Tamazawa Dogasha

Kanji name: (玉沢動画舎)
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Anime with which this company was involved:
Amagami SS (TV) : In-Between Animation

Amazing Nuts! (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Armitage III (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Asura Cryin' 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Barefoot Gen (movie) : Animation Cooperation

Barefoot Gen 2 (movie) : Animation Assistance

Bio Armor Ryger (TV) : In-Between Animation

Blade of the Immortal (TV) : In-Between Animation

Blood: The Last Vampire (movie) : In-Between Animation

(The) Book of Bantorra (TV) : In-Between Animation

Bride of Deimos (OAV) : In-Between Animation Cooperation

Broken Blade (movie series) : 2nd Key Animation

Chironup no Kitsune (movie) : Animation Assistance

Chu-Bra!! (TV) : In-Between Animation

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Crusher Joe: The OVA's : Production Cooperation

Devilman (OAV) : Drawing Unit

Dirty Pair Flash 1 (OAV) : Animation

Dog Days (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Dr. Slump & Arale-chan Hoyoyo!! Tasuketa Same ni Tsurerarete. . . (movie) : Production Cooperation

Dr. Slump & Arale-chan Ncha! Penguin Mura yori Ai o Komete (movie) : Production Cooperation

Dr. Slump: Hoyoyo! Space Adventure (movie) : Production Assistance

Eden of the East (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Eiga Suite Precure: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody (movie) : Production Cooperation

El Cazador de la Bruja (TV) : Finish Animation

Fafner (TV) : Finish Animation
, In-Between Animation
(The) Familiar of Zero (TV) : デジタル仕上げ

Fate/stay night TV reproduction (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) : In-Between Animation

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Galactic Patrol Lensman (TV) : Animation Cooperation

Ghost Hunt (TV) : Clean-Up Animation

Giant Robo (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Girls Bravo (TV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation
Godannar (TV) : Paint

Gunbuster vs Diebuster Aim for the Top! The GATTAI!! Movie : In-Between Animation Assistance

Gurren Lagann (TV) : Finish Animation
, In-Between Animation
.hack//Intermezzo (OAV) : Finish Animation

.hack//Quantum (OAV) : In-Between Animation

.hack//SIGN (TV) : Finish Animation

Heaven's Lost Property Forte (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Honey and Clover (TV) : Animation

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

House of Five Leaves (TV) : In-Between Animation

InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler : Key Animation

Inuyasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island : Key Animation

Jormungand (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Jungle Emperor Leo (movie 1997) : In-Between Animation

Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan (TV) : In-Between Animation

Kid's Story (OAV) : Digital Paint

Kurokami The Animation (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Legend of Crystania - The Motion Picture : Animation

Lensman (movie) : Animation Cooperation

Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime (movie) : In-Between Animation

Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (OAV) : Key Animation

Mahoromatic: I'm Home! (special) : Animation Assistance

Mao-chan (TV) : In-Between Animation
, Paint
Mister Ajikko (TV) : Animation

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (movie) : Animation Assistance

Modern Magic Made Simple (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Monochrome Factor (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Monsuno (TV) : Key Animation

Nagasarete Airantou (TV) : 仕上

Naruto Special: Battle at Hidden Falls. I Am the Hero! (OAV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV) : Clean-Up Animation
, In-Between Animation
Noir (TV) : In-Between Animation

Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ (TV) : In-Between Animation

Oreimo (TV) : In-Between Animation

Oreimo 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Ouran High School Host Club (TV) : Paint

Pokémon: Giratina & The Sky Warrior (movie) : Animation Assistance

(The) Prince of Tennis (TV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation
Pumpkin Scissors (TV) : Clean-Up Animation

(The) Qwaser of Stigmata (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

R.O.D -The TV- : Key Animation

Rayearth (OAV) : In-Between Animation

RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Rockman.EXE Beast+ (TV) : Digital Paint

Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program (movie) : Paint

Sakura Wars 2 (OAV) : In-Between Animation

School Rumble: 2nd Semester (TV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation
Second Renaissance (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Shakugan no Shana (movie) : 2nd Key Animation

Shikabane Hime: Kuro (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Sonic Boom Squadron (OAV) : Animation Assistance

Sound of the Sky (TV) : In-Between Animation

Spider Riders (TV) : Finish

Steamboy (movie) : Animation Assistance

Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3 (TV) : Key Animation

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind (OAV) : Ink & Paint

Super Atragon (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Sword of the Stranger (movie) : Paint

Taiyou no Kiba Dougram (TV) : In-Between Animation

Tekkaman Blade II (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki (OAV 3/2003) : Animation

To Love-Ru (OAV) : In-Between Animation

ToHeart - Remember my memories (TV) : 動画
, 原画
Tweeny Witches: The Adventures (OAV) : Finish Animation
, In-Between Animation
Wake Up, Girls! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

White Album (TV) : Key Animation

xxxHOLiC (TV) : In-Between Animation

xxxHOLiC: Kei (TV) : Clean-Up Animation
, In-Between Animation
Yumeiro Pâtissière (TV) : Key Animation

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi (TV) : 仕上協力

Zoids/ZERO (TV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation

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