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11eyes (TV) Decent Strange anime with rather descent painfully schematic plot.
5 Centimeters Per Second (movie) Excellent
Aa Megami-sama: Tatakau Tsubasa (special) Very good
Accel World (TV) Very good
Afro Samurai (TV) Decent badass in killing...rather not for children
Ah! My Goddess (TV) Excellent Peaceful comedy with love theme. Teaches how to love this world and people that are around us. Also shows that moments are important
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (TV) Very good
Ai Yori Aoshi (TV)
Air (TV) Masterpiece Psychological pearl which you can analyze in many different ways. Something for experienced anime watchers:)
Amagami SS (TV) Good
Amagami SS+ (TV)
Angel Beats! (TV) Very good
Angel's Egg (movie) Excellent Very strange, symbolical anime movie which is rather not for newbies in anime...
anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (TV) Excellent
Another (TV) Excellent
Asura Cryin' (TV) Very good
Asura Cryin' 2 (TV) Very good
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (TV)
Ayakashi Ayashi: Ayashi Divine Comedy (OAV) Good
Azumanga Daioh (TV) Masterpiece Masterfull comedy about everyday life in school....Good one for starting the adventure with anime:)
B-Legend! Battle Bedaman (TV) Weak Simly decend....Characters are strange and a plot is very weak
Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts (TV)
Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts 2 (TV)
Bakemonogatari (TV)
Beyblade (TV) Decent One of my childhood anime. Good concept bad making...
Birdy the Mighty Decode:02 (TV) Excellent
Birdy the Mighty: Decode (TV)
Black Butler (TV) Very good The best beast butler in a world of anime. Ironical but loyal. Good + for the characters:)
Blood+ (TV) Excellent
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan (TV) Decent Simply strange
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TV) Bad Nothing reasonable just pure stupidity....
Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru: Secret Sweethearts - Kono Koi wa Himitsu (OAV) Good Weak method of showing a forbidden love.
Bokura ga Ita (TV) Very good
Bokurano (TV) Excellent Children put into a game that saves the world but price must be paid for it. SO each one's life is devoured. Story about changing yourself and your point of view for childlish toward mature which comes always with the price. Yet, at the same time, it opens for you a vast world. The world of never ending possibilities.
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second (OAV) Decent
Brighter than the Dawning Blue (TV) Very good
Broken Blade (movie series)
Brynhildr in the Darkness (TV)
Bus Gamer (TV) Decent Very great plot but big minus for only 3 episodes
Buso Renkin (TV) Excellent Very good shounen with more fun that you could think. Papilion simply the best charismatic guy character..
Captain Earth (TV) Decent
Carnival Phantasm (OAV) Very good
Casshern Sins (TV)
A Certain Magical Index (TV)
A Certain Magical Index II (TV) Very good
A Certain Scientific Railgun (TV) Good
A Certain Scientific Railgun S (TV) Very good
Chaos;HEAd (TV) Good
Chobits (TV) Excellent Good ecchi...very classical way of putting robots as a fetish
Chrono Crusade (TV) Excellent Excellent mix of comedy and fantasy in a religious sauce..
Clannad (TV) Masterpiece To tell the truth...It was really hard to watch this wasn't was marvelous piece of art that shows all value of life, dreams and how to strive for them. Yet at the same time it made me so sad and depressed. Because our life it much more darker and painful...and this kind of happiness is sometimes forbidden for ordinary people. Anime is superb...thus I marked this as masterpiece...
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (TV) Very good Simly the best tactical brain in a world of anime:)
D.C. II: Da Capo II (TV) Very schematic
D.C. ~Da Capo~ (TV) Good one but nothing more. Minus for fillers...
D.C.II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~ (TV)
D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~ (TV) Better than the first one but not exactly excellent...
D.Gray-man (TV) Good
D.N.Angel (TV) Excellent My favourite angels based comedy with lot's of fun...Brings back memories^^
Daily Lives of High School Boys (TV) Very good
Dance in the Vampire Bund (TV) Good
A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives (TV) Decent
Darker than Black (TV) Excellent
Date A Live (TV) Decent
Date A Live II (TV)
DearS (TV) Good Simply strange
Demon Prince Enma (OAV) Very good
Den-noh Coil (TV) Masterpiece Anime about consequences of mixing reality with virtual world and how children grow up surrounded by something that can hurt them.
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden (TV) Excellent The best of Yuri
(The) Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV) Excellent
Devil May Cry (TV) Good
Devil Survivor 2 The Animation (TV) Good The plot is way behind the game. It's like different story not an adaptation of a game.
Digimon Adventure (TV) Decent
Digimon Adventure 02 (TV) Good
Digimon Frontier (TV)
Digimon Frontier Movie
Digimon Fusion (TV) Good
Digimon Savers the Movie - Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!!
Digimon Tamers (TV)
Digimon Tamers: The Adventurers' Battle (movie)
Digimon Xros Wars: Toki o Kakeru Shōnen Hunter-tachi (TV)
Digimon: Data Squad (TV) Good
Digimon: Diaboromon Strikes Back (movie)
Digimon: The Movie (U.S. movie) Decent
Digital Monster X-Evolution (movie)
(The) Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (movie) Masterpiece Marvelous...way of showing how main male character really loves the way reality is. Plus for pro-level mixed plot with different time-lines that compose themselves into one common point- HARUHI.
Disgaea (TV) Good
Dragon Ball GT (TV) Decent
Dragon Crisis! (TV) Decent
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (TV) Very good
E's Otherwise (TV) Good
Earl and Fairy (TV) Very good
ef: a tale of melodies (TV) Very good
ef: a tale of memories (TV) Masterpiece Memories are like dust. Yet are precious. Because they are making you yourself. The standard love-plot taken toward the whole new level...
Elfen Lied (TV) Masterpiece
Ergo Proxy (TV)
Eureka Seven (TV) Masterpiece
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (movie)
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (movie)
Excel Saga (TV) So-so
(The) Familiar of Zero (TV) Very good
(The) Familiar of Zero F (TV)
(The) Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (TV) Very good
(The) Familiar of Zero: Rondo of Princesses (TV) Good
Fate/stay night (TV) Excellent Cursed game about making each other's dreams come true and that you must pay the price for your ideals. Also the story about being yourself no matter what axe of sword slash you.
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (movie) Very good Different plot, the same characters, whole new perspective, yet a bit chaotical for a full fledged movie...
Fate/Zero (TV) Excellent
Fate/Zero (TV 2) Excellent
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) Excellent
From the New World (TV)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Excellent
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) Masterpiece
(The) Future Diary (TV) Excellent
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (TV) Masterpiece
(The) Garden of Sinners (movie series) Excellent
Gate Keepers (TV) Good
Gate Keepers 21 (OAV) Decent
Ghost Hound (TV) Excellent Inside your heart dreams and demons are sleeping. Only you can awaken them and only you can face them. Story about crossing boundaries of each one mental problem with the out-of-body experiences in the background which are only tools for developing the solution of what you have to do to complete yourself and win over your mentality.
Ghost Hunt (TV) Good
Ghost Slayers Ayashi (TV)
Gilgamesh (TV) Very good
Golden Boy (OAV) Excellent
Guardian Ninja Mamoru (TV)
(The) Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor (OAV)
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (TV)
Hakaba Kitarō (TV)
Haré+Guu (TV) Very good
Haré+Guu Deluxe (OAV) Very good
Haruka Nogizaka's Secret (TV) Masterpiece The best blend of comedy and romance since I've watched D.N.Angel. Trully a masterpiece
Haruka Nogizaka's Secret: Purezza (TV) Good Previous series were a lot of ahead of this. Too much ecchi, plot went somewhere far away and only a pro-anime lovers(it pains me to say but I haven't found the plot myself) can find the lost treasure
Hatsukoi Limited (TV) Very good
Hellsing (TV)
Hellsing Ultimate (OAV) Excellent
Heroman (TV)
High School DxD (TV) Very good
High School DxD New (TV)
Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Masterpiece
I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. (TV)
I''s Pure (OAV) Very good
I'm Gonna Be An Angel (TV) Very good Despite the childlish character it is an anime that made me the same happy as when I watched D.N.Angel...
Ichigo 100% (TV)
Ichigo 100% (OAV)
Iketeru Futari (TV)
Inukami! (TV)
Is This a Zombie? (TV) Very good
Is This a Zombie? of the Dead (TV) Very good
Itsudatte My Santa! (OAV)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (TV) Good
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Final (OAV) Very good
Kamen Rider 555 (live-action TV)
Kamen Rider Agito (live-action TV)
Kamen Rider Blade (live-action TV)
Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace (live-action movie)
Kamen Rider Hibiki (live-action TV)
Kamen Rider Kuuga (live-action TV)
Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final (live-action movie)
Kamichama Karin (TV) Good
Kamisama Dolls (TV) Very good
Kamisama Kazoku (TV) Good
Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox (TV)
Kanon (TV 2/2006) Masterpiece
Karas (OAV)
Karin (TV)
Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl (TV) Very good
Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl (OAV) Very good
Katanagatari (TV) Excellent
Kiba (TV)
Kimagure Orange Road (TV) Masterpiece
Kimagure Orange Road: The Movie Excellent
Kiss×sis (TV)
Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu (movie)
Koi Kaze (TV)
Kokoro Connect (TV) Very good
Kurau: Phantom Memory (TV) Very good
Kure-nai (OAV)
Kurenai (TV) Very good
Kurozuka (TV) Decent
Level E (TV) Very good
Love Hina (TV) Excellent
Love Hina Again (OAV) Excellent
Love Hina Spring Special - I Wish Your Dream
Love Hina X'mas Special - Silent Eve
Love Love? (TV)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Heart Throb- (TV) Good
Lunar Legend Tsukihime (TV)
Mahō Sensei Negima!: Mō Hitotsu no Sekai (OAV)
Mahō Sensei Negima!: Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba (OAV)
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden (TV)
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful (TV)
Maria Holic (TV)
Megaman Star Force (TV) Very good Despite the returning traits(both good and bad) of Rockman .Exe, Ryuusei no Rockman takes the show onto the new way of Rockman franchise. For me it's good but because of graphic and story-telling's level up I've increased my mark.
(The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TV) Excellent
Monogatari Series Second Season (TV) Excellent
Mononoke (TV) Excellent
MoonPhase (TV) Decent
Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (TV) Excellent
Mōryō no Hako (TV) Masterpiece
Mushi-Shi (TV) Masterpiece
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (TV) Very good
Myself; Yourself (TV) Very good
(The) Mystic Archives of Dantalian (TV) Very good
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (TV) Very good
Nabari no Ou (TV) Good
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV) Excellent
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV 2) Excellent
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV 3) Excellent
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV 4) Excellent
Negima! (TV)
Negima!? Spring OVA
Negima!? Summer OVA
Nekomonogatari (Black) (TV)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Excellent
Neuro - Supernatural Detective (TV) Good
Night Wizard The Animation (TV) Good
Nighthead Genesis (TV) Very good
Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective (TV)
Nisemonogatari (TV)
Noein - to your other self (TV)
Now and Then, Here and There (TV) Masterpiece
Oku-sama wa Joshi Kōsei (TV) Decent
Onmyou Taisenki (TV) Good
Oreimo (TV) Good
Oreimo 2 (TV) Very good
Overman King Gainer (TV)
Pandora Hearts (TV)
Persona -trinity soul- (TV) Animation based on Persona 3. I can't find good words for describing a mixture of Persona-system-fascination's and strange feelings of watching pile of crap...
Persona 4: The Animation (TV) Very good
Please Teacher! (TV)
Please Teacher! (OAV)
Please Twins! (OAV)
(Le) Portrait de Petite Cossette (OAV)
Power Stone (TV)
Princess Mononoke (movie)
Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? (TV)
Psycho-Pass (TV) Very good
Pumpkin Scissors (TV) Very good
RahXephon (TV) Very good
Real Drive (TV) Excellent
REC (TV) Excellent
Reideen the Superior (TV) Standard shounen. Yet, second half's plot about main hero mental back-off really exited me. What a pity it wasn't developed further something to Ikari's level from NGE.
RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne (TV) Very good
Romeo × Juliet (TV) Very good
Rozen Maiden (TV)
Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre (special)
Rozen Maiden: Träumend (TV)
Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen (TV)
Saber Marionette J (TV) Very good
Sailor Moon (TV)
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (OAV)
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (OAV 2)
Samurai Flamenco (TV) Decent
Samurai Harem (TV)
School Days (TV)
Sci-Fi Harry (TV) Excellent
Scrapped Princess (TV) Very good
Seitokai Yakuindomo (TV)
Serial Experiments Lain (TV) Very good
Shadow Star Narutaru (TV) Good
Shakugan no Shana (TV)
Shakugan no Shana III (Final) (TV)
Shakugan no Shana Second (TV)
Shaman King (TV)
Shiki (TV) Excellent
Shonen Onmyouji (TV)
Shuffle! (TV)
Silver Spoon (TV) Excellent
Silver Spoon (TV 2) Excellent
Sola (TV) Very good
Soul Eater (TV)
Speed Grapher (TV) Excellent
Spirited Away (movie)
Star Driver (TV) Very good
Steel Angel Kurumi (TV) Excellent
Steins;Gate (TV)
Strait Jacket (OAV)
Tactics (TV)
Tales of Eternia (TV)
Tales of Phantasia (OAV)
Tales of Symphonia the Animation (OAV)
Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe'alla Episode (OAV)
Tales of Symphonia the Animation: The United World Episode (OAV)
Tales of the Abyss (TV)
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (OAV) Good
Tenjho Tenge (TV)
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (TV)
Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ (TV)
Tokyo ESP (TV)
Tokyo Mew Mew (TV) Decent
Tokyo Ravens (TV) Good
Toradora! (TV) Excellent
Toward the Terra (TV) Excellent
True Tears (TV) Excellent
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (OAV)
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (TV)
Tsubasa: Spring Thunder (OAV)
(The) Twelve Kingdoms (TV) Masterpiece
Umineko - When They Cry (TV)
Utawarerumono (TV)
Valvrave the Liberator (TV)
Valvrave the Liberator (TV 2)
Venus to Mamoru (TV) Good
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (TV) Good
Voices of a Distant Star (OAV) Excellent
Waiting in the Summer (TV) Very good
Welcome to Irabu's Office (TV)
Welcome to the NHK (TV)
Wolf Children (movie) Excellent
(The) World God Only Knows (TV)
(The) World God Only Knows Season Two (TV)
(The) World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc (TV)
(The) World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc (OAV)
Xam'd: Lost Memories (ONA) Very good
xxxHOLiC (TV)
xxxHOLiC the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream
xxxHOLiC: Kei (TV) Masterpiece
xxxHOLiC: Rō (OAV) Excellent
xxxHOLiC: Rō Adayume (OAV) Very good
xxxHOLiC: Shunmuki (OAV) Excellent
Yamibo - Darkness, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Books (TV) Very good
You're Being Summoned, Azazel (TV)
Zetman (TV) Good