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Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (TV)

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Alternative title:
Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjō, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen (Japanese)
the War ends the world / raises the world
キミと僕の最後の戦場、あるいは世界が始まる聖戦 (Japanese)
Genres: action, romance
Plot Summary: For years, a great war has raged on between the scientifically advanced Empire and a paradise of witches known as the Nebulis Sovereignty. This age-old battle sets the scene for a fateful encounter between two young combatants: an imperial swordsman, Iska, and the witch princess, Aliceliese. As sworn enemies, they vow to cut each other down in order to unite their worlds, and yet Iska finds himself entranced by her beauty and righteousness, while Aliceliese is moved by his strength and resolve. In the midst of a never-ending war that forbids them from being together, they have no choice but to destroy each other-or find another way. (from manga)
User Ratings: 115 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 2 votes (raw:1, sub:1)
 Excellent: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Very good: 28 votes (sub:18, dub:9, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Good: 32 votes (sub:22, dub:9, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 28 votes (sub:20, dub:6, others:2
1 French subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 So-so: 13 votes (sub:10, dub:3)
 Not really good: 4 votes (sub:3, dub:1)
 Weak: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Bad: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: 1 vote (sub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 187 users, rank: #3944 (of 9518)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.487 (Decent+), std. dev.: 1.6278, rank: #5781 (of 9638)
Weighted mean: 6.456 (Decent+), rank: #5769 (of 9638) (seen all: 6.58 / seen some: 3.48 / won't finish: 4.81)
Bayesian estimate: 6.567 (Good−), rank: #4976 (of 7236)
Episode titles: We have 12
Vintage: 2020-10-07
Opening Theme:
"Against" by Kaori Ishihara
Ending Theme:
"Koori no Torikago" (Cage of Ice) by Sora Amamiya
News: Show:
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    Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World - The Complete Season [Limited Edition] (BD+DVD) 2021-11-02 (from $67.94)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Composition: Kento Shimoyama
Script: Kento Shimoyama (eps 1-12)
Goichi Iwahata (eps 3, 9)
Hiroshi Yoneda (ep 5)
Koji Sawai (eps 4, 7)
Megumi Soeno (ep 12)
Mirai Minato (OP, ED; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 6, 10-11

Mizuka Saito (ep 8)
Episode Director:
Masahiro Hosoda (eps 5, 11)
Mirai Minato (eps 1, 6, 12)
Shusuke Shichimi (eps 4, 10)
Yamato Ouchi (eps 6, 12)
Yūshi Ibe (eps 2, 7, 12)
Yusuke Sekine (ep 8)
Yuta Maruyama (eps 3, 9)
Unit Director: Mirai Minato (OP, ED)
Ryota Tomaru (Elements Garden)
Ryūtarō Fujinaga (Elements Garden)
Seima Iwahashi (Elements Garden)
Original creator: Kei Sazane
Original Character Design: Ao Nekonabe
Character Design: Kaori Satō
Art Director: Minoru Maeda
Chief Animation Director:
Kaori Satō (OP, ED; eps 1-12)
Yuki Sawairi (eps 1-12)
Animation Director:
Akane Imada (eps 3, 6)
Atsuko Takahashi (ep 6)
Aya Maeda (ep 8)
Hideto Akita (ep 8)
Hiroshi Maejima (5 episodes
eps 3, 5, 7-8, 12

Jung Nam Kim (eps 3, 5, 9)
Kaoru Maehara (ep 8)
Kawara Andō (eps 2, 7)
Kazuya Hirata (ep 12)
Kazuyuki Yamayoshi (eps 6, 9, 11-12)
Kyosuke Matsui (eps 8, 12)
Masafumi Tamura (eps 6, 8-9)
Mashu Inoue (ep 10)
Maya Uenishi (ep 9)
Mayumi Funakoshi (OP; eps 3, 5, 9, 12)
Meng Long Shou (5 episodes
eps 1, 5, 8, 11-12

Minao Otsuki (eps 5-6, 9, 12)
Misaki Nishimoto (eps 4, 10, 12)
Mitsuaki Hori (eps 5, 11)
Mizue Ogawa (ep 7)
Moe Matsuda (ED; ep 11)
Rie Furuya (OP; 6 episodes
eps 1, 5-6, 9, 11-12

Saki Hisamatsu (5 episodes
eps 3, 5, 8, 11-12

Saori Sakiguchi (eps 2, 7)
Satomi Matsuura (ep 8)
Satomi Nishio (eps 4, 10)
Shinpei Aoki (eps 6, 12)
Takuma Kimura (ep 6)
Tomoyuki Kameda (eps 2, 7)
Wan Qian Xie (ep 5)
Yuki Sawairi (OP; ep 2)
Yumiko Kinoshita (eps 5, 9, 12)
Mechanical design: Yoshihiro Ujiie
3D Director: Hirohisa Kitamura
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
Director of Photography: Atsushi Satō (Studio Shamrock)

Additional Design: Shinpei Aoki
Art Setting: Minoru Maeda
Assistant Animation Director:
Hiroshi Yoneda (ep 12)
Shoko Naoki (ep 12)
Susumu Matsunaga (ep 12)
Assistant Episode Director:
Misaki Nishimoto (ep 10)
Yamato Ouchi (ep 1)
Color design: Shiho Mizumoto
Editing: Yūji Kondō (REAL-T)
Key Animation:
Kōji Itō (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 5, 9, 12

Mayu Tamura (eps 4, 10)
Monster Design: HB2P
Sound Effects: Yuki Hayashi
Star Crest Design:
Hirotoshi Ikewaki (FUETE)
Seita Takahashi (FUETE)
Theme Song Performance:
Kaori Ishihara (OP)
Sora Amamiya (ED)
Sora Amamiya as Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX

Aya Hisakawa as Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII
Ayana Taketatsu as Risya In Empire
Azumi Waki as Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX
Hikaru Midorikawa as Masked Lord
Jun Kasama as Nameless
Kaori Ishihara as Nene Alkastone
Konomi Kohara as Kissing Zoa Nebulis IX
Nao Shiraki as Mismis Klass
Shunichi Toki as Jhin Syulargun
Yumiri Hanamori as Rin Vispose

Ami Koshimizu as Shanorotte Gregory
Aoi Yūki as Emperor Yummelngen
Asumi Yoneyama as Bus staff member (ep 11)
Aya Yamane as
Astral Mage (ep 1)
Opera actor 2 (ep 2)
Shanorotte's underling (ep 5)
Daisuke Kageura as
Bus driver (ep 11)
Vice minister (ep 10)
Houko Kuwashima as Nebulis Founder
Jin Urayama as Schwartz
Kōsuke Toriumi as Crosswell Nes Lebeaxgate
Misa Ishii as Beast (ep 12)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Elletear Lou Nebulis IX
Saeko Akiho as Old woman (ep 4)
Shōgo Sakata as
Eight Great Apostle D (ep 1)
Opera actor 1 (ep 2)
Soldier A (ep 5)
Suppression squad member A (ep 8)
Shōya Tamano as Suppression squad member C (ep 8)
Takaya Hashi as Eight Great Apostle A (8 episodes
eps 1-4, 7, 9, 11-12
Takuya Nakashima as
Commander (ep 4)
Minister (ep 10)
Soldier B (ep 5)
Suppression squad member B (ep 8)
Toshihiko Seki as Salinger
Toshiki Iwasawa as Eight Great Apostle B (7 episodes
eps 2-4, 7, 9, 11-12
Yōko Soumi as Eight Great Apostle C (6 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7, 9, 11-12
Yū Wakabayashi as Object
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
Translation: Maiko Hoshino
ADR Engineer:
Jose Sandoval (eps 1, 9-10)
Manuel Aragon (eps 2-3, 5-8)
Matt Grounds (ep 4)
Victor Acosta (eps 11-12)
ADR Script Supervisor: Jeramey Kraatz
ADR Supervisor: Peter Hawkinson
Assistant ADR Director: Shawn Gann
Assistant producer:
Samantha Herek
Zach Bolton
Lead ADR Engineer:
Jose Sandoval (eps 11-12)
Manuel Aragon (ep 1)
Linguistic Asset Manager: Sarah Alys Lindholm
Materials Coordinator: Trenton Jons
Mix Engineer:
Andrew Tipps
Rene Coronado (ep 12)
Production Assistant:
Jordan Dreasher
Victoria Keller
Senior Video Editor:
Daniel Mancilla
Jeremy Jimenez
Subtitle Timing: Krzysztof Kunc (Aniplus Asia)
Talent Coordination: Tara A. Williams
Video Engineer: Brittany Smith
Emily Neves as Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX

Alejandro Saab as Jhin Syulargun
Anastasia Munoz as Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII
Bryn Apprill as Kissing Zoa Nebulis IX
Dani Chambers as Risya in Empire
Emi Lo as Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX
Hayden Daviau as Rin Vispose
Kellen Goff as Masked Lord
Lindsay Seidel as Mismis Klass
Patrick Seitz as Nameless
Sarah Roach as Nene Alkastone

Alejandro Saab as Minister (ep 10)
Ama Lee as Opera Actor 2 (Beatrix; ep 2)
Anairis Quiñones as Elletear Lou Nebulis IX
Ben Phillips as Schwartz
Brandon Potter as Head Captain (ep 4)
Christopher Bevins as Vice Minister (ep 10)
Daman Mills as Salinger
Gabe Kunda as Great Apostle (eps 1-2)
Ivan Jasso as Crossweil Nes Lebeaxgate
Jeff Johnson as Great Apostle (ep 1)
Jessica Cavanagh as Fortune Teller (ep 4)
Katelyn Barr as Emperor Yummelngen
Michelle Rojas as Michaela
Monica Rial as Nebulis Founder
Nazeeh Tarsha as Object
Shawn Gann as
Great Apostle (ep 1)
Opera Actor 1 (Azel; ep 2)
Terri Doty as Great Apostle (ep 1)
Tia Ballard as Shanorotte Gregory

English companies
Broadcaster: Aniplus Asia
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)
FUNimation Entertainment (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland)
Wakanim (Nordic countries and the Netherlands)
French staff
French cast
Translation: Benjamin Moro

Proofreading: Kevin Stocker
Publication: Jelizaveta Stolarova
Spotting: Jonathan Leroy
Supervision: Justine Cocquyt
French companies
Internet Streaming:
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (French-speaking territories)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Elena Ramirez
Jocelyn Robles as Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX
Tommy Rojas as Iska

Alma Juarez as Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII
Carla Castañeda as Risya In Empire
Carlos Siller as Jhin Syulargun
Erick Selim as Masked Lord
Gerardo Vásquez as Nameless
Marisol Hamed as Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX
Nycolle González as Kissing Zoa Nebulis IX
Wendy Malvárez as Rin Vispose
Ximena de Anda as Mismis Klass
Yaha Lima as Nene Alkastone

Andrea Orozco as Elletear Lou Nebulis IX
Angélica Villa as Emperor Yummelngen (ep 6)
Isabel Martiñon as Shanorotte Gregory (eps 4-5)
Laura Sánchez as Nebulis Founder (eps 2-3)
Lourdes Arruti as Michaela (ep 10)
Marc Winslow as Salinger
Roberto Gutiérrez as Crosswell Nes Lebeaxgate (ep 1)
Roberto Mendiola as Schwartz (eps 9-10)

Spanish companies
Dubbing Studio: VSI Mexico City
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll (Latin America and Spain)
FUNimation Entertainment (Latin America)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Latin America and Spain)
Italian staff
Italian companies
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Italian-speaking territories)
Italian cast
German staff
German companies
Internet Streaming:
Wakanim (German-speaking countries)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (German-speaking territories)
German cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Internet Streaming: Wakanim (Russian-speaking countries)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Russian-speaking territories)
Russian cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
ADR Director: Fabio Campos
Kandy Kathy Ricci as Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX

Beta Cinalli as Mismis Klass
Celso Henrique as On Zoa Nebulis (Masked Lord)
Fernando Prado as Nameless
Letícia Ida as Kissing Zoa Nebulis IX
Luciana Baroli as Risya In Empire
Mariana Neves as Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX
Melina Valente as Nene Alkastone
Raquel Marinho as Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII
Renan Alonso as Jhin Syulargun
Thainá Marciano as Rin Vispose

Alexandre Soares as Schwartz
Cláudia Victoria as Shanorotte Gregory
Hellen Vasconcellos as Nebulis
Patt Souza as Elletear Lou Nebulis IX
Stephany Custodi as Michaela
Thiago Marques as Object
Tiaggo Guimarães as Salinger

Portuguese companies
ADR Production: Dubrasil
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll (Brazil, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking Africa)
FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil and Portugal)

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