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Appare-Ranman! (TV)

Have you seen this? want to / seen some / seen all

Alternative title:
天晴爛漫! (Japanese)
Plot Summary: After a certain mishap, the brilliant but socially inept engineer Appare Sorano and the shrewd but cowardly samurai Kosame Isshiki find themselves drifting on a boat from Japan to America. Broke, the two decide to compete in the Trans-America Wild Race to win the prize and return to Japan. The two battle crazy rivals, outlaws, and the great outdoors itself as they race through the wild West from the starting line in Los Angeles to the finish line in New York — in the steam-powered car they built.
User Ratings: 110 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 5 votes (dub:3, sub:2)
 Excellent: 26 votes (sub:19, dub:5, raw:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Very good: 24 votes (sub:21, dub:3)
 Good: 24 votes (sub:20, dub:3, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 17 votes (sub:14, dub:2, raw:1)
 So-so: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Not really good: 6 votes (sub:6)
 Weak: 2 votes (sub:1, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Bad: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 237 users, rank: #3417 (of 9407)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.273 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.742, rank: #2586 (of 9516)
Weighted mean: 7.390 (Good+), rank: #1995 (of 9516) (seen all: 7.46 / seen some: 6.00 / won't finish: 2.66)
Bayesian estimate: 7.401 (Good+), rank: #1694 (of 7150)
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
2020-07-03 (resume after COVID-19)
Opening Theme:
"I got it!" by Mia REGINA
Ending Theme:
"I'm Nobody" by Showtaro Morikubo
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Appare-Ranman! (Blu-ray) 2021-06-01 (from $49.76)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Masakazu Hashimoto
Series Composition: Masakazu Hashimoto
Masakazu Hashimoto (eps 1-13)
Misaki Morie (eps 6-7, 9-10)
Daisuke Matsuki (10GAUGE; OP)
Fumihiko Suganuma (ep 12)
Hiroyuki Hata (ep 9)
Jong Heo (eps 2, 8, 11)
Masakazu Hashimoto (ED; eps 1, 13)
Shū Honma (eps 3, 7)
Sōichi Masui (ep 6)
Tensai Okamura (eps 4, 10, 12)
Toshiya Shinohara (ep 5)
Episode Director:
Hiroyuki Hata (ep 9)
Masakazu Hashimoto (ep 13)
Mitsutaka Noshitani (ep 4)
Shū Honma (eps 3, 7, 12)
Tomoaki Ohta (eps 1, 6, 10)
Yasuo Fujii (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 11, 13

Yasuyuki Ōishi (ep 8)
Unit Director: Masakazu Hashimoto (OP; ED)
Music: Evan Call
Original story: Masakazu Hashimoto
Original Character Design: Ahndongshik
Character Design: Yurie Oohigashi
Art Director: Miho Sugiura
Chief Animation Director: Yurie Oohigashi
Animation Director:
Ae Ri Park (DR Movie; ep 7)
Boo Hee Lee (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Gil Yong Jang (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Hee Jae Kwon (DR Movie; ep 13)
Hisae Ikezu (ep 4)
Ikkō Inaguma (eps 12-13)
Il Jin Hwang (DR Movie; ep 13)
Jin Woo Woo (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Kaori Ishii (eps 4, 8, 11)
Kayoko Nabeta (eps 4, 9-10, 13)
Kōdai Wakabayashi (ep 12)
Masami Gohda (eps 3, 7, 12)
Mika Sakai (eps 6, 9, 12-13)
Nana Miura (5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 8, 11, 13

Natsu Nogami (ep 13)
Rio Niisato (ep 12)
Ryō Iwasaki (ep 4)
Sayo Mizuno (OP; eps 3, 6, 11-13)
Tetsuya Matsukawa (ep 12)
Tomomi Noda (eps 7, 9)
Tsukasa Miyazaki (OP; 5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10-11, 13

Yasuhiro Seo (eps 1, 13)
Yuki Akiyama (OP; eps 5, 8-9)
Yuko Sato (ep 8)
Yurie Oohigashi (OP; 4 episodes
eps 7, 10, 12-13

Yūsuke Inoue (OP; eps 5, 8)
Mechanical design: Shiho Takeuchi
3D Director: Motonari Ichikawa
Sound Director: Satoki Iida
Director of Photography: Tomo Namiki
2D Work:
Chie Katō (OP; eps 1-13)
Ryo Murakami (eps 1-2, 5-13)
Yū Hashizume (eps 1-13)
Yūki Ōiwa (Maki Printing; eps 2-13)
2nd Key Animation:
Akari Tamagawa (Production FOCH; ep 10)
Arisa Shiomoto (ep 9)
Azumi Matsumiya (P.A. Works; ep 13)
Byung Seok Lee (J-Cube; ep 10)
Chiaki Yoshimura (M.S.C; ep 10)
Chihiro Hayashi (eps 4, 9)
Da Yeong Hong (DR Movie; ep 13)
Eun Ju Park (DR Movie; eps 7, 11-13)
Hatsune Hoshino (ep 8)
Hee Jae Kwon (DR Movie; ep 12)
Hee Young Kim (DR Movie; ep 12)
Hiroaki Miyao (P.A. Works; eps 11-12)
Hye Soo Kim (DR Movie; eps 4, 7, 9-10)
Hyun Mi Lee (DR Movie; eps 11-13)
Ji Hyun Lim (DR Movie; eps 4, 7)
Jung Hee Yun (DR Movie; ep 13)
Kasumi Motoki (Felix Film; ep 7)
Kwan Woo Kim (DR Movie; 6 episodes
eps 4, 7, 9-11, 13

Masumi Hōjō (ep 11)
Min Kim (ep 10)
Min-Jeong Kim (DR Movie; ep 12)
Ok-Youn Joo (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Riraku Yamazaki (eps 4, 9)
Ryōta Gōda (M.S.C; ep 10)
Saki Fujita (eps 3-4, 9)
Saori Kishii (M.S.C; ep 10)
Seiya Takashima (ep 4)
Seung Hyun Yun (DR Movie; ep 7)
Soon Young Sung (J-Cube; ep 10)
Su Yeon Lee (DR Movie; ep 13)
Suk Hee Kim (J-Cube; eps 10-12)
Tomoko Kikuchi (6 episodes
eps 1, 8-10, 12-13

Tomoya Shiokawa (P.A. Works; eps 11-12)
Young Guk Kim (J-Cube; ep 10)
Yu Mi Ra (ep 4)
Yu Mi Shin (J-Cube; eps 10-12)
Yu Seon Kim (DR Movie; ep 7)
Yun Sung Cho (DR Movie; ep 7)
3D Animation: Motonari Ichikawa (OP)
3D CG:
Akira Iribe (ReiwaCG; ep 4)
Daiki Itō (P.A. Works; eps 6-13)
Haruki Suzuki (P.A. Works; eps 1, 3-6)
Hirohisa Kitamura (SILVER LINK.; eps 1-3)
Manami Kawakami (P.A. Works; eps 1, 3-13)
Motonari Ichikawa (P.A. Works; eps 1-8, 10-13)
Ning Yu Kong (SILVER LINK.; eps 1-3)
Nobuaki Kikuchi (WELZ Animation Studio; eps 2, 4)
Nobuhiro Matsuda (ReiwaCG; ep 4)
Seiichirō Hayashi (P.A. Works; eps 6-13)
Takayuki Okumura (ReiwaCG; ep 4)
Yōhei Hirata (SILVER LINK.; eps 1-3)
Yōsei Ōno (P.A. Works; ep 2)
Yuka Morishige (P.A. Works; eps 1-13)
Yuka Natori (SILVER LINK.; eps 1-3)
Yūka Taguchi (P.A. Works; eps 1-10, 12-13)
Yūki Inoue (P.A. Works; ep 1)
Yūya Mori (ReiwaCG; ep 4)
3D Modeling:
Haruki Suzuki (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1-13)
Yōsei Ōno (P.A. Works; eps 1-13)
Yūki Inoue (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1-13)
Art Setting: Yoshinori Shiozawa
Assistant Director of Photography: Kōhei Asahi
Associate producer: Yukiko Katō
Background Art:
Kaori Hoshiba (Studio Easter; OP; eps 2-13)
Mahiro Abe (Studio Easter; OP; eps 2-13)
Mari Ishikawa (Studio Easter; OP; eps 2-13)
Mari Sawatani (Studio Easter; eps 4-13)
Miho Sugiura (Studio Easter; sponsor credit; ED)
Ren Sekiguchi (Studio Easter; eps 1-13)
Rie Sonehara (Studio Easter; OP; eps 2-13)
Ryō Aizawa (Studio Easter; eps 1-3)
Sachie Kitazume (Studio Easter; eps 4-13)
Sō Senoo (Studio Easter; OP; eps 2-13)
Takuya Hirata (Studio Easter; eps 1-13)
Yūta Sakashita (Studio Easter; eps 1-3)
Casting Management: Takamasa Nishimura
Clothing Design:
Momoko Irie (eps 4, 9-12)
Sayo Mizuno (8 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 6, 9-12

Tsukasa Miyazaki (eps 1-6, 10)
Yuki Akiyama (ep 9)
Color: Naomi Nakano (Stella Road; end card for eps. 1-4, 6-12; ED)
Color design: Naomi Nakano
Color setting:
Asami Eguchi (Stella Road; eps 6, 10, 13)
Kaho Endo (Stella Road; ep 5)
Naomi Nakano (Stella Road; ED; ep 1)
Yuika Nagai (Stella Road; eps 3, 12)
Yuki Kadomatsu (Stella Road; eps 8-9)
Yuko Koshida (Stella Road; OP; eps 2, 4, 7, 11)
Distribution: Hidenao Nagasawa
Editing: Ayumu Takahashi
Eyecatch Design: Ahndongshik
Finishing: Chiemi Irisa (end card for eps. 1-4, 6-12)
Illustration: Nawoko Kawamura ("Wanted" Poster; ep 9)
In-Between Animation:
Aya Takada (ep 1)
Chul Ho Jung (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Da Young Lee (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Eun Bin Lee (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Eun Ju Choi (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Eun-Ju Yoon (DR Movie; eps 4-13)
Haruka Watanabe (DR Movie; ep 7)
Hee Deok Jang (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Hee Young Kim (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-12)
Hiroaki Miyao (P.A. Works; ep 8)
Hong Yi Min (DR Movie; eps 7-13)
Hye Jin Jeon (DR Movie; OP; eps 1, 3-13)
Hyun Ju Park (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-13)
Jeong-In Yun (DR Movie; eps 7-12)
Jin Gong (DR Movie; eps 7-13)
Jin Ju Go (DR Movie; eps 4-6, 8-13)
Jin-Ki Kim (DR Movie; OP; eps 4-5)
Ju Ri Jeong (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Kwan Woo Kim (DR Movie; OP; eps 1, 3-12)
Mi Kyoung An (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-13)
Mi Na Choi (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Mi Ok Lee (DR Movie; eps 4-13)
Mi Sun Hwang (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-12)
Min Jung Kwak (DR Movie; OP; eps 4-12)
Min Kyoung Yi (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Mio Fujishima (P.A. Works; ED; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 8, 13

Momoko Shirashiki (P.A. Works; eps 1-2, 5, 8)
Sakura Chayama (P.A. Works; ep 8)
Seon Hye Jang (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Seon Mi Lee (DR Movie; eps 7-13)
Seong Ho Moon (DR Movie; OP; 9 episodes
eps 1, 4-6, 8-12

Seong Jin Ho (DR Movie; eps 1, 3)
So-Young Lee (DR Movie; OP; eps 4-13)
Sun Il Kim (DR Movie; ep 12)
Tomomi Takada (P.A. Works; sponsor credit; OP; eps 1-2, 5, 8)
Tomoya Shiokawa (P.A. Works; ep 8)
Yong Seok Lee (DR Movie; eps 7, 10-12)
Young Ju Son (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Young Won Kim (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Young-Jin Heo (DR Movie; 7 episodes
eps 4-7, 10-11, 13

Yu Jin Lee (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
In-Between Animation Production Assist.:
Kwan Woo Kim (DR Movie; ep 5)
Seong Ho Moon (DR Movie; ep 5)
In-Between Check:
Mio Fujishima (P.A. Works; 8 episodes
eps 3-4, 6-7, 9-12

Momoko Shirashiki (P.A. Works; 8 episodes
eps 3-4, 6-7, 9-12

Tomomi Takada (P.A. Works; 9 episodes
eps 2-4, 6-7, 9-12

Yukiko Muroga (P.A. Works; OP; eps 8, 11)
Insert Song Arrangement: John Kanda ("I got it!"; ep 5)
Insert Song Composition: John Kanda ("I got it!"; ep 5)
Insert Song Lyrics: Risuko Sasakama ("I got it!"; ep 5)
Insert Song Performance: Mia REGINA ("I got it!"; ep 5)
Key Animation:
Aika Kawasaki (eps 4, 9)
Aiko Ōura (ep 11)
Aki Kumada (ep 4)
Akiko Hirata (ep 10)
Asumi Katō (ep 1)
Atsuya Iinuma (P.A. Works; OP; 4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 13

Aya Kawabe (P.A. Works; OP; 4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 13

Ayaka Minoshima (ep 9)
Ayaka Tsuji (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1, 8-9)
Ayako Kakiuchi (ep 4)
Azoura (ep 9)
Azumi Matsumiya (P.A. Works; OP; eps 3, 6, 11-12)
Chihiro Shimada (ep 8)
Chūji Nakajima (5 episodes
eps 3, 7, 10, 12-13

Dai Ōhara (eps 3, 7, 13)
Eri Yonemoto (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1, 8-9)
Gil Yong Jang (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Hajime Mitsuda (ep 12)
Haruka Sakai (end card for ep. 6; ep 1)
Haruna Shinonome (P.A. Works; eps 2, 5)
Hideaki Tsukioka (eps 4, 8)
Hideo Amemiya (ep 8)
Hidetoshi Ōmori (Production FOCH; ep 10)
Hiroaki Miyao (P.A. Works; ep 13)
Hiroki Yomogida (ep 13)
Hiroko Shigekuni (ep 4)
Hironobu Dannoura (eps 4, 9)
Hiroshi Matsumoto (eps 4, 12)
Hiroshi Oikawa (ep 4)
Hirotaka Nii (ep 12)
Hirotaka Ozawa (ep 4)
Hiroto Yokote (ep 6)
Hiroyuki Terada (ep 8)
Hye Jung Jo (DR Movie; ep 13)
Ikkō Inaguma (ep 1)
Ji Hyun Lim (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Jie Shan Yao (ep 9)
João (ep 4)
Jung Hee Yun (DR Movie; ep 13)
Junko Matsushita (eps 3, 7, 12-13)
Kanako Awada (P.A. Works; eps 2, 5)
Kanami Nakao (ep 9)
Kaori Ishii (end card for ep. 4)
Kaoru Nagakawa (eps 8, 12)
Kayoko Nabeta (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 10)
Kazuki Ito (ep 3)
Kazuomi Yamashiro (ep 11)
Kazuyoshi Yanagihara (P.A. Works; OP; eps 3, 6, 11-12)
Keiko Saitō (ep 10)
Keiko Takano (ep 11)
Kenji Irie (end card for ep. 12; eps 10, 12-13)
Kōichi Takai (eps 5, 11)
Kousei Kudo (ep 8)
Kururu Shiozawa (ep 4)
Mamiko Nakanishi (eps 1, 9)
Manabu Imura (ep 10)
Mari Tomita (eps 10-11, 13)
Maria Ichino (eps 1, 4)
Masami Gohda (end card for ep. 7; ep 12)
Masaru Sano (eps 4, 8)
Miho Matsuura (ep 1)
Min Kim (eps 10-11, 13)
Min Gu Lee (DR Movie; 4 episodes
eps 7, 10, 12-13

Mirai Tanaka (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1, 8-9)
Mitsuyo Tsuno (ep 4)
Miyuki Hanawa (ep 4)
Miyuki Itō (ep 6)
Miyuki Nakayama (ep 10)
Mizuki Kobayashi (P.A. Works; OP; eps 3, 6, 11-12)
Mizuki Takahashi (ep 1)
Moon Soo Kim (ep 11)
Nachi Takahashi (ep 13)
Nami Arimura (ep 8)
Noboru Shimohachimai (ep 12)
Norihiko Tamaki (ep 10)
Nozomi Ōnuki (ep 8)
Ryan White (ep 13)
Ryoko Kawamura (ep 6)
Sang-Yeob Kim (DR Movie; ep 7)
Satoru Kurihara (ep 6)
Satoshi Sakai (ep 4)
Sayo Mizuno (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 3; OP; ep 11)
Setsuko Unno (ep 8)
Shiho Tamai (ep 6)
Shintaro Tsubota (ep 8)
Shinya Kameyama (ep 10)
Shōta Tsutsumi (ep 4)
Shū Honma (ep 4)
Shunsuke Matsuo (ep 10)
Takashi Nozawa (eps 4, 11)
Takatsugu Umeda (ep 4)
Takenori Tsukuma (eps 4, 12)
Tetsuta Sannomiya (P.A. Works; OP; eps 1, 8-9)
Tomokazu Shimabukuro (ep 10)
Tomomi Itō (ep 6)
Tomomi Noda (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 11)
Tomoya Shiokawa (P.A. Works; ep 13)
Tomoyuki Ōshita (eps 3, 7, 13)
Toshiaki Matsuo (ep 10)
Tsukasa Miyazaki (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 2; OP; ep 10)
Yasuhiro Seo (ep 7)
Yasunori Aoki (ep 4)
Yong Cheng Kwek (ep 9)
Yoshiko Saitō (ep 10)
Yu Seon Kim (DR Movie; eps 7, 12)
Yūji Miyashita (ep 1)
Yuji Shibata (ep 1)
Yuka Miyoshi (P.A. Works; OP; eps 3, 6, 11-12)
Yuka Nagata (ep 3)
Yukari Saka (ep 3)
Yukari Watabe (eps 3, 7)
Yukari Watanabe (ep 7)
Yuki Akiyama (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 9; OP; ep 4)
Yuki Tanabe (P.A. Works; OP; 4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 13

Yurie Oohigashi (P.A. Works; sponsor credit; end card for ep. 1; ED)
Yūsuke Inoue (P.A. Works; end card for ep. 8; OP)
Yūta Masaki (ep 4)
Licensing Coordination:
Mai Taketaka
Nobuyasu Takahashi
Line Producer: Masahide Hashimoto
Literature Manager: Hiroyuki Kawai
Location Photographer: Ken Kanazawa (Las Vegas; eps 1-4, 6-12)
Logo Lettering: Hana Suzukaze
Music producer: Terushige Yoshie
Official Site Production: Yuichi Ishizuka (Pierrot)
Online Editor:
Satoshi Nakata (Good Job Tokyo)
Yoshihiro Kohama (Good Job Tokyo)
Opening Director: Daisuke Matsuki (10GAUGE)
A Jin Kim (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Aika Tokio (Anitus Kobe; OP; eps 1, 8, 10)
Akane Yamazaki (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Akiko Ohba (Studio Road; eps 2-3)
Asami Eguchi (Stella Road; ep 1)
Ayaka Nasu (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Ayaka Tanuma (Anitus Kobe; OP; eps 1, 8, 10)
Ayumi Hayakawa (Studio Road; eps 1-3)
Chie Oku (Stella Road; OP; eps 1-9, 11-13)
Chiharu Hashimoto (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Eri Yoshiki (Anitus Kobe; OP; eps 1, 8, 10)
Eun Jung Lee (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Eun Sook Kim (J-Cube; ep 11)
Hai Gen Yao (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Haruka Igarashi (Studio Road; eps 1-8)
Haruka Niino (Anitus Kobe; ep 8)
Hee Sook Kim (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Hwa Ryong Kim (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Hye Sook Jung (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Jin-Hee Lee (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-8, 10-13)
Jung Ah Lim (DR Movie; eps 4-13)
Kaho Endo (Stella Road; eps 1, 6)
Kumiko Sone (Studio Road; eps 1-7)
Mai Nagai (Studio Road; eps 1, 3-6, 8)
Maina Wada (Studio Road; eps 1-7)
Makiko Kojima (Studio Road; eps 1-4, 6)
Makiko Yamanaka (Studio Road; eps 1-6)
Min Ju Kim (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Min Kyoung Kwon (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Min One Kim (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Min-Lee Kim (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Minori Nishida (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Miwa Enji (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Miyu Takayanagi (Anitus Kobe; OP; eps 1, 8, 10)
Miyuki Takagi (Studio Road; eps 1-6, 8)
Mizue Kadoshita (D-COLORS; ep 8)
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Naomi Nakano (Stella Road; sponsor credit)
Ok Hee Kim (DR Movie; eps 4-13)
One Jung Park (DR Movie; eps 7-13)
Reiya Honda (Anitus Kobe; OP; eps 1, 8, 10)
Rie Arai (Stella Road; OP; eps 1-13)
Sang Soon Byun (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Satsuki Kamoi (D-COLORS; ep 8)
Se Na Park (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-13)
So Hee Hyeon (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
So Ri Choi (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Soong Hee Baek (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Su Young Jung (DR Movie; eps 4-13)
Sung Kyung Hwang (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Sung Su Jang (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
Tae-Hyun Kim (J-Cube; eps 10-13)
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Young Hye Yoo (DR Movie; OP; eps 3-13)
Yu Jin Jo (DR Movie; eps 12-13)
Yuika Nagai (Stella Road; ep 5)
Yuko Koshida (Stella Road; eps 1, 5-6)
Paint Check:
Asami Eguchi (Stella Road; eps 4, 10)
Kaho Endo (Stella Road; eps 3, 7, 9, 12)
Naomi Nakano (Stella Road; ED)
Yoshito Kikuchi (Stella Road; eps 2, 5, 8, 13)
Yuika Nagai (Stella Road; ep 6)
Yuki Kadomatsu (Stella Road; eps 1, 11)
Yuko Koshida (Stella Road; OP)
Paint Check Assistant:
Asami Eguchi (Stella Road; eps 5, 7-9)
Chie Oku (Stella Road; eps 9, 11-12)
Kaho Endo (Stella Road; eps 10, 13)
Naomi Nakano (Stella Road; eps 7-11, 13)
Yoshito Kikuchi (Stella Road; eps 1, 7, 10)
Yuika Nagai (Stella Road; 6 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7-8, 10, 13

Yuki Kadomatsu (Stella Road; 4 episodes
eps 7, 10, 12-13

Yuko Koshida (Stella Road; eps 1, 5, 8, 13)
Akihiro Hamada (10GAUGE; OP)
Atsushi Kobayashi (10GAUGE; OP)
Chang Sun Park (T2 Studio; eps 1-6, 8-13)
Daisuke Hasegawa (T2 Studio; eps 4-6)
Daisuke Matsuki (10GAUGE; OP)
Gye Ho Lee (T2 Studio; ep 12)
Kōhei Asahi (T2 Studio; ED; eps 1-13)
Masashi Toriyama (T2 Studio; eps 11-13)
Taku Kaneku (T2 Studio; sponsor credit; eps 1-13)
Tatsuya Watabe (T2 Studio; ep 7)
Tomo Namiki (T2 Studio; eps 1-13)
Tomohiro Takahashi (T2 Studio; eps 4, 6-13)
Yoshimitsu Tomita (T2 Studio; eps 1-3)
Production Cooperation:
Kōichi Sano
Mitsuhiro Ogata
Takahiro Ikeda (Miracle Bus)
Takuya Nakayama
Yi Yi Chen
Yūya Ishizuka (Formula Student)
Production manager:
Eun Il Kim (ep 13)
Hirokazu Nakamura (OP; eps 4, 9)
Jin Woo Ho (ep 12)
Kento Tomita (OP; eps 2, 5)
Kwan Woo Kim (ep 13)
Naoki Kai (ep 12)
Naoya Kureyama (ep 11)
Reiji Sonobe (ep 6)
Ryo Murakami (eps 3, 7, 13)
Seong Ho Moon (ep 13)
Shōtarō Itō (eps 5, 11)
Tsubasa Konishi (OP; eps 5, 8)
Yōichi Imada (ep 10)
Yūki Fujihira (ep 13)
Yukiyasu Wada (OP; ep 6)
Yusuke Tsurumi (ep 1)
Prop Design: Momoko Irie
Publicity: Mayumi Yoshiike
Publicity Assistant:
Akiko Okutsu
Hiroshi Katō
Publicity Manager: Masako Yumioka
Recording Adjustment: Ayumu Anzai
Recording Assistant: Remi Kurashima
Sales Promotion:
Ayako Kimura
Shūhei Hayashi
Setting Production: Ayaka Tate
Sound Effects:
Katsuhiro Nakano (Sound Box)
Kenji Koyama (Sound Box; eps 1-11)
Yasunori Ogata (Sound Box; ep 12)
Sound Production Manager: Yoshinori Kusumi
Special Effects: Chiemi Irisa
Special Thanks To: Sarah Lindholm (Funimation; eps 9, 12-13)
Sub-Character Design: Masami Gohda
Subtitle Design: Hana Suzukaze
Theme Song Arrangement:
John Kanda (OP)
Nittoku Inoue (ED)
Theme Song Composition:
John Kanda (OP)
Nittoku Inoue (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Risuko Sasakama (OP)
Showtaro Morikubo (ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Showtaro Morikubo (ED)
Title Logo Design: Tooru Fukushima
VFX: Daisuke Matsuki (10GAUGE; OP)
Natsuki Hanae as Appare Sorano
Seiichirō Yamashita as Kosame Isshiki

Aoi Yūki as Hototo
Daisuke Ono as Gil T. Shiga
Fumiko Orikasa as Sophia Taylor
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Seth Rich Cutter
Kenjiro Tsuda as Richard Riesman
Sōma Saitō as Al Leon
Sora Amamiya as Jin Xiaoleng
Takahiro Sakurai as Dylan G. Ordene
Tetsu Inada as Chase the Bad

Ai Kayano as Claudia (ep 10)
Asumi Yoneyama as Receptionist (ep 6)
Atsushi Ono as Steamship Captain (eps 2-3)
Daichi Endō as David (eps 2, 4)
Eiichirō Tokumoto as Prison Boss (ep 1)
Hayato Kaneko as
Prison Guard (ep 1)
Super Strength (eps 10, 12)
Hibiku Yamamura as Ayane Sorano (eps 1, 13)
Hiroya Eto as
Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 7)
Racer (ep 5)
Reporter (ep 6)
Ikuto Kanemasa as
Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 7)
Diner Patron (ep 4)
Gil's Henchman (ep 13)
GM Engineer (ep 11)
Hostage (ep 12)
Party Hall Receptionist (ep 5)
Racer (ep 6)
Jin Urayama as Lord Kuroda (ep 1)
Kaori Nakamura as Xiaoleng's Mother (ep 2)
Ken Uo as Racing Team Owner (eps 2-5)
Kōji Takeda as
Back Alley Man (ep 3)
Barbershop Manager (ep 9)
Engineer (ep 4)
Hostage (ep 12)
Police Chief (ep 11)
Restaurant Owner (ep 2)
Kōya Nomaki as
Diner Patron (ep 4)
Gil's Henchman (eps 12-13)
Racer (ep 5)
Townsperson (ep 7)
Kujira as Bar Proprietress (ep 8)
Maki Izawa as Appare's Mother (ep 1)
Mana Hirata as Race Announcer (eps 1, 5-10, 13)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as Kakuzo Sorano (ep 1)
Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Hanbei Sorano (ep 1)
Mutsumi Tamura as Kosame Isshiki (9 years old; eps 7-8)
Nanako Mori as Kosame's Mother (eps 7-8)
Rikiya Koyama as Thomas Edison (ep 9)
Risae Matsuda as Knives (ep 12)
Ryōta Takeuchi as Sheriff (eps 7-8)
Shinya Takahashi as Bad Brothers Henchman (eps 6-7)
Takayuki Ishii as
Back Alley Man (ep 3)
Bar Manager (ep 9)
Diner Patron (ep 5)
Doctor (ep 11)
Engineer (ep 4)
Former Boxer (ep 2)
Gil's Henchman (eps 8, 13)
Railroad Company Subordinate (ep 10)
Reporter (ep 6)
Townsperson (ep 7)
Takeshi Hayakawa as Two Handguns (eps 10, 12)
Takuya Nakashima as
Back Alley Man (ep 3)
Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 7)
BNW Mechanic (eps 11-12)
Edison's Assistant (ep 9)
Gil's Henchman (eps 8, 13)
Pistol (ep 10)
Prison Guard (ep 1)
Racer (ep 5)
Reporter (eps 4, 6)
Steamship Engineer (ep 2)
Tomoyo Kurosawa as Fumi Isshiki (eps 1, 13)
Tooru Sakurai as Shotgun (eps 10, 12)
Volcano Ōta as
Diner Manager (eps 4-5)
Hototo's Father (ep 3)
Railroad Company Staff (eps 8, 10)
Yasuhira Yoshihara as
Racer (ep 5)
Reporter (ep 4)
Yōji Ueda as Xiaoleng's Father (eps 2, 9)
Yuuki Tamai as Gil's Henchman (ep 8)
Japanese companies
2D Works:
Maki Printing (eps 2-13)
T2 Studio (uncredited; eps 1-13)
2nd Key Animation:
Anime R (ep 12)
Anitus Kōbe (eps 5, 9, 12-13)
Be Loop (eps 8-9, 12)
Bibury Animation Studio (eps 1, 9)
C-Station (ep 7)
Dogwood (ep 13)
DR Movie (8 episodes
eps 4-5, 7, 9-13

FAI International (ep 13)
Felix Film (ep 7)
GAINAX Kyoto (eps 9-10, 12)
Getsumen (eps 4-5, 8-9)
J-Cube (eps 3-5, 7-13)
Kyushu Animation (ep 9)
M.S.C (ep 10)
Nakamura Production (6 episodes
eps 4, 8-9, 11-13

P.A. Works (eps 11-13)
Production FOCH (eps 6, 10)
Revival (eps 4, 6)
Rising Force (ep 9)
Seven Seas (eps 4, 9, 12)
Snow Light Staff (eps 8, 12)
Studio Boomerang (ep 1)
Studio Giants (ep 9)
Studio Gram (ep 12)
Studio Lings (eps 8-10, 12)
Studio Wombat (ep 12)
TNK (ep 6)
TROYCA (ep 9)
WHITE FOX (ep 9)
WHITE FOX Izukōgen Studio (ep 7)
xenron (eps 12-13)
ZEXCS (ep 8)
3D Modeling: P.A. Works (eps 1-13)
P.A. Works (eps 1-13)
ReiwaCG (ep 4)
SILVER LINK. (eps 1-3)
WELZ Animation Studio (eps 2, 4)
Animation Direction: DR Movie (eps 7, 12-13)
Animation Production: P.A. Works
Background Art:
Studio Easter (sponsor credit; end card for eps. 1-4, 6-12; OP; ED; eps 1-13)
Color Setting: Stella Road (OP; ED; eps 1-13)
Coloring: Stella Road (end card for eps. 1-4, 6-12; ED)
In-Between Animation:
Banshanmen Animation (ep 3)
DR Movie (OP; eps 1, 3-13)
Getsumen (eps 1-3, 6, 11)
GK Sales (ep 1)
One Order (ep 3)
P.A. Works (5 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 8, 13

Production FOCH (ep 6)
Reboot (ep 1)
Revival (ep 2)
Seven Seas (ep 9)
In-Between Animation Production Assist.:
DR Movie (ep 5)
Getsumen (ep 5)
J-Cube (ep 5)
In-between Check: P.A. Works (8 episodes
eps 3-4, 6-7, 9-12

Key Animation:
DR Movie (4 episodes
eps 7, 10, 12-13

P.A. Works (OP; eps 1-6, 8-13)
Production FOCH (ep 10)
Official Site Production: Pierrot
Offline Editing: Jay Film
Online Editing: Good Job Tokyo
Opening Direction: 10GAUGE
Anitus Kōbe (OP; eps 1-8, 10)
D-COLORS (5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 6, 8-9

DR Movie (OP; eps 1, 3-13)
Getsumen (eps 5, 8)
J-Cube (eps 4-5, 8-13)
Seven Seas (ep 9)
SILVER LINK. (eps 1-6)
Stella Road (sponsor credit; OP; ED; eps 1-13)
Studio Road (eps 1-8)
Paint Check: Stella Road (OP; ED; eps 1-13)
Paint Check Assistance: Stella Road (eps 1, 5, 7-13)
T2 Studio (sponsor credit; OP; ED; eps 1-13)
Production Assistance: DR Movie (eps 12-13)
Production Cooperation:
Formula Student
PV Production: 10GAUGE
Recording Studio: Studio T&T
Sound Effects: Sound Box
Sound Production:
Bit Grooove Promotion (eps 4, 6-12)
Bit Promotion (eps 1-3)
Special Thanks: FUNimation Entertainment (eps 9, 12-13)
Storyboard: 10GAUGE (OP)
Theme Song Production: Lantis (OP; ED)
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Caitlin Glass
Miles George (eps 4-13)
Steven J. Simmons (eps 1-3)
ADR Engineer:
Geoff Bisente (ep 8)
Peter Hawkinson
Zachary Davis (eps 9-12)
ADR Script Supervisor: Tyler Walker
ADR Supervisor: Peter Hawkinson
Assistant ADR Director: Shawn Gann
Assistant ADR Engineer: Gino Palencia
Assistant producer:
Samantha Herek
Zach Bolton
Lead ADR Engineer: Matt Grounds
Linguistic Asset Manager: Sarah Alys Lindholm
Materials Coordinator: Trenton Jons
Mix Engineer:
Gino Palencia
William Dewell (eps 6, 8)
Production Assistant:
Jordan Dreasher
Victoria Keller
Senior Video Editor:
Daniel Mancilla
Jeremy Jimenez
Talent Coordination: Tara A. Williams
Video Engineer: Brittany Smith
Ivan Jasso as Kosame Isshiki
Lee George as Appare Sorano

Ace Anderson as TJ
Blake McNamara as Seth Rich Cutter
Brandon McInnis as Al Lyon
Brandon Potter as Richard Riesman
Cris George as Chase the Bad
Emi Lo as Hototo
Robert McCollum as Dylan G. Oldin
Suzie Yeung as Jing Xialian
Tyson Rinehart as Tristan the Bad
Xanthe Huynh as Sofia Taylor

Alejandro Saab as Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 6)
Ben Bryant as Engineer (ep 4)
Ben Phillips as Diner Manager (eps 4-5)
Brian Mathis as Bar Owner (ep 9)
Brina Palencia as Kosame's Mother (eps 7-8)
Caitlin Glass as Appare's Mother (ep 1)
Christopher R. Sabat as Railroad Executive (eps 8, 10)
Clifford Chapin as Edison's Assistant (ep 9)
David Wald as Barber (ep 9)
Elizabeth Maxwell as Female Announcer (ep 1)
Eric Vale as Police Chief (ep 11)
Gabe Kunda as Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 6)
Howard Wang as Engineer (ep 4)
Jalitza Delgado as
Fumi Isshiki (ep 1)
Kosame Isshiki (9 years old; eps 7-8)
Jamal Sterling as Hanbei Sorano (ep 1)
Jeremy Inman as Thomas Edison (ep 9)
Jim Foronda as Reporter (ep 4)
Jim Johnson as Kuroda (ep 1)
John Burgmeier as David (eps 2, 4)
Josh Martin as Steamship Engineer (ep 2)
Keith Silverstein as Racing Team Owner (eps 2-5)
Kellen Goff as Two Handguns (eps 10, 12)
Kenneisha Thompson as Ayane Sorano (ep 1)
Kent Williams as Steamship Captain (eps 2-3)
Marcus D. Stimac as Gil's Henchman (ep 8)
Marcus M. Mauldin as
Former Boxer (ep 2)
Kakuzo Sorano (ep 1)
Mark Allen Jr. as
Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 7)
Party Hall Receptionist (ep 5)
Rations Man (ep 6)
Michelle Rojas as Xiaoleng's Mother (ep 2)
Morgan Lauré as Knives (ep 12)
Oscar Seung as
Diner Customer (ep 5)
Reporter (ep 4)
Xiaoleng's Father (eps 2, 9)
Rachel Robinson as Bar Proprietress (ep 8)
Shawn Gann as
Hototo's Father (ep 3)
Super Strength (eps 10, 12)
Stephen Fu as Bad Brothers Henchman (ep 7)
Tia Ballard as
Claudia (ep 10)
Receptionist (ep 6)
Z. Charles Bolton as Doctor (ep 11)
Zeno Robinson as Shotgun (eps 10, 12)

English companies
Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)
FUNimation Entertainment (US, Canada, UK, Ireland)
Wakanim (Nordic countries and the Netherlands)
French staff
French companies
Internet Streaming: Wakanim (French-speaking territories)
Licensed by: Dybex (French-speaking territories)
French cast
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Aldo Ramirez (Latin Spanish dub)
Elizabeth Hernández (Latin Spanish dub)
Judith Zamora (Spain dub)
Aldo Ramirez as Kosame Isshiki (Latin Spanish dub)
Álex Moreno as Kosame Isshiki (Spain dub)
Erick Padilla as Appare Sorano (Latin Spanish dub)
Sergi Mani as Appare Sorano (Spain dub)

Arturo Sian Vidal as Seth Rich Cutter (Latin Spanish dub)
Boris Sanz as TJ (Spain dub)
Fernando Rivas as Richard Riesman (Latin Spanish dub)
Fran de la Torre as Dylan G. Oldin (Spain dub)
Francisco Javier Cruz as Seth Rich Cutter (Spain dub)
Greta Ruiz as Sophia Taylor (Spain dub)
Héctor Mena as Al Lyon (Latin Spanish dub)
Jessica Monzon as Jing Xialian (Latin Spanish dub)
Joel Gómez Jiménez as Hototo (Spain dub)
Jonathan Miranda as TJ (Latin Spanish dub)
José Manuel Oliva as Gil T. Cigar (Spain dub)
Lucía Aránega as Jin Xialian (Spain dub)
Mauricio Malagon as Chase the Bad (Latin Spanish dub)
Rafael Ordóñez Arrieta as Chase the Bad (Spain dub)
Rubén Felis as Al Lyon (Spain dub)
Víctor Kuri as Dylan G. Oldin (Latin Spanish dub)
Victor Tabarez as Tristan the Bad (Latin Spanish dub)

Carlos Reynoso as David (Latin Spanish dub eps 2, 4)
Effy Estrada as Ayane Sorano (Latin Spanish dub eps 1, 13)
Karen Hernandez as Race Announcer (Latin Spanish dub eps 1, 5-10, 13)
Laura Becerril as Bar Proprietress (Latin Spanish dub ep 8)
Mario Hernandez as
Diner Manager (Latin Spanish dub eps 4-5)
Railroad Company Staff (Latin Spanish dub eps 8, 10)
Thomas Edison (Latin Spanish dub ep 9)
Urike Aragón as Racing Team Owner (Latin Spanish dub eps 2-5)
Victor Covarrubias as Steamship Captain (Latin Spanish dub eps 2-3)

Erik Osorio (Latin Spanish dub)
Juan Carlos Roman (Latin Spanish dub)
Mauricio Valverde (Latin Spanish dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Haymillian (Latin Spanish dub)
Dubbing Studio: Haymillian México (Latin Spanish dub)
Internet Streaming:
Anime Box (Spain)
FUNimation Entertainment (Latin America)
Selecta Visión (Spain)
Licensed by:
FUNimation Entertainment (Latin America)
Selecta Visión (Spain)
Translation: Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Giorgio Bassanelli Bisbal

Dubbing Assistant: Aaron Prando
Dubbing Engineer: Stefano Nissolino
Mixing: Claudio Toselli
Synchronization: Paolo Brunori
Andrea Di Maggio as Appare Sorano
Flavio Carloni as Hototo
Francesco Venditti as Kosame Isshiki
Marta Rapperini as Lian Jing Xi

Alessandro Quarta as Richard Riesman
Gianluca Tusco as Chase
Giorgio Borghetti as Seth Rich Carter
Olivia Costantini as Sophia Taylor

Ambrogio Colombo as Capo scuderia
Antonio Sanna as Kuroda
Chiara Fabiano as Fumi Isshiki (eps 1, 13)
Edoardo Siravo as Capitano (eps 2-3)
Flavia Altomonte as Cronista
Giuliano Bonetto as David (eps 2, 4)
Thomas Rizzo as Al Lyon

Italian companies
Distributor: Yamato Video
Dubbing: CDR
Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video (Anime Generation)
Anime Generation
YouTube (Yamato Animation)
German staff
German cast
Dubbing Director: Patrick Keller
ADR Script:
Laura Johae (8 & 9)
Manuel Chillagano (1-7 & 10-13)
Cedric Eich as Appare Sorano
Manuel Straube as Kosame Isshiki

Björn Schalla as Dylan G. Oldin
Jeremias Koschorz as Seth Rich Carter
Lin Gothóni as Xialian Jing
Milton Welsh as TJ
Peter Sura as Chase the Bad
Samina König as Sofia Taylor
Tobias Diakow as Al Lyon
Tobias Schmidt as Gil T. Cigar
Torben Liebrecht as Richard Riesman

Amelie Plaas-Link as Ayane Sorano (eps 1, 13)
Benjamin Stöwe as Hanbei Sorano (ep 1)
Engelbert von Nordhausen as Railroad Company Executive
Felix Würgler as Railroad Company Subordinate (eps 5, 8, 10)
Georgios Tzitzikos as Steamship Engineer (ep 2)
Hans Bayer as Kakuzo Sorano (ep 1)
Katharina Schwarzmaier as Announcer/Eve Priest
Marko Bräutigam as Racing Team Owner (eps 2-5)
Martin Bergmann as Party Hall Receptionist (ep 5)
Matthias Friedrich as Restaurant Owner (ep 2)
Naomi Hadad as Fumi Isshiki (eps 1, 13)
Özge Kayalar as Kosame's Mother (eps 7-8)
Peggy Sander as Bar Proprietress (ep 8)
Peter Reinhardt as Xialian’s Father (ep 2.9)
Raimund Krone as Nagateru Kuroda (ep 1)
Reinhard Scheunemann as Steamship Captain (eps 2-3)
Sabine Walkenbach as
Appare's Mother (ep 1)
Xialian's Mother (ep 2)
Stefan Bräuler as
Former Boxer (ep 2)
Prison Boss (ep 1)
Sven Brieger as Diner Manager (eps 4-5)
Tim Moeseritz as David (eps 2, 4)
German companies
Broadcaster: ProSieben Maxx (from September.8.2021)
Distributor: Polyband
Dubbing: TNT Media
Internet Streaming: Wakanim (German-speaking territories)
Licensed by: Dybex (German-speaking territories)
Russian staff
Russian cast
Translation: Ekaterina Rybakova (Wakanim)

Encoding: Elouan Tapounie (Wakanim RU)
Proofreading: Stanislav Grijzhenkov
Publication: Jelizaveta Stolarova (Wakanim RU)
Spotting: Elouan Tapounie (Wakanim RU)
Supervision: Justine Cocquyt (Wakanim RU)
Russian companies
Internet Streaming:
Wakanim (Russian-speaking territories; Russian-speaking territories)
Licensed by: Dybex (Russian-speaking territories)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
ADR Director: Celso Henrique
Celso Henrique as Kosame Isshiki
Renato Cavalcanti as Appare Sorano

Bruna Nogueira as Jing Xialian
Carloz Magno as Hototo
Danilo Diniz as Al Lyon
Digão Vicente as Tristan the Bad
Gabriela Stampacchio as Sofia Taylor
Guilherme Marques as Seth Rich Cutter
Ramon Campos as Chase the Bad
Reginaldo Primo as Dylan G. Oldin
Sérgio Moreno as Richard Riesman

Alex Minei as Hanbei Sorano (ep 1)
Armando Tiraboschi as Barbershop Manager (ep 9)
Bianca Lua as Fumi Isshiki (eps 1, 13)
Fernando Ferraz as David (eps 2, 4)
Glaucia Franchi as Claudia (ep 10)
Hélio Vaccari as Racing Team Owner (eps 2-5)
Mauro Gasperini as Kakuzo Sorano (ep 1)
Mauro Ramos as Lord Kuroda (ep 1)
Monalisa Capela as Ayane Sorano (eps 1, 13)
Pierre Bittencourt as Former Boxer (ep 2)

Portuguese companies
ADR Production: Haymillian (Brazil dub) 
Dubbing Studio: Atma Entretenimento
Internet Streaming: FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil)
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (Brazil)

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