 5-10)
Dieter Memel as Walther
Gerhard Jilka as Max Montana
Oliver Stritzel as Alexander Anderson
Shandra Schadt as Seras Victoria
Simone Brahmann as Lady Integra Wingates Hellsing
Torsten Münchow as Alucard

Fred Maire as Sir Islands
Manfred Erdmann as Sir Arthur Hellsing
Matthias Klie as Enrico Maxwell
Stefanie Dischinger as Heinkel Wolfe
Ulf Söhmisch as Sir Penwood

Andreas Borcherding as
Nachrichtensprecher (ep 3)
Reporter (ep 3)
Wache 1 (ep 2)
Wild Geese 1 (ep 3)
Christian Mey as Integras Vater (ep 1)
Claus-Peter Damitz as Luke Valentine
Gerd Meyer as Doktor (ep 3)
Jörg Stuttmann as Ispektor (ep 1)
Manfred Erdmann as Richard Hellsing
Matthias Grundig as Funker (ep 1)
Michael Rüth as Halkonnen Geist
Ole Pfennig as Pip Bernadotte
Peter Musäus as
Spion (ep 3)
Wild Geese 2 (ep 3)
Zeppelinkapitän (ep 3)
Reinhard Brock as Wild Geese Sergeant (ep 3)
Thomas Albus as Wache 2 (ep 2)
Ulf Söhmisch as Papst (ep 3)
German companies
Distributor: OVA Films
Dubbing: Circle of Arts
Russian staff
Russian companies
Distributor: MC Entertainment
Russian cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
Subtitle Translation:
Lara Scheffer (PT-BR)
Patrícia Abreu (Netflix; Portugal)
Internet Streaming:
Netflix (Brazil; Portugal)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil)
Subtitles: Iyuno Media Group (PT-BR)
Portuguese cast
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Distributor: Noble Entertainment
Swedish cast

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