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Mobile Suit Gundam - The Movie Trilogy

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Alternative title:
Gundam 0079 Movie Trilogy
Gundam Movies [1-3]
Kidō Senshi Gundam I (Japanese)
Kidō Senshi Gundam II: Ai Senshi (Japanese)
Kidō Senshi Gundam III: Meguriai Sora (Japanese)
Mobile Suit Gundam I
Mobile Suit Gundam I: Edição Especial (Portuguese)
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldados da Desolação (Portuguese)
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldati del dolore (Italian)
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Confrontos no Espaço (Portuguese)
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Incontro nello spazio (Italian)
機動戦士ガンダムⅠ (Japanese)
機動戦士ガンダムⅡ哀・戦士編 (Japanese)
機動戦士ガンダムⅢ めぐりあい宇宙編 (Japanese)
機動戰士鋼彈 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: The year is Universal Century 0079. For nine months, war has been raging between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. On the space colony Green Noah at Side 7, the cluster of colonies farthest from the moon, the Federation has completed its new prototype mobile suits. However, the Zeon launch a surprise attack. In the midst of battle, fifteen-year-old Amuro Ray activates one of the Federation mobile suits, and from then on he defends his friends and the new assault carrier White Base from countless Zeon attacks as the war rages on around them.
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User Ratings: 555 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 128 votes (sub:101, dub:16, raw:5, ?:3, others:3
2 Korean subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Excellent: 129 votes (sub:106, dub:17, raw:3, ?:2, others:1
1 Arabic subtitled
 Very good: 122 votes (sub:104, dub:15, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
 Good: 112 votes (sub:83, dub:24, ?:1, raw:1, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 French subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
 Decent: 33 votes (sub:26, dub:7)
 So-so: 15 votes (sub:11, dub:4)
 Not really good: 5 votes (sub:5)
 Weak: 3 votes (sub:2, others:1
1 Russian subtitled
 Bad: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: 5 votes (sub:4, dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 1260 users, rank: #957 (of 9679)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 8.124 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.6949, rank: #460 (of 9806)
Weighted mean: 8.120 (Very good), rank: #415 (of 9806) (seen all: 8.19 / seen some: 6.90 / won't finish: 3.96)
Bayesian estimate: 8.105 (Very good), rank: #279 (of 7428)
Running time: 135 minutes
Vintage: 1981-03-14
Premiere date:
1981-03-14 (Japan, Mobile Suit Gundam I)
1981-07-11 (Japan, Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow)
1982-03-13 (Japan, Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space)
2000-01-21 (Italy - Future Film Festival)
2000-10-29 (Japan, Movies I~III Special Edition)
Ending Theme:
#1: "Suna no Juujika" (砂の十字架; Cross of Sand) by Takajin Yashiki
#2: "Ai Senshi" (哀戦士; Soldiers of Sorrow) by Daisuke Inoue
#3: "Meguriai" (めぐりあい; Encounters) by Daisuke Inoue
Insert song:
"Beginning" (ビギニング) by Daisuke Inoue [Movie 3]
"Kaze ni Hitori de" (風にひとりで; Alone in the Wind) by Daisuke Inoue [Movie 2]
"Star Children" (スターチルドレン) by Takajin Yashiki [Movie 1]
While the first movie uses existing footage from the series, the second movie has at least 30% of new animation while the third movie consists of nearly 70% all-original footage. For added realism to the storyline, mecha such as the G-Armor and Zakrello, as well as weapons such as the Gundam Hammer and Beam Javelin, were omitted from the movie trilogy.
For the Special Edition DVD release, the audio was re-recorded with a rearranged soundtrack and majority of the original voice cast reprising their roles. The DVDs are in Japanese with English subtitles only.
Gundam Movie III DVD (Sep 7, 2002)
Gundam Movie II DVD (Aug 25, 2002)
Gundam Movie I DVD (Jul 10, 2002)
Gundam Movies Box Set (Jun 19, 2002)
Gundam Movie Trilogy (Jan 1, 1970)
News: Show:
ZxR Ai Senshi update (Feb 27, 2006)
Heir to the Stars On VOD (Aug 12, 2005)
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    Mobile Suit Gundam - Movie Trilogy (Sub.Blu-ray) 2017-06-06 (from $59.99)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Mobile Suit Gundam - Movie Trilogy [UK] (Sub.Blu-ray) 2019-07-29 (from $41.51)
DVD (Region 1)
    Mobile Suit Gundam - Movie Collection (DVD) 2004-11-09 (from $99.95)
    Mobile Suit Gundam - Movie Trilogy (Sub.DVD) 2016-01-05 (from $43.03)
    Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy - Collector's Box (Sub.DVD 1-3) 2002-05-07 (from $59.95)
    Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy - Collector's Box (Sub.DVD 1-3) 2004-04-13
    Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy [Anime Legend] (Sub.DVD) 2010-05-18
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Movie I (Sub.DVD 1) 2002-05-07 (from $21.94)
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Movie II - Soldiers of Sorrow (Sub.DVD 2) 2002-05-07 (from $20.46)
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Movie III - Encounter in Space (Sub.DVD 3) 2002-05-07 (from $4.43)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Screenplay: Kenichi Matsuzaki
Storyboard: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Joe Hisaishi (Soldiers of Sorrow and Encounters in Space)
Takeo Watanabe
Yuji Matsuyama
Character Design: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Art Director: Mitsuki Nakamura
Animation Director: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Supervising Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Mechanical design: Kunio Okawara
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Airbrush: Michiaki Doi
Co-Producer: Satoshi Kubo
Color Key: Takao Mitsue
Insert Song Composition: Hiromoto Tobisawa (Star Children)
Insert Song Lyrics: Rin Iogi
Music Publication: Noboru Mano
Production Assistant: Tomoko Matayoshi
Production Chief: Noboru Adachi
Production Coordination:
Makoto Togashi
Youichiro Watanabe
Recording: Yasushi Nagura
Sound Effects: Yoshimi Sugiyama
Theme Song Arrangement: Shirō Sagisu (Meguriai)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Masao Urino (Meguriai)
Rin Iogi (Ai Senshi and Megurial)
Theme Song Performance: Daisuke Inoue
Shūichi Ikeda as Char Aznable
Tōru Furuya as Amuro Ray

Banjō Ginga as Gihren Zabi
Daisuke Gouri as Dozle Zabi (Original Edition; ep 1)
Fuyumi Shiraishi as
Katz Hawin
Mirai Yashima
Hidekatsu Shibata as Degwin Sodo Zabi (Special Edition)
Hirotaka Suzuoki as Bright Noa
Katsuji Mori as Garma Zabi
Keiko Han as Lalah Sune
Keiko Toda as Matilda Ajan
Kiyonobu Suzuki as Hayato Kobayashi
Makio Inoue as Sleggar Law
Mami Koyama as Kycilia Zabi
Masashi Hirose as Ramba Ral
Rumiko Ukai as
Fraw Bow
Letz Cofan
Sanae Takagi as Haro (Original Edition)
Shōzō Iizuka as Ryu Jose
Tesshō Genda as Dozle Zabi (Special Edition)
Toshio Furukawa as Kai Shiden
You Inoue as
Haro (Special Edition)
Kikka Kitamoto
Sayla Mass
Yumi Nakatani as Crowley Hamon
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Degwin Sodo Zabi (Original Edition; ep 1)

Akihide Ichitō as TV Announcer (Original Edition)
Akira Murayama as
Cameron Bǀoom (Original Edition; ep 3)
Shin (Original Edition)
Akira Shimada as Asakura (Original Edition)
Aruno Tahara as Seki (Special Edition)
Bin Shimada as Oscar Dublin (Original Edition; ep 1)
Bunkoh Ogata as
Mulligan (Special Edition)
Zeon G (Special Edition)
Chieko Baisho as Kamaria Ray (Original Edition)
Chikako Akimoto as Nurse Colleen (Special Edition)
Dai Matsumoto as Krampe (Special Edition)
Daisuke Kishio as
Job John (Special Edition)
Zeon J (Special Edition)
Dōta Koide as Soldier B (Original Edition; ep 3)
Eiji Hanawa as Zeon M (Special Edition)
Eiji Kanie as Flanagan Boone
Eiji Maruyama as
Civil Servant (Original Edition; ep 2)
Eiji Yanagisawa as Slender (Special Edition)
Emiko Ogiwara as Zeon F (Special Edition)
Emiko Tsukada as Zenna Zabi (Original Edition)
Fumio Matsuoka as Dr. Flanagan (Original Edition)
Hiroaki Ishikawa as Mag (Special Edition)
Hiroaki Miura as Boy E (Special Edition)
Hironori Miyata as Rakock (Special Edition)
Hiroshi Isobe as Cameron Bloom (Special Edition)
Hirotaka Suzuoki as Ramji
Hiroyuki Funaki as Marker Clan (Original Edition; ep 2)
Hisakazu Kanazawa as Kal (Original Edition)
Hisayoshi Suganuma as Boy A (Special Edition)
Ichirō Nagai as Narrator
Ikuko Sugita as Old Lady B (Special Edition)
Ikuo Nishikawa as Sunmalo (Original Edition)
Ikuya Sawaki as Kampu (Original Edition)
Issei Futamata as
Clamp (Original Edition; ep 2)
J.Q. (Original Edition)
Issei Masamune as Paolo Cassius (Original Edition)
Jun Fukuyama as Marker Clan (Special Edition)
Jun Ishimaru as
Tamura (Special Edition)
Zeon E (Special Edition)
Junko Minagawa as Zeon L (Special Edition)
Junpei Morita as Gene (Special Edition)
Kan Tokumaru as Gaia
Kaneomi Oya as Officer A (Original Edition)
Kaneto Shiozawa as
M'Quve (Original Edition)
Omur Fang (Original Edition)
Katsuhiro Kitagawa as Asakura (Special Edition)
Katsuhisa Hōki as Doren (Special Edition)
Katsumi Chou as White Base Captain (Special Edition)
Katsunosuke Hori as
Admiral Revil (Special Edition)
Mayor Eschonbach (Special Edition)
Katsuya Sakai as Oscar Dublin (Original Edition; ep 2)
Kazuhiko Kishino as Lt. Reed (Special Edition)
Kazuhiko Tamura as Zeon O (Special Edition)
Kazuko Okada as
Comilly's Mother (Special Edition)
Lady (Special Edition) 
Kazunari Tanaka as Oscar (Special Edition)
Kazusa Murai as Boy (Special Edition)
Kazuyuki Sogabe as Wakkein (Original Edition; ep 1)
Keaton Yamada as
Officer B (Original Edition)
Vammas (Original Edition)
Keiko Konno as Zenna Zabi (Special Edition)
Kenichi Ogata as Denim (Original Edition)
Kenji Yamaguchi as Zeon D (Special Edition)
Kihachiro Uemura as Akoss (Special Edition)
Kōji Totani as
Crown (Original Edition)
Koka Lasa
Tokuwan (Original Edition)
Kōsei Yagi as Elran (Special Edition)
Kouji Haramaki as
Boy C (Special Edition)
JQ (Special Edition)
Kousei Hirota as Denim (Special Edition)
Kumiko Takizawa as
Maid (Original Edition)
Masaki (Original Edition)
Masaaki Okabe as Woody Malden (Original Edition)
Masaharu Satō as
Guevil (Original Edition)
Uragang (Original Edition)
Masahiko Tanaka as M'Quve (Special Edition)
Masahiro Kitagawa as Asakura (Special Edition)
Masako Ikeda as Kamaria Ray (Special Edition)
Masanobu Kariya as Zeon H (Special Edition)
Masaru Ikeda as
Dren (Original Edition)
Masatoyo Tetsuno as Zeon A (Special Edition)
Masaya Takatsuka as Omur Fang (Special Edition)
Masaya Taki as Associate (Original Edition)
Mayumi Yanagisawa as Zeon N (Special Edition)
Michitaka Kobayashi as Job John (Original Edition; ep 3)
Miki Kagawa as Fam Bow (Original Edition)
Minoru Inaba as
Woody Malden (Special Edition)
Minoru Midorikawa as Eschonbach (Original Edition)
Misa Kadoya as Pelo (Original Edition)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as Dr. Flanagan (Special Edition)
Mitsuhiro Murata as
Omur Fang (Original Edition)
Oscar Dublin (Original Edition; ep 3)
Miyuki Ueda as Icelina Eschonbach (Original Edition)
Mizuho Tsushima as Fam Bow (Special Edition)
Motomu Kiyokawa as Tem Ray
Mugihito as Rose (Original Edition)
Nami Okamoto as Pero (Special Edition)
Naoki Makijima as Soldier (Special Edition)
Naoki Tatsuta as Clamp (Original Edition; ep 1)
Nobuyuki Furuta as Officer (Special Edition)
Noriaki Wakamoto as Gene (Original Edition)
Norikazu Shimizu as Zeon K (Special Edition)
Noriko Uemura as Old Lady A (Special Edition)
Osamu Katō as Conscon (Original Edition)
Reiko Suzuki as Hayato's mother (Original Edition)
Reiko Takagi as Millie (Special Edition)
Ritsuo Sawa as Connolly (Original Edition)
Romi Park as Masaki (Special Edition)
Ryo Manaka as TV Announcer (Special Edition)
Ryūji Mizuno as Programmer (Special Edition)
Ryūji Nakagi as Elran (Original Edition)
Sadaharu Miwa as
Job John (Original Edition; ep 2)
Marker Clan (Original Edition; ep 3)
Saori Kato as
Maid (Special Edition)
Mother (Special Edition)
Satomi Majima as Miharu Ratokie
Sayaka Hata as Baby (Special Edition)
Sayaka Ōhara as
Lady B (Special Edition)
Zeon C (Special Edition)
Seiichi Suzuki as Slender (Original Edition)
Seiji Sasaki as Crown (Special Edition)
Shigeki Mori as Goro (Original Edition)
Shigeyuki Hosoi as Gopp (Original Edition)
Shigezō Sasaoka as Pilot (Original Edition)
Shiho Nagoshi as Icelina Eschonbach (Special Edition)
Shingo Kanemoto as Cozun Graham (Original Edition)
Shōjirō Kihara as Wakkein (Original Edition; ep 3)
Tadahisa Saizen as
Sagred (Special Edition)
Vammas (Special Edition)
Taiga Todoroki as Zeon P (Special Edition)
Taimei Suzuki as Gadem (Special Edition)
Takako Kondo as Kolin (Original Edition)
Takao Ohyama as Tianem (Special Edition)
Takashi Nagasako as Mayer (Special Edition)
Takehiko Watanabe as Boy B (Special Edition)
Takeshi Watabe as Conscon (Special Edition)
Takkō Ishimori as
Gopp (Special Edition)
Reed (Original Edition)
Tetsu Inada as Wakkein (Special Edition)
Tetsuo Mizutori as Gadem (Original Edition)
Tomie Kataoka as Comilly's Mother (Original Edition)
Tomohisa Asō as Guevil (Special Edition)
Yasuhiko Tokuyama as Boy D (Special Edition)
Yasunari Tajima as Zeon B (Special Edition)
Yasuo Muramatsu as Revil (Original Edition)
Yasuo Tanaka as Hamble (Original Edition)
Yasuzō Iino as Zeon Q (Special Edition)
Yoko Hasegawa as Zeon I (Special Edition)
Yōko Matsuoka as Jill Ratokie (Original Edition)
Yōko Sasaki as Lady A (Special Edition)
Yoku Shioya as Marker Clan (Original Edition; ep 1)
Yoshio Kawai as Connolly (Special Edition)
Yūji Fujishiro as Tianem (Original Edition)
Yūji Mikimoto as Uragan (Special Edition)
Yumiko Nakanishi as Jill (Special Edition)
Yūsaku Yara as Tamura (Original Edition)
Yutaka Aoyama as Cozun (Special Edition)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Seki (Original Edition)
Japanese companies
AD Cosmo (Movie 1)
Apple (Series)
Art Take One (Series)
Artland (Series; Movie 2)
Bebow (Movie 1-2)
Nakamura Production (Series)
SHAFT (Series; Movie 1-2)
Studio DEEN (Series; Movie 3)
Studio Z (Series)
Tiger Production (Series)
Warp (Movie 1)
Borderline: King Records
Broadcaster: Bandai Channel
Co-Production: Bandai Visual
Distributor: Emotion
Film Laboratory: Tokyo Laboratory
Photography: Asahi Production
Production: Sunrise
Production Assistance:
Artland (Movie 3)
Maki Production (Movie 3)
Sunrise (Movie 3)
Taka Productions (Movie 3)
English staff
English cast
Director: Doug Stone
Neil Nadelman (ZRO Limit Productions)
ADR Script: Robert Barron
Executive producer:
Ken Iyadomi (Movie I)
ADR Recording:
Brian Geer (Movie I)
Maxim Garcia (Movie II-III)
Associate producer:
Nobu Yamamoto (Movie I)
Charles McCarter (Movie II-III)
Jerry Chu (Movie II-III)
Kei Onishi (Movie II-III)
Kimi Matsuki (Movie I)
Credit Supervisor: Osamu Maseba (Movie I)
DVD Authoring: Jim Dodd
DVD Menu Design: Erika Offutt
Les Arenson
Robert Davies (Movie I)
Steve Cartwright (Movie II-III)
Online Editor:
C.P. Booth (Movie II)
Kevin Johnson (Movie I)
Production Assistant:
Kevin Hale (Movie III)
Richard Noboru Kekahuna (Movie III)
Production Coordination:
Kei Onishi (Movie I)
Keisuke Ōnishi 
Kenji Nakamura (Movie II)
Osamu Maseba (Movie II)
Production Operator:
Naomi Richtenburg (Movie I)
Re-Recording Mixing:
Jeff Mar (Movie I)
Les Arenson (Movie II-III)
Mike Draghi (Movie II-III)
Steve Cartwright (Movie I)
Recording Facility Engineer: Les Claypool III (English VHS Version) 
Sound Editor: Steve Cartwright 
Studio Management: John Davies
Supervising Sound Editor: Steve Cartwright
David Lucas as Casval Rem Daikun / Char Aznable
Dylan Tully as Amuro Ray

Bambi Darro as Kycilia Zabi
Bill Williams as Garma Zabi (Movie I)
Bob Marx as Haro
Christy Mathewson as Kai Shiden
Crystal Roberts as Katz Howan
Doug Stone as Giren Zabi
G. Gordon Baer as Dozle Zabi
Hal Lanier as Dozle Zabi (Movie I)
Katie Ashley as Letz
Leslie Buhr as Mirai Yashima
Lia Sargent as Lalah Sune
Melissa Charles as Frau Bow
Melissa Williamson as Matilda Ajan
Olivia Bardeau as Artesia Som Daikun / Sayla Mass
Paul Baily as Garma Zabi (Movie II)
Peter Owht as Ryu Jose (Peter Owhi on VHS sleeve)
Richard Hayworth as Hayato Kobayashi
Simon Isaacson as Duke Degwin Zabi
Wheat St. James as Bright Noah

Abe Lasser as
Drunk Federation Soldier B
Mayor Eschonbach
Alfred Thor as Captain Paolo
Anne Sherman as
Side 7 Refugee D
Woman in Shelter
Anthony Mozdy as
Bandaged Man
Big Tray Soldier (Movie II)
Drunk Federation Soldier A
Dying Zeon Soldier
Eschonbach Family Bodyguard B
Federation Ship Captain
Gallop Soldier A (Movie II)
Gaw Dock Loader
General Revil
Injured Officer
Jaburo Lieutenant
Job John (one loop; Movie II)
Koka Lassa
Komusai Pilot A
Kycilia's Subordinate A (Movie III)
Zanzibar Dock Loader
Zanzibar Operator C
Bambi Darro as
Garma's Suitor B
Kacilia Zabi
Billy Regan as
A Baoa Qu Soldier B
Cameron Bloom 
Dr. Dom Flanagan
Dying Federation Gunner
Frantic Zeon Walla
Hulke Pilot
Injured Federation Soldier A
Kycilia's Operator B
Obliterated Newtype Soldier
Screaming Zeon Soldier
Wakkein Fleet Operator
White Base Gunner
Bo Williams as Cpt. Garma Zabi
Bob Marx as
Big Tray Technician (Movie II)
Civil Service Magistrate
Distressed Federation Officer B
Gihren's Subordinate B
Horn (Mile)
Kycilia's Operator A
Kycilia's Subordinate
Luna II Docker B
Man in Shelter A
Omur Fang
Side 7 Refugee G
White Base Dock Loader
White Base Officer A (Movie I)
Christy Mathewson as
Crystal Roberts as
Children Walla (Movie I)
Gil Ratokie
Daffy Spincer as
Separated Mother
Side 7 Refugee B
Dave Mallow as
Falmer Operator B
Federation Brigadier General
Federation Lieutenant (Movie III)
Injured White Base Crewmate (Movie II)
Konpei Island Federation Officer A
Mad Angler Operator
Medea Pilot (Movie II)
Revil's Subordinate
Side 7 Lieutenant
Zanzibar Operator A
David Clark as
Drunk Federation Soldier C
Opportunistic Businessman B
White Base Evacuator
David Lucas as
Gihren's Subordinate A
Jaburo Base Operator B
Old Indian Man
Pearson (Movie II)
Side 6 Motorist
Solar Ray Operator F
Surprised White Base Engineer
White Base Engineer B
Deanna Morris as
Icelina Echonbach
Warning Child Refugee
Debbie Derosa as Amazed Child Refugee
Dian Andrews as
Crowley Hamon
Garma's Suitor A
Nurse Colleen
Doug Stone as
Adm. Gopp
B-3 Outpost Scout B
Chivvay Operator B
Compassionate Refugee
Elderly Refugee C
Eschonbach Family Bodyguard A
Fraw's Grandfather
Gaw Operator C
Goro (voice double)
Ground Troop B
Konpei Island Soldier B
Luna II Docker D
Party Emcee
Tianem's Subordinate C
Elliot Reynolds as
B-3 Outpost Scout A
Cozun Graham
Degwin Zabi 
Kai Shiden (one loop; Movie II)
Mining Base Ensign
Side 7 Commander
Side 7 Refugee A
Ellyn Epcar as
Fruit Seller
Hayato's Mother
Yuri's Mother
Ethan Murray as Marka
G. Gordon Baer as
Falmer Operator A
Musai Soldier
George C. Cole as
Abusive Federation Soldier A
Evacuation Announcer
Reporting Scout
White Base Officer B (Movie I)
Gil Starberry as
A Baoa Qu Soldier A
Big Zom Pilot
Frantic Zeon Walla
Harry the Operator
Konpei Island Federation Officer C
Solar Ray Operator A
Vammas (Movie III)
Warning Zeon Soldier
Jack Emmet as Commandant Wakkein
Jackson Daniels as Denim
James Lyon as
Tianem's Subordinate A
White Base Engineer A
Zanzibar Operator D
Jane Alan as
Evacuation Walla (Movie I)
Kamaria Ray
Jeff Nimoy as
Bicycle Owner
Chivvay Operator A
Communicating Belfast Officer
Greeting Belfast Officer
Solar Ray Operator B
Jessie Gabrelle Silvedra as
Children Walla (Movie I)
Jimmy Theodore as
Examining White Base Engineer
Humrau (Movie II)
Konpei Island Soldier A
Solar Ray Operator D
Joe Romersa as
John Burnley as
Cameron Bloom
Distressed Federation Officer A
Evacuation Walla (Movie I)
Garma's Messenger
Ground Ball
Luna II Docker C
Oscar Dublin (one loop; Movie I)
Personnel on Phone (Movie I)
White Base Engineer B (Movie I)
Katie Ashley as
Eschonbach Family Maid
Fam Bow (Fraw's Mother)
Garma's Suitor C
Zena Zabi
Kermit Beachwood as
Char's Subordinate
Obedient Crewmate
White Base Dock Loader (one loop; Movie II)
Woody Malden
Kevin Moore as
Degwin's Subordinate
Gwazine Operator A
Hapless Zeon A
Solar Ray Operator E
War Correspondent
Leslie Buhr as May (Cecilia Irene; Movie III)
Lia Sargent as Dozle's Handmaiden
Louise Chamis as
89-Year-Old Woman
Angry Child Refugee
Elderly Refugee A
Side 7 Refugee E
Mario as
Big Tray Engineer (Movie II)
Char's Pilot
Jaburo Dock Loader
M'Quve's Subordinate (Movie II)
Side 7 Fed 4
Zanzibar Soldier
Mathew Dunn as
Abusive Federation Soldier B
Evacuation Walla (Movie I)
Gaw Operator A
Ground Troop A
Side 7 Lieutenant
Michael Doyle as
Evacuation Walla (Movie I)
Luna II Docker A
Salamis Operator (Movie I)
White Base Engineer D (Movie I)
Michael McConnohie as
Directive White Base Engineer
Ramba Ral
Zaku Pilot at Jaburo
Paul Baily as
Belfast Base Operator
Gallop Ensign (Movie II)
Rebecca Forstadt as
Children Walla (Movie I)
Evacuation Walla (Movie I)
Richard Epcar as Flanagan Boone
Richard George as
Desert Bartender
Mining Base Operator
Richard Hayworth as
Antonio Callas
Big Zam Pilot
Frantic Zeon Walla
Jaburo Base Soldier
Kycilia's Subordinate B (Movie III)
Richard Plantagenet as
Robert Wicks as
A Baoa Qu Soldier C
Boa Qu Soldier
Gwazine Operator B
Hapless Zeon B
Newtype Zaku Pilot
Sneaky Zaku Pilot
Solar Ray Operator C
Tianem's Subordinate B
Zanzibar Operator B
Zanzibar Soldier
Zeon Corporal
Ruby Marlowe as Miharu
Sam Strong as
Komusai Pilot B
Man in Shelter B
Ordering Officer
Side 7 Fed 3
Side 7 Refugee C
Zeon Base Commander
Simon Isaacson as Tokwan
Skip Stellrecht as
Drunk Federation Officer
Sparky Thornton as
Big Tray Officer (Movie II)
Examining White Base Engineer
Jaburo Team Leader
Lt. Reed
White Base Dock Loader (one loop; Movie II)
Stan McCord as
Defense HQ Voice
White Base Engineer C (Movie I)
White Base Gunner (Movie I)
White Base Officer C (Movie I)
Stanley Gurd Jr. as
Elderly Refugee B
Falmer Operator (Movie I)
Gaw Navigator
Gaw Operator B
Opportunistic Businessman A
Side 7 Refugee F
Toady 1
White Base Engineer A (Movie I)
Steve Bulen as
Boone's Officer
Gallop Soldier C (Movie II)
General Elron
Lt. Seki
Tachi O'Hara
Steve Kramer as
Doro Captain
Injured Federation Soldier B
Tem Ray
Tim Delay as
Chief of Staff at Jaburo
Dom Pilot
E.F.F. Chief Engineer (Movie II)
Gallop Soldier B (Movie II)
Jaburo Base Operator A
Konpei Island Federation Officer B
Vammas (Movie II)
Wheat St. James as Vammas (Movie I)
Will Barrett as
Hot Dog

Daffy Spincer (Movie I)
David Clark (as Clark David; Movie I)
Debbie Derosa (as Debbie DeRosia; Movie I)
Elliot Reynolds (as Elliott Reynolds)
George C. Cole (Movie I)
Hal Lanier (Movie I)
Jessie Gabrelle Silvedra (as Jessie Gabrelle Silveira; Movie I)
John Burnley (Movie I)
Louise Chamis (Movie I)
Mathew Dunn (Movie I)
Michael Doyle (Movie I)
Stan McCord (Movie I)
Stan Stills (Movie II)
Tim Delay (Movie II and III)
Will Barrett (as Will Barret; Movie I)
English companies
Adaptation: Bandai Entertainment (English VHS Version)
ADR Production:
Animaze (English VHS Version) 
ZRO Limit Productions (English VHS Version)
Geneon Entertainment Inc. (North America; 2002-2003)
Nozomi Entertainment (2015)
The Right Stuf International (2015)
DVD Production Services: Stream Santa Monica
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Licensed by:
Anime Limited (UK)
Bandai Entertainment (Expired)
Sunrise (2015)
Online Editing: VDI Multimedia West (Movie I-II)
Packaging: Bandai Entertainment (English VHS Version)
Recording Facility:
Fidelity Studio (English VHS Version)
Magnitude 8 Post (English VHS Version) 
Subtitles: Captions, Inc.
French staff
French companies
Translation: Jun'Ichi Takeda
Distributor: Beez Entertainment
Subtitles: TVS - Titra Film
French cast
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Subtitle Translation:
Alberto J. López (Netflix; Spain; movies 1-2)
Mercedes del Alcázar (Netflix; Spain; movie 3)
Spanish companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Fabrizio Mazzotta
Davide Perino as Amuro Ray
Fabio Boccanera as Char Aznable

Dario Penne as Generale Revil
Emanuela Baroni as Matilda Ajan
Fabrizio Pucci as M'Quve
Francesca Manicone as Lalah Sune
Letizia Scifoni as Miharu Ratokie
Mauro Gravina as Tem Ray

Alessandro Quarta as Garma Zabi
Alessandro Rigotti as Slender
Alessandro Rossi as Narratore
Antonella Baldini as Kycilia Zabi
Antonella Rinaldi as Hamon Ral
Barbara Pitotti as Haro
Carlo Reali as
Daniele Raffaeli as Hayato Kobayashi
Diego Reggente as Degwin Zabi
Domitilla D'Amico as Fraw Bow
Emanuela D'Amico as Mirai Yashima
Emilia Costa as Kamaria Ray
Emilio Cappuccio as Paolo Cassius
Fabrizio Vidale as Ryu Jose
Giancarlo Padoan as Ramba Ral
Gianluca Musiu as Omur Fang
Giorgio Borghetti as Bright Noa
Giorgio Lopez as Conscon
Giuliano Bonetto as Woody Malden
Laura Lenghi as Sayla Mass
Liliana Sorrentino as Zenna Zabi
Luca Biagini as Slegger Law
Luca Ward as Gihren Zabi
Mario Bombardieri as Dozul Zabi
Nino Prester as Cozun Graham
Roberto Certoma' as Uragang
Roberto Stocchi as Gaia
Saverio Indrio as Watkein
Silvio Anselmo as Connolly
Simone Crisari as Job John
Stefano Crescentini as Kai Shiden
Stefano De Filippis as Oscar Dublin
Stefano De Sando as Flanagan Boone
Tony Orlandi as Sindaco Eschonbach
Valeria Vidali as Icelina Eschonbach
Wladimiro Grana as Lasa
Italian companies
Broadcaster: Ka-Boom
Distributor: Dynit
Internet Streaming: VVVVID
German staff
German companies
Kazé Germany (now)
German cast
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Script Check: Willem Keessen (only movie 2 & 3)
Dutch companies
DVD Authoring: TVS - Titra Film
Subtitle Timing: TVS - Titra Film
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil)
Portuguese cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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